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2 May, 6 tweets, 2 min read
If my last set of tweets sound idiotic. That's the point.

That's how idiotic it is to suggest that by the mere possession of a penis. A man is safe from criminals.

It's a shame that's what this conversation has descended into.

I know the kind of mental preparation that goes
into every travel.

I know about hiding weapons in my car because I have to protect myself.

I know about not being able to go to some places or make some trips because I consider them too dangerous.

I know about how my alarm system is always going off because I live in this
God forsaken country and how I freely move around when I'm not in it.

I know fear. I know the fear that something will happen to someone I love and there's nothing I can do about it.

I know that I haven't seen my son in person in months because God forbid I raise a child in
this hell hole.

I know how heartbreaking it is to miss every single moment and getting told about it on the phone.

His first cry, his first smile, his first crawl, his first everything because I have decided this country is not safe enough to raise a child.
All these I know.

To suggest that somehow a penis confers me with a safety net is triggering and idiotic.

I have lived my entire life in this hell hole and I have had to tip toe my way around it.

I have been attacked. I have been lured, stalked, threatened.
But this is not about me.

It's about all the men whose memories we now dishonour by suggesting that being a man ought to have kept them safe from maniacs and murderer.

I chose humour because it has a way to breaking through walls.

Those tweets are idiotic on purpose.

• • •

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3 May
Here's how power dynamics work.

Man without a weapon vs man without a weapon = 50/50.

Man with a weapon vs man without a weapon = 70/30.

Two men with weapons vs man without a weapon = 90/10

A man has no physical advantage unless he's attacked by a loner without a weapon.
Which is never the case.

Criminals move in squads and often with weapons.

The Rock couldn't stand up to one skinny man with a gun.

His muscles will not save him.

A woman with a weapon has a very good chance against a man without a weapon.

If that weapon happens to
be a gun, then it's a walkover. She stands a chance against two men with knives or cutlasses.

The power dynamic is always swinged toward the person with a better weapon. It doesn't matter what they have between their legs.

Men are not safe by simply being men.
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2 May
One of the things I'm most proud of this year so far is be a leading force in the resistance.

I run a p2p group with 5k+ users which did a volume of 7.2M last month. A month before that 5.7m, in the 2nd month 29m.

We're not slowing down for anyone. The future is decentralised.
We have no central accounts.

No single point of failure.

The service will continue as long as it can find consumers that want to exchange crypto.

It's impervious to govt high handedness.

Arresting anyone will not stop it.

Nothing can stop it except the consumers.
Crypto is the way.

An income stream protected from external sources of intimidation.

It's between you and the market. Nobody can take your table away. Nothing can threaten your livelihood except market dynamics.

It's freedom. Total freedom.

Join the train today.
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30 Apr
It has always been my intention to have a scholarship program for brilliant children whose parents have a hard time with school fees.

I had told myself I'll wait till I can afford a lot of children but I think I'll start small now.

I'm now announcing the #OloyeFund.
The #OloyeFund will cater to two primary school age children. A boy and a girl who have excellent academic record and whose parents cannot afford school fees.

The scholarship is capped at 200,000 naira for now. For a full year of school.
I know it's small but hopefully I can increase it as we go.

My email is open to anyone that knows any of such children and parents.

The only requirements are the last year school result and a bill from the current school.

Contact me at oloyeoluniyi@gmail.com.
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30 Apr
I don't think we understand just how much Buhari and APC has set our democracy back.

Every government is expected to raise the bar on the last one. As our democracy matures, we're expected to mature with it.

Buhari and APC have successfully destroyed all our institutions.
This was a government that asked for the rule of law to be suspended because it wasn't being allowed enough space to witch-hunt its political opponents.

When the Saraki led National Assembly said a firm No to that asinine request.

In its eternal capability for evil genius,
it moved unto the next stage by launching a war against the judiciary.

Onnoghen was ousted and Sharia CJN was brought in. The Attorney General of our country speaks as if he's Buhari's personal lawyer.

A role that's seperated from party politics by the constitution.
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20 Apr
Immediately I started dating outside this country, I knew she'd have to be a literal angel for me to marry a Nigerian.

I saw things I hadn't seen before.

The way I was raised was to expect to be the provider in a relationship. Then you meet women who insist on paying for
their own things.

It didn't make me feel less masculine. It just made me look out for special things I could do for them that they couldn't insist on doing for themselves.

I was raised to be a giver, I didn't mind people who were raised to be takers until I dated people who
were raised to be supporters and my whole outlook on what a relationship could be changed.

Post 2014 after I took my no dating vow. I still made exceptions for two women.

But they always have to go back to where they came from and the conversation died due to distance.
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12 Apr
Passionate policies must be analysed dispassionately.

"Defund the police." Has resulted in.

In Minneapolis

- 70% increase in homicides.

- 250% increase in gunshot wound victims in 1st 3 weeks of 2021 YoY.

- 75% loss to black businesses in CHAZ
In Portland

- By March 10, Portland police has responded to more than 200 shootings.

- 20 people fatally shot already this year, compared to 1 same time last year.


- 8 times more shootings compared in first 2 weeks of Jan 2020, compared to Jan 2021.
- 141% increase in gunshot wound victims in Feb compared to 2020.

In Seattle

- 2020 had the highest number of homicides in a decade.


- 97% increase in shootings, almost 45% increase in homicides in 2020 compared to 2019.

Meanwhile the founders of BLM continue to
Read 6 tweets

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