if i were a lawyer and a writer with a career of pretty decent work to spotlight, i'd probably try to avoid building my entire twitter personality around hating things which other people enjoy and that are entirely harmless to me.
if you nonetheless choose this path, at least lean into it and write a very petty weekly newsletter called "advice you didn't ask for" and put some effort into the branding you're already earning, rather than half-assing it.
these people have always existed but before twitter i could "accidentally" "lose their number" and "miss their texts" until they eventually found someone else to annoy
i, too, get easily annoyed by entirely harmless things, but like a good curmudgeon, i recognize that not all of my petty and pointless complaints are a great idea to advertise
a wise skill to learn is when to put something in a group text vs when to post it

• • •

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2 May
i don't know whether they're more or less widespread than they used to be, but i think what's happened is that the balance between, like, bigfoot believers and protocols of elders of zion believers has shifted wildly, in a bad and dangerous direction.
i knew a handful of crackpots who believed some wild, harmful shit growing up but a lot of people who strenuously believed in wild, harmless shit. almost all of those people now believe wild, harmful shit.
the internet's made it really easy to debunk bigfoot because it's more or less a single point of origin conspiracy, but it's also made it much easier to build sprawling, leviathan conspiracies that can take you weeks to map out and debunk if you're doing it full time.
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2 May
i am ambivalent about the idea of some kind of national service program, but why is it always the young people who need to develop the values of service or community or whatever? in my experience, they aren't the ones who need to work on those values. nytimes.com/2021/05/01/opi…
it's not the 18 year old fresh out of high school pushing anti-homeless laws or the 21 year old undergrad who has the power to lobby the city council to allow some company to dump their trash in the river or whatever.
young people aren't usually the ones who are scared to death of new people moving into their communities or screaming at council meetings about "those people". it's great to build new habits in a new generation, but it's insufficient w/out everyone doing their part.
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1 May
restaurants are notorious for substance abuse problems, but in my experience, call centers were always *significantly* worse, particularly when it comes to speed, pills and opioids.
there are reasons for this, too — you have a lot of people who work in call centers who either a) have access to pain medication and need the money or b) need more pain medication and c) it's just a fucking boring, miserable, isolating job and being doped up is better than not
you're frequently discouraged from talking to your co-workers on the floor, which means you spend an entire shift mostly talking to people who treat you like you're stupid or hateful or both. kitchens have an advantage here, where you're all in it together, a lot of the time.
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1 May
call centers and restaurants are the two industries i'm seeing doing most of the complaining about not being able to hire, and having worked a long time in both, let me tell you, i'm at risk for a schadenfreude overdose every time i open the bird app.
i took a call center job because i got tired of working factory jobs, and because i thought it would be easy street compared to throwing 55 gallon drums off a truck, but i think only one of these jobs caused long term damage to my health, and it wasn't the labor one.
you hear about restaurant jobs and bosses being horrific a lot of the time, but i've been out of the call center business for over a decade and reading acronyms like AHT still cause the acid in my stomach to go into overdrive
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1 May
lil nas x managed to be much more creatively confrontational and profane and hilarious than any punk band has been in at least twenty years you loser, the problem isn't that you're getting canceled the problem is that you've been stale for at least two decades.
the majority of old white punk rock guys think that punk rock is primarily about being offensive in the exact same ways and to the exact same people they were trying to offend when henry rollins still had long hair.
the most relevant thing that glenn danzig has appeared in or been a part of in the last twenty years was HENRY AND GLENN FOREVER, a fanfic comic book about he and henry rollins being loving partners to one another than rollins thought was great and danzig hated.
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30 Apr
tell me: is it bad if your head of marketing, head of design, head of support, your entire iOS team, and like half the staff reporting to all of these positions walk out en masse?
because if it were my company, i would think this was absolutely fucking catastrophic.
this isn't like a planned layoff, where people have time to wrap up and hand things off to their successors or top managers or whatever, this is all of the people who know how everything is stitched together collectively pulled the stitches out and told you to eat shit and die.
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