"Pro-life" anti-abortion Catholics do not want to convince anyone of the moral heinousness of abortion. That is not the tactic they use.

Instead, they want to coerce others into accepting their position via court mandates and laws. /1
This is not how sound, compelling moral thinking works. Sound, compelling moral thinking engages in dialogue with others — including those who have different starting points and positions — to arrive at a position all can agree is morally sound. /2
This is how the tradition of moral thinking in Catholicism at its beast proceeded for centuries. That tradition is nowhere in sight among anti-abortion "pro-life" Catholics. They have "the" truth, as they imagine, and want to hit you and me over the head with it. /3
Their approach to being Catholic and thinking in a Catholic way is intellectually impoverished to an extreme, and their catholicicity is entirely jejune. They intend to talk and listen only to others like themselves, inside their stiflingly parochial religious ghetto. /4
Sorry — best and not beast in /3 above.

• • •

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2 May
When the anti-abortion movement, which wants to depict itself as "pro-life," is clearly not pro-life in any meaningful sense at all, people will understandably raise serious questions about what opposition to abortion REALLY means for many Christians. /1
Especially when long Christian moral thinking held that abortion at earlier stages of pregnancy was less serious than abortion at later stages — and that Christians could in good conscience hold varying opinions about abortion and when the fetus is ensouled. /2
The attempt to dictate — by magisterial fiat — the moment at which the fetus is ensouled as a matter that Christians MUST believe (i.e., at conception) casts the whole moral argument from the outset in dictatorial, coercive terms. /3
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1 May
To the Catholic folks who want to bounce into my Twitter feed and provide instruction about what the magisterium teaches about homosexuality:

Just stop it.

I already KNOW what the magisterium teaches. It's insulting you'd imagine I don't. /1
It's also insulting that you'd imagine I'd be persuaded by your intellectually and morally threadbare arguments on behalf of a moral teaching I have considered and rejected, precisely because it's intellectually and morally threadbare.

Not to mention: it's downright cruel. /2
If you think you can keep wrapping up outright cruelty — all you straight folks, you're free to marry; you gay folks, "God" consigns you to lifelong, unchosen chastity — as "love," then more power to you.

As the object of your and your church's "love," I know better. /3
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30 Apr
Not exactly red beans and rice, but close enough. Red beans and rice traditionally do not include tomatoes, and the seasonings — bell pepper, celery, onion, and garlic — are cooked with the beans. /1 ImageImage
In this case, I had cooked the beans by themselves several days ago for a salad, & had some left — with a half can of tomatoes. I cooked the pepper, celery, onion, & garlic in olive oil in a wok & then added the beans & tomatoes to them with thyme, bay leaf, & parsley. /2
I like frying and making sauces in a wok because the wok cooks the seasonings super-quickly and reduces sauces in a flash. /3
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30 Apr
Stephanie Ruhle hands justice his hindquarters on a platter and, boy, does he richly deserve it.
“If you can’t cite a single instance involving transgender transgender children and sports in West Virginia, why did you sign this bill?”

“Signing bills is just what I do, Stephanie. They come to my desk by the hundreds, and I sign ‘em. And oh, I’m a coach!” /2
The stupidity is simply fulsome, an endless spate of it every time he opens his mouth.

And this should not be overlooked: the reason troglodytes like this are in office is that some parents have chosen to attack other parents and their children for political gain. /3
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30 Apr
Something very important to recognize here:

The primary reason we are only now "uncovering" the Tulsa race riot is that deep systemic racism in the US has prevailed from then until now. /1 axios.com/tulsa-race-mas…
We do not even know the accurate number of those massacred in this massacre of Black citizens of Tulsa by white ones.

This is true of one racist massacre after another, including the Elaine massacre in Arkansas. /2
We don't know details because, from the outset, there was cover-up of the facts, with the media playing a leading role in the cover-up.

We don't know details because, from then until now, there has been only sporadic interest, mostly by scholars and activists, /3
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30 Apr
Mark Wingfield shares a response from a vaccine-rejecting evangelical to a recent article arguing that love of neighbor demands we get vaccinated. The reader states, /1
"Rejecting the vaccine doesn’t endanger the beloved vaccinated neighbor, provided he doesn’t neglect to get the increasing number of boosters required to ensure its efficacy, But that’s on the neighbor, not the one rejecting the vaccine.” /2
Because that's the very essence of Christian teaching about love of neighbor, isn't it? — that it's "on the neighbor" to protect herself, not "on me" to make the right decisions to make life safer for her.

Right? That's the whole gist of Jesus's teaching? /3
Read 4 tweets

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