#deznat be like: race mixin!

Christ & Moroni said 1 of d signs of d end

gentiles will restore d gospel & BoM but then they'll become very sinful The remnant of Joseph will grow strong as a lion & reclaim the land of inheritance

3 Nephi 16:10-16
3 Nephi 20:13-16
Mormon 5:20-22
Y'all won't have to worry about race mixing if your race becomes overtaken by mine Lamanite remnant people.

The same spirit that guided moses though the deseret, lehi through the sea, the puritans to the north.

That same spirit is bringing us the Joseph remnant to the North.
Your job is to gather us all. You haven't gathered the natives that are already in the U.S.A in all these 180 years since the first attempt in D&C of the "Lamanite borders"

So much you haven't gathered them already, the lord is now pushing us the rest to the north to hasten it
You say:

"Build a wall! They're all criminals who rob us of our jobs! Too many!"

It is so clear and simple, it screams to your faces the completion once more of yet another sign of the Latter-day, of us coming amongst you as a lion Pushed to the north.

It's the same spirit
You are supposed to be gathering us.

The whole point of the restoration is to bring back to the remnants the Truth.
Mormon, Moroni, & all the prophets of the americas from the BoM have all made their statement clear:

The record will return to the Lamanites through the gentiles
Yet, here you are with your book of mormon land theories and your walls and your "free nation".

The New Jerusalem a standard to all of the houses of israel to be gathered.

The lord will not return untill all of his remnants are gathered.
You see all of this apostasy and degeneracies among you because the gentile work is not for the gentiles. The work is for the remnants through the gentiles.

The more you delay the gathering, the more losses on your side will increase.
This is the main problem with the land theories.

These "heartland", "Mesoamérica", "South America" theories divides and abandons the remnant, as if the whole american continent wasn't in unison for 200 years of peace when christ came.

Modern day conditions that segregates us.

The reasonings & mentality of the northern gentiles for THEIR benefit, segregates us the remnant.
Slows the gathering.
We may try to find evidences of the mentioned lands & geographic descriptions, but the lord hides & veils them. Everyone's fighting on these land theories, when in fact, they are not the goal.

You focus on the physical, the reasonings of "America First". it is no longer faith.
The Faith from the first pioneers is no longer present because we are not united as members.
So much on physical works and the physical lands that you forget the whole point of the restoration.

The spiritual.
The gathering is focused on the souls, the gathering of all israel.
The lord hides and veils the real physical evidences on purpose.

This "patriotic" inland and outland theories blot out Christ's minister & the works here in the Americas.

The whole americas was united. Prosperity when he came to all, not like the few in the old world.
This is what is increasing apostasy and the evil works in the north, because lucifer is winning on averting your focus away from the gathering.

And one of the very reasons why i absolutely hate one of the land theories:

Prideful nitpicking.
Patriotic self-boasting heartland.
"America is Free! We are free! It all happened not here! We know how to interpret scripture!"

You know who else said this?

The practicing jews.

"Our people are the elect! Our land is the elect! Only here! Nowhere else! We know how to interpret scripture, not you!"
Like y'all heartland believers, they were blinded. They being hard hearted and blind with the scriptures. So much, that y'all like them expect and plead for specific evidences to be tailored for you, not the lord.
The "american" way.
You interpret rivers, waters, and verses such that it ignores the existence and ways of the other native tribes. My tribe. Those tribes of the south too.
Abandoning the siblings of the Joseph remnant.
You look at your natives and don't gather them. You've lived and still live among them and still haven't gathered them. You don't recognize the rest, the remnant on all the Americas.
You don't find what you want from the living, only from the earth & archeology around them.
Patriotism inland works.
Muting the rest.
Muting the souls.
Only looking at the physical remains inland, and not us, who we reside in the whole american continent.

Isn't your duty to gather us ALL? Isn't this Christ's decree over and over again?
The heartland theory is the most cruel of all theories.

Stones which, there's only one. A narrow path that, makes no sense, Rivers that are merely of flatness. Dry non-military mountains, swamps of disease.

Grapes & many rivers of large waters that satisfy only you
Not d souls
No bountiful worthy of bountiful.

Some small temple missourian complexes with a small timeline of flat commerce prosperity.

Your "advanced" is not the advanced mentioned in the BoM.

Because you are limiting the land to patriotic borders.
You ignore the souls.
You ignore the reasoning that the lord hides & veils evidences because that's not what you're supposed to be focusing on.

Intricate explainigs of small tree forts, copper weapon mounds,
Distorting d west of tent dwellers & destroying the North of desolation
Your heartland theory does not contain a timberless north. A dry desert north. The very snow defeats your theory.

Bountiful you say? Desolation?

sasquatch is more real than the cruel theory that is the "Heartland"
Heartland has vastly been combed. Your archeology has mostly been done. You are limiting your land barriers to only the north.

What you have in your hands is merely a small puzzle of the bigger picture.

But have you gathered the natives that you claim are heartland originals?
Mesoamérica merely has 1% of its ways discovered as well as south america. The lord is revealing more outside of heartland, and you're not liking it.

Because it's not "patriotic", it scares you.
Because it is not of the "land of the free" which reminds you, who did christ say the land of inheritance was for? My ancestors. Not yours.

You're being granted to dwell in it as part of the adoption & restoration.

This reality you don't see, and you force yourselves to no to.
You like segregation. You love superiority.
Boasting on "a nation above the others" verse.

The lord does not mirror what you boast: One shepherd, one fold, one dawn.

Isn't your duty to gather us all?
As Christ to the jews when they killed him, you are not recognizing me, a central american native, to not be the same or have had the same dawn as your heartland natives. Killing us spiritualy and socially, instead of gathering us.
You know I'm not a citizen. My very existence you heartlanders hate it. Because I'm not patriotic neither "free". A mere pest that needs purging.
High, high walls.

How sad & little your vision has become.

From D&C to "go to the Lamanites & preach to them" to now, what happened?
Again, as Christ himself has said and Moroni has too said.

We are coming as a lion amongst sheep. The gentiles will become sinful. The remnant of Jacob will inherit the land of inheritance.

This is happening right now.

John Dehlin, NewNameNoah, and all those other apostates.
the lord, using that same spirit of exodus which from harsh conditions lead Moses across d red-sea. Aaron, for 40 yrs to d desert to their land of inheritance. The Jeredites, from harsh conditions of babel, lead to theirs. Lehi, to his. The puritans. & now mine to our inheritance
The lord knows the work is slow, it's clear he wants to hasten it.

Our coming north from caravans are not mere cartel works. It's d same spirit of exodus that took your pioneer ancestors across d plains.

The remnant is scattered on all d Americas, & we are being moved in masses
Read again the pleadings of Moroni, Enos's prayer, Christ's words, of Nephi's mountain vision, & of all the prophets of the BoM

Who do they see? The gentiles.
But to who are they writing the words to that are to return as if of the dust?

The remnants.

You are to gather us all
One shepherd, one fold, one dawn.

This are the last days.

Another sign being completed in our very eyes.

For those who can see it, will know.

For those who don't. Let the walls go high and let the apostates thrive.

I tell you this, because it is my village that is suffering
I tell you my family's conversion story, because it is the whole point of the restoration.

The lord will not come until the gathering is done.

This land is my land of inheritance. You are given a huge & serious responsibility in this land, as adopted siblings.
treat it as such
This is all I'm going to say for tonight.
buahaha! absolutely loved ya'lls reactions so far

just a heads up. This is a planed thread for a special meme that i made, which i'll post at d end. I haven't finished this thread cuz it has a plot-twist.
i'll unveil it in a few hours

i ain't that cruel🤣🤣

#deznat stay tuned!

• • •

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