Prophecies Muhammad ﷺ

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Side note: I'll be focusing more on predictions that apply more to our time since it proves his prophethood more
It's clear this hadith is referencing STDs like Chlamydia HIV HPV ect

What's shocking is all these diseases started appearing mainly in bthe 80s

Which is around the time irreligiousity and LGBT started spreading

How did he know there was a correlation between sex and disease?
What's mental about this hadith is our prophet perfectly described the words economy in less than a sentence, interest was banned all over the world!

The christains only started permissing interest around the 16th century.

It was banned even as far as India during his time!
Depression anxiety and suicide was unheard of during Muhammad's time because everyone was so religious they feared the punishment of their gods. But now you look at Western, atheist countries theyre the most miserable because they forgot God so God made them forget themselves
The fascinating thing about this hadith is that Rasullulah actually predicted their exact shape and found a correlation between atbaq and family ties

The fact is we spend so many hours on social media and TVs that our family ties are significantly weaker than in the 7th century
Again there was no evidence at the time of muhammad to even indicate technology was going into this direction. If the sahabah saw our technology they'd think it was sihr!

How could muhammad have fluked this? 1 or 2 yes but there are hundreds of narrations it's almost endless
It's mathematically impossible to say hundreds of narrations luke this was even possible to fluke

As yourself would God let a "false prophet" get this lucky?
During the prophets time there were many immoral pagan societies
But one things EVERYONE across the world hated was adulterers
look around we see it today the unmarried kiss in public and no one stops them

Exactly like donkeys fornicating

Thanks to @IslamForLife77 for this one

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1 May
Scrutinising the gospel of mathew purely as a historical document

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As usual the early manuscripts don't have the tittle mathew and the two earliest manuscripts (p103 and p104) are 3rd century Image
Zechariah son of Jehoiada who was killed by the Temple (ll Chronicles 24:20―21). There is no evidence in the tanakh or in any other writings that Zechariah (A PROPHET BTW) was murdered, let alone killed in the Temple. The First Temple had already been destroyed in Zechariah time Image
In the nativity narrative Jesus escapes from a census committed by King Herod but in Josephus' book the atrocities of King herald there's no mention of this.

You'd think a Jewish historian who wrote an entire book on the evils of Herod HATES him would mention K*LLING BABIES Image
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30 Apr
This is a scrutiny the gospel of Mark as a historic and geographic document of what Jesus (as) did, said and preached

Inshallah after I'm done with the gospels the christains will have no foundation for their beliefs and will see the truth inshallah

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Mark 5:1 - 5:13 Jesus puts demons into pigs and the pigs travelled past the lake to and from Gerasa

The closest lake to Gerisa is the lake of Galilee. Gerasa is more than fifty kilometers to the southeast of the Sea of Galilee! But Mark makes it seem like it's a 2 mins jog Image
Jesus last sentence implies that women had the right to divorce her husband. But according to Jewish Law a woman had no right of divorce whatsoever. In Roman law, of course, a woman had that right meaning the author of Mark likely assumed Jews practaced Roman law ImageImage
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