Any time you get nervous, remind yourself that it can only happen when YOU — aka the awareness of your entire life, including all the thoughts & words used to label it all — have chosen to experience yourself as a thought, in that moment

We can only fear thought & its innate ego
This is why I make such an effort to reveal, to you all, the power of silence

By tapping into silence, we manifest spiritual discipline because, each time we quiet the mind, we are reminding our consciousness of what we TRULY are: the silent awareness behind all fear & thought
We aren’t meant to forever LIVE from the silent space, imo

You can’t get things done, when you are completely detached

But by finding and really getting to know that silent, detached space, you will guarantee yourself a chance to ALWAYS heal and return to center/God/what’s true
And, after enough of this practice of returning to inner stillness any time we find our body-mind becoming nervous or fearful, you will begin to become hyper aware of how true it is that you can ALWAYS be at peace and in control

Just have to do the work, to start to real-eyes.

• • •

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1 May
I love you guys, man

Ultimately, nothing matters in life but connection

The mind constantly wanders, panics, confuses itself, and thinks it needs X, Y, and Z

But all it really needs, is connection

I was basically homeless for years, after realizing I was not my ego, and..
after having learned grandiose beliefs about myself, from a powerful, but narcissistic, guardian of mine

I had learned to put *everything* into my ego and my beliefs about who and what I am

So when I saw that I was *literally* the AWARENESS of my ego, life began to change..
in a dramatic way, as you can probably imagine

Eventually, after years of doing what I could to share my insights of reality on Reddit, I came to Twitter

Immediately, I was overwhelmed with how frequent the engagement is

I had been removed from society for YEARS, man

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20 Apr
I am such a simple man

As a 30 year old, born in 1990 and into a world of developing tech, I feel I was born into a world that was too busy to get to know me

Learning from that world, I learned a personality that was too busy to get to know my own self

Thank God for music..
because had I not also become a musician, who spent hours and hours at the piano every day as a teenager, I’m not sure I would’ve experienced enough heartfelt passion to have later realized that something was ‘off’ with humanity

Without that relationship with letting go..
of whatever my mind was taking seriously in that moment when I’d sit down to play piano, I can’t say I ever, EVER would’ve discovered that the real ‘me’ existed behind ALL of my thoughts

But, God decided to put music in me

Funny thing is that I only have 2 small tattoos..
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20 Apr
Remain vigilant

As the world that never should’ve halted, ‘opens back up thanks to the vaccine!’, stay detached and observant of the world’s movements

People are getting excited that life is ‘going to be normal again’

When the unconscious are excited and they think you’re..
taking that excitement away from them — ESPECIALLY after they think they’ve been victims to some awful, global, scary virus — they will judge and attack you

Right now, things might feel refreshed to some

But I remain vigilant, observant, & unexcited

I see other people being..
excited but also have noticed that they seem like they’re not sure if they DESERVE to be excited, as if there is some constant threat they are now conditioned to believe they need to be aware of

These people are not existentially free

They’re spiritually sick
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18 Apr
I dreamed that a spiritual billionaire, who'd made his money helping people find oil, discovered my Twitter page & learned how to heal his heartache, via one of my (free) insights/nrg

Grateful, he sent me a whole bitcoin

I listen to dreams

So my crypto address is now in my bio
You never know..

See, I am late to the money-making game, so yeah, I'm going to accept assistance, when it's offered

But at the same time, I'm such an individual

I want to do it all on my own

But you can't, man..

We all need a hand, at times

It's why we are a HUGE humanity
Personally, my life path molded me into a creature who hated money

I hated it, brother

It took my dad away from me

It made all my friends act like people they weren't

And it just generally felt, to me, like it made human experience much less 'real' and connected
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11 Apr
Be careful not to find yourself on your deathbed, realizing that you’d unconsciously spent so much time worrying about things that never really mattered

Because, ultimately, we really shouldn’t feel ‘worry’ at all but should instead be on such an aligned path that ‘losses’..
actually end up feeling like a friend’s breakup

Doesn’t kill us, but we’re there for it n feel it

You see what I mean?

Think like this..

Imagine you’re on a quest to slay a dragon

Do you think you’d still WORRY about small things?


Death and immense glory are on the line
Now imagine bringing that same ENERGY of experience and passion for your every moment, to the life you’re living now

Why can’t you apply the same energy to your life now, as you would if literally fighting dragons?

You deserve to respect yourself that much, if you love Life
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11 Apr
This media attack, on me and my fam, ultimately holds no real value for them


They NEED reactivity, to get what they want

But I've died already, man

I'm here, on a mission, to promote a msg of something bigger than what most people worry about

They bought MY bait. 🤗
Truly, everything is energy

And what they aren't conscious of, is that, in their excitement of thinking they had some massive 'hit piece' on some 'stupid, meathead father', they overlooked who I really am

Not hard to see, on my page, that I'm living my life to be a good man
Overlooking who I really am, they didn't realize the people I have behind me

Because when you try to blaze a trail that is aimed at literally changing the world, which is why I'm here to share a message of spiritual awakening / human connection / going back to nature..
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