message for earth placements 🌿 taurus, virgo, capricorn

this message felt more like a caution/warning honestly. basically, you need to be making sure you’re protecting yourself. someone is throwing a lot of negative intentions your way, or is planning on screwing you over
usually my personal readings don’t line up with what other readers have been saying on the tl but all day I’ve been seeing similar messages for earth placements, usually accompanied by angel numbers, and the cards have just confirmed what I’ve been feeling/seeing all day
there is a general negative vibe here, most likely envy or the evil eye. but this person isn’t just content with feeling their feelings and leaving u alone, they want you to feel as miserable as they do rn
they could be trying to send you negative energy or literally putting plans in place to mess things up for you. If it’s the former, focus on protection magic and cleansing. If it’s the latter, try to stay two steps ahead of their plans, and inform those close to you.
be aware of what’s going on around you. let your friends, family, partner and even people at work know what’s going on if you realise this person is making a move, you don’t want to be losing a job because it turns out they’ve made a false complaint about u or something similar
the emotions here are really dark and heavy but to be completely honest with you it seemed to all be coming from them. you may not know this very well, there may be a physical distance between you, or you might’ve moved on but they’re still holding a grudge.
I didn’t see any of their attempts really sticking to you, which is a huge relief, but bear in mind there was such a strong emphasis on protection and preparation, so perhaps the spirits are telling you that you’ll be fine so long as you are proactive in protecting yourself.
I’m sorry this is such a sucky and negative message but I’d rather get this to who needed to see it than sugar coat things 🥺 you’re gonna get through this and be the bigger person 🤍


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2 May
message for water placements 💧cancer, scorpio, pisces

things are kind of rough right now huh? I feel like you’ve got problems coming from all sides right now, and you’re doing your absolute best to keep on top of them, but it’s pretty overwhelming.
I see you already had things you were dealing with and then other people came along and either caused you more problems or dumped their problems on you. now it’s like no matter how much progress you make, you’re never going to be able to get on top of everything, it’s suffocating
every time you finish a task there’s no time to enjoy that feeling because you’re aware that there’s still much more to be done, and any good deed you do right now seems to go unnoticed or without a proper thank you or exchange of any kind.
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message for fire placements 🔥 aries, leo, sagittarius

I see some of you are putting too much emphasis on trivial things right now and letting these get you down or consume too much or your time and energy - this could be social media followers, likes or engagement,
or trying to get someone to like/accept you, trying to create a certain persona etc. I felt so much frustration, confusion and heightened emotions in general while doing this reading, but these emotions all seemed to be misplaced somehow.
On a surface level, you are indeed upset about these trivial matters, but you’re actually hyper-focussing on these as an outlet for your emotions regarding a more serious or repressed emotional matter. It’s time to face the problem head on.
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2 May
message for air placements 🌬 gemini, libra, aquarius

recently you’ve been making revelations about yourself and others, and it’s led you to walk away from some relationships so that you can focus more on the relationship you are building with yourself. it’s been lonely,
but also incredibly freeing. at times you’ve felt like you had no one to talk to or lean on, but you may have also noticed that you’ve spent less time being put down by others, or having to meet certain expectations. your life feels more... quiet than usual.
you may have been distracting yourself from your deeper problems and traumas by always keeping yourself busy and surrounded by others, even those who didn’t really bring anything positive into your life. now you’re seeing things much more clearly than before.
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1 Mar
✉️ cardinal signs ~ Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Oh wow I can see that your patience is being tested. You seem tired, bored, frustrated, stressed and everything in between! It's okay to let yourself feel those emotions, suppression never helped anyone. However, do be +
careful not to let the way you're feeling poison the words you speak to others, or convince you to make decisions that are only going to hurt you in the long term. I'm definitely seeing some of you either snapping at loved ones, or ghosting them, so maybe it would be wise to +
clue them in on how you're feeling. I'm sure they'll understand and this will help them to react better than if you just switch up without warning! I can also see that some of you are considering calling it quits, but to be completely honest with you, I'm not feeling like this +
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1 Mar
✉️mutable signs ~ Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

I can see a lot of self reflection being done, or needing to be done, and this is ultimately going to be up to you to see through. No one around you is holding you accountable (you may be surrounded by yes-men or people who +
are too wrapped up in their own lives to notice what is going on), and besides, being told what to do never produces the best outcomes for you. For genuine and long-term results, you have to choose this because it's what you want, and what you know in your heart you need. I can +
see that for some of you this is going to be a 'Tower moment' so to speak, things might feel like they're crashing down around you for a short while as you face things you've left to slink in the shadows for a long time - but the biggest enlightenment of your life so far may be +
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1 Mar
✉️fixed signs ~ Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius

March is going to be a time of blessings, abundance and change for you, however, with this great news comes a message reminding you to keep yourself protected. I'm sensing there may be someone looking at your social medias or +
talking about you and they're subconsciously (or consciously) casting the evil eye on you. There could also be a rumour started about you, or someone trying to mess with your blessings and oppurtunities behind the scenes. You may wish to keep your successes to yourself until +
they become absolutely solid, and even then, consider being careful with the details you post and share. Invest some time into cleansing your energy, practicing protection rituals and consider wearing or carrying a protective item such as a crystal or evil eye charm. +
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