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2 May, 40 tweets, 8 min read
now that's a new error.
This floppy drive "works" as in it seeks and all, but it is sending ZERO SIGNALS BACK. either that or the disk has been mass erased since last week
I knew it was a mistake to try to read a CD-ROM in a 5.25" floppy drive
I need to label this drive so I can look into its weirdness later. That's Special Fucked.
and the next one... cannot seek. at all.
ok that's definitely broken then, in a much simpler way :)
some days all you can hope for is simple problems
I'd also be suspicious of my floppy drive cable but all these 5.25" drives are broken in different ways
this one can seek, but only to lower tracks.
it can't seek up.
oh hey this one seeks!
yep, imaged without problems.
So this drive works, at least with DD disks. Let's hope either I'm imaging DD disks or it also works with HD disks.
but first, before I go trying to image old disks with it, it's cleanin' time
and it turns out the images I need to archive today ARE DD, and image perfectly!
and disk 3 is showing the "no flux reversal" problem.
the fuck? disks 1 and 2 were fine.
maybe my cable is intermittent and the data pin is going out?
*chants POWER CYCLE like NORMAL VIEW from the mst3k movie*
power cycle didn't help. switching which connector on the cable I was using did.

yeah I think this cable may be damaged.
New cable, newly cleaned. Still getting bad sectors, so I think this disk may just be actually damaged. But let's hope the flux keeps reversing
Here's the one that can only seek up, not down.
Yeah I'm not an expert but I don't think floppy drive stepper motors are supposed to have visible rust
This is a TEAC FD-55GFR. The top of the line for the FD-55 line, apparently.…
Mine's got a IR4N10 chip. That's TEAC branded but it's apparently made by Sharp, who did a bunch of these sorts of chips, none of which are documented.
ok I partially disassembled it and I think the stepper motor itself might be fine? because it was very hard to move while assembled, but once I took it apart, it moves fine. I think it's actually these rails, which are definitely gunked up. I'll try cleaning and re-lubing them
The stepper motor has a TEAC sticker on it. Part number 14769070-90, by Shinano Kenshi Co
yeah this motor hasn't had a good time.
the other side looks fine at first glance, though.
with the rest of the motor removed this part should spin smoothly though, and it doesn't. there's a bunch of friction inside that bearing
yeah, no. that can't be good
Those bearings are NMB R-1650HHs
They still make and sell them!
So, a bunch of cleaning and a bit of relubrication later, let's see if it works now.
ok this is weird.
So, capturing a disk doesn't work. Why? because the disk isn't spinning. That's weird, right?
so I look closer and think maybe their an issue with the power supply, and it turns out the power supply fan isn't spinning either.
and it's now providing, instead of the traditional +5v and 12v...
1.6v and 7.5v!
so, the question now is: did my power supply spontaneously die?
or is this drive so fucked up it killed my power supply?
because I'm still getting those voltages with the drive disconnected!
only one way to find out: potentially kill another power supply!
hang on my multimeter just died
ok I got it working long enough to confirm that PSU has +5v and +12v at reasonable voltages.
We've Got Spin!
and yep. The drive imaged with no problems.
ignoring the fact that it only imaged half the disk, because of a weirdness in how I set up that profile. that's a thinko on my part.
I have located the issue with the multimeter.
Apparently it's very picky about if both batteries are fully installed

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4 May
look I'm not saying it's Bad Ideas O'Clock but hey you know that period when Intel was making Pentium II/III CPUs that fit into slots? and how there were adapters to let you fit socket 370 chips into them instead?

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