@Caitlyn_Jenner statements about trans athletes demonstrates why she is completely unfit for office. She fails to understand even the most basic facts about policy that directly affect her own community, to the point of willful ignorance. For example: 1/n
Would she ban elementary school trans students from playing sports? They don't have any sort of advantage from puberty, and the only thing at stake is a plastic trophy. The GOP policies in other states banned them. 2/n
Would she ban trans youth who are on blockers, who never went through male puberty, and have no advantage? GOP bills in other states have done this. 3/n
Would she ban trans masculine boys who on testosterone from competing with the boys, the way Texas does? (The result being a trans boy dominating) in wrestling.) 4/n
Would she issue an executive order to California Universities banning trans athletes, despite the NCAA's decade long policy of inclusion (with a year of HRT), and the fact that there are only ~50 trans college athletes out of 500,000 annually? GOP bills do this. 5/n
Would she ban high school trans athletes who meet or exceed the NCAA requirements of a year of hormone suppression? GOP bills do this as well, having ZERO allowances or exceptions. 6/n
Can she name an active trans athlete in California? K-12, or college? Probably not, and that's because in the past 8 years that CA has had an inclusive policy none have been dominant. enough to register on anyone's radar. 7/n
Can she name a case where a trans athlete took away a scholarship from a cisgender athlete: unlikely, since neither of the trans girls in CT two years ago got scholarships, and they're the most famous (successful) examples 8/n
When she came out in 2015, she had one job (ONE JOB!) and that was to learn about the community she was entering. She was given the best mentors the community had to offer (@JennyBoylan included), and they made a TV show out of this attempt at learning. 9/n
Obviously, it failed, and leads me to believe this ignorance is based on who she listens to and believes.

Her understanding of the issues around trans athletes, and law/policy about them, still rests at a Fox News level.

Thus, she has joined the right wing pile on. 10/n
If she cannot even be bothered to understand the nuances of something that directly affects her community, how could she be trusted on the nuances of things that don't affect trans people at all? 11/n
We can see she would be a Fox News Governor, the way Trump was a Fox News President: ignorant, incurious, going with whatever the most toxic forces in our culture whispered in her ear (or blared on the TV). 12/n
Ignorant, indifferent to the evidence, hostile to expertise, conspiracy minded, incapable of assimilating new information, living in an information ecosystem ungrounded in reality that is fundamentally anti-democratic. 13/n
In the big scheme of things, trans athletes are miniscule (also: miniscule in the scope of athletics as well). But, to screw up something where she should fundamentally have known better, suggests she will screw up the big stuff catastrophically. 14/n
What happens if there's another pandemic? Or COVID mutates? What about the wildfires CA is getting most years? Is she going to follow Trump's advice and have people out there raking the undergrowth? Or something equally stupid? 15/n
I generally follow Reagan's rule but for trans people: do not speak ill of them in public. But, the stakes are too high here. Caitlyn's comments on Saturday reveal the deeper reason why she is unfit for office, and how catastrophic for California it would be. 16/n
I repeat: for kids prior to puberty the "prize" at stake is a plastic trophy. If you're willing to single out and humiliate little kids for the sake of a plastic trophy, that's a "you" problem.

• • •

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Part of the reason I worry about the future of the trans communities in the US and UK is based on what history tells us about what happens to marginalized communities when they're demonized culturally and stripped of legal protections. 1/n
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First, the good part: he gets that the GOP base is radicalized, kooky, and dangerous as their politicians who don't follow Trump get death threats. Ok, sure, but trans people, trans kids, and their parents have been getting these same threats for almost a decade. 2/n
The GOP base showed us who they were, and you GOP'ers didn't listen when we told you. Dismissed it as "a few bad apples," and then egged it on with your complaints about SJWs... which Brooks proceeds to to do. 3/n
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Putin is good tactically at creating havoc, but it's unfocused. Very zero sum game. They had a chance to establish Russia as the cultural leader of a xenophobic Eastern Europe. However, their relations w/nationalist govs in Poland/Czech are terrible. 1/n washingtonpost.com/world/europe/r…
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A short history of where all this anti-trans stuff came from, and why you should be concerned. Worth a read, please take a look. 1/n
2015: Having lost the fight against marriage equality, but winning against LGBT protection laws, religious right leadership decides to shift focus onto trans people via bathroom bills, fear mongering, and making it a wedge issue. 2/n

2015-2016: Using $10,000 in seed money the ADF stands up WoLF, a "feminist" organization whose sole activity is fighting against transgender people, to make their religious goals look secular and feminist. 3/n

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This is the sort of thing you hear before wide-spread, government-led atrocities happen.

Tucker Carlson represents what the GOP base believes and wants. If the GOP obtains the permanent single party rule it is aiming for, transgender people are in great danger.
The logic is clear: transgender people are the greatest threat to humanity, they must be stopped at all costs and by any means necessary by the full force of government. The optimum number of transgender people is zero.

Do people understand how dangerous this is?
Rules for surviving autocracy: "Rule #1: Believe the autocrat. He means what he says. Whenever you find yourself thinking, or hear others claiming, that he is exaggerating, that is our innate tendency to reach for a rationalization...
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