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How to build Mystery with the Ladies.

~ Thread ~
The biggest reason men lose the interest of ladies is because they fail to keep a sense of mystery around them.


- Tell her EVERYTHING!
- Broadcast TOO MUCH interest.
- Are ALWAYS available.

Besides that,

They're boring.

Here's why these behaviors don't work with women.
You tell her everything.

Understand this:

She doesn't WANT to know everything.

She doesn't care about your intimate relationships from your past or how heartbroken you've been.

She doesn't want to know how other women have ruined you.

All this tells her is that you're weak.
Instead, share little tidbits about your past every now and then.

Don't go into full, emotional detail of how horrible you felt and how your ex was a bitch.


Talk about what you've learned.

Little comments about how you're a better man nowadays from that experience.
Structure stories about your past to show that you've been through some shit,

And still came out on top.

Even if your life isn't where you want it to be yet,

Expressing that you're on a winners path shows you have a winner's mentality,

Meaning you'll eventually win.
You broadcast too much interest.

Women want to INVEST in you!

They want to know that you're worthy of their love before you recieve it.

They want you to earn it by courting them properly.

But if you broadcast too much interest?

You're just another crab in the barrel.
Women are attracted to underlying qualities in your personality.


They want YOU to be attracted to underlying qualities in THEIR personality.

This, in turn, causes them to become more attracted to you physically.

It's sort of like an alignment process.

Women polarize.


If you're more interested than she is,

She aligns to become less interested in you.

If you're less interested in her though,

She aligns to become MORE interested in you.

Attraction MUST exist though,

Or else you're wasting your time.
You are always available.


If you sit around staring at your phone,

Waiting for matches and messages,

And wonder why girls keep flaking on you,

It's because you're too available.

You text back immediately.

You try to hang out everyday.

Just stop it already.
Most guys,

Even on the chance that she doesn't flake,

Don't even make a move or try to escalate.

Hanging out with her,

Still staring at his phone.

Always being available,

Is a sign of Neediness,

And a lack of options.

They want men who are in demand.

Available Men aren't
So just ignore her?


Generate options.

Be busy.

Have hobbies.

Have tons of dates.

Be too busy to be staring at your phone,

Waiting for a text from a girl who's probably hanging out with some jerk like me.

Have a life,

She will value your time more,

I promise.
Finally just stop being so boring.

Boredom is a cemetery where loves dies.

A woman will:

- Use you
- Cheat on you
- Fight with you
- Leave you instantly

If you bore her enough.

Okay so here's how you conquer the other 3 issues while being less boring:
Tell Awesome Stories.

Make these stories interesting,

Demonstrate High Value in the stories,

But stay somewhat vague.

Learn to build the stories up based on what the experience is about,

So that way you reach a good climax,

And give her the release she wants...
Telling stories in this way communicates so much more than you're just a good story teller.

And if you can keep it somewhat ambiguous,

Yet still highly entertaining and honest,

It will cultivate mystery.

Just mention certain things in the story and leave some details out.
Disqualify Yourself during Flirtations.

If she plays "hard to get,"

Then you play "out of her league."

If she likes you and teases like she doesn't in any way,

Then you should have been doing the same already.

This is a frame game.

She positions herself as the prize.
So friendzone her.

Or at least pretend to.

For example,

Say she says something like:

"I hope you don't think this is going anywhere,"

You can say:

"Whew, that's good! I was beginning to think you wouldn't realize that you aren't my type."

This keeps her guessing...
Be inconsistent in responding to her and setting dates.

I know I know,

"Why is everything so counterintuitive?"

It's polarity brother.

Mysterious Men aren't at her every beck and call.

Mysterious men don't always have time to just hang out with her.

So get busy!
If you want a girl,

And you have plenty of free time on your hands,


- Stop texting
- Start approaching

So you can practice your game where it really matters:

In field.

Not all approaches will amount to dates and numbers.

Not all should.

This also adds mystery.
Just become a random dude,

Walking around making girls smile and soaking their panties,

Then just disappearing.

This helps you become less attached to the outcome,

And more focused on the process.

Then when you approach a girl you really like?

You'll be able to close!
RT that first tweet so other guys can learn how to become mysterious with the Ladies.

And if you need a short, simple guide on Attraction,

Learn to Attract Her Now!


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