People laugh at the silliness of the Salem Witch trails, but one must understand this:

English rulers had started a war with the the colonies.

The colonies were stuck in the middle, and as the war ravaged upstate New York, refugees had flooded into Salem. 1/
This is why I always, always say that I feel like Wokeism is not about black people or about native Americans, but about Asians.

More specifically, it’s about mass immigration, which now affects young, affluent white people as much as anyone else.

They are panicking.
Wokeness plays into the fears, anger and viciousness of everyone in the west, but allows them to channel their anxiety towards an acceptable villain: “the white man.”

That’s because millennials can’t blame new immigrants, foreigners or our corporate overlords.
The young girls in Salem Massachusetts felt their parents’ stress and were insecure and angry.

Who were they going to blame? William and Mary?

After all, they were loyal British subjects.

Could they blame the refugees?

Of course not! They were good Puritans.
So who were they gonna blame? WITCHES!

It was an acceptable target. All the more acceptable as it didn’t even really exist.

Much the way the racist, sexist, homophobic, privileged white man doesn’t exist.

Privileged white people are LESS racist and homophobic than others.
The image the Woke witch hunters are going after is a figment of the Hollywood imagination. Backwards rednecks who lynch blacks people...still. In 2021.

They are charging at windmills.

Because those they rely on and support sold them out.

They have no outlet for their rage.
This is why Stalin said, “The worse, the better.”

The more miserable and frustrated people are, the more willing they will be to unleash their rage on whoever their leaders tell them to hate.
To circle back to source of Woke hate...

Imagine. You are an upper middle class kid in Silicon Valley. You’re smart enough to work in tech, but you can’t get a job because companies hire cheaper H1B visa holders.

Yet tech is why your parents home (where u live) is worth 3 mil.
You can’t hate these Companies, Google, etc, because they run your world. You can’t hate the visa holders, because they are “brown” and come from poorer countries.

But you still will never have the wealth or job security of your parents.

Who are you going to blame?

You’ll also project yourself own anger onto construction workers who are mad that Mexican and Central Americans are taking THEIR jobs.

Oh, you’re not mad that Chinese and Indians took away YOUR job prospects.

It’s those wicked OTHER people who are angry, backwards reactionaries
Aka, those people who are NOT going to get a 3 million dollar inheritance when their Boomer parents die.

THOSE are the bad people.

• • •

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2 May
Poor teenage boys. Teenage girls are so difficult.
To clarify... Older Kid decided to ask Broody whether his Bro would be into Younger Kid, but Broody thought Younger had asked. Not realizing the set up. So Bro came over last night and hung out thinking Younger was into him, suffering various girl night indignities...
I feel terrible for encouraging Older Kid in her meddling. But I’d assumed she would play it cool and show restraint.

I should have realized that if “restraint” had a name, it would not be “18 year old girl.”
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2 May
People on the inter webs be wanting to convince me of things, and I’m like, “Bich, I do not know who you are. I have personally met all of ONE person from this app in real life. If Joyce tells me she saw something w her own eyes, I’ll believe it. The rest of you? Nah.”
I also believe Sarah brasch is real because absolutely no one would pretend to be her.

But just because people say shit on the internet doesn’t make it true.

In east Germany, they used to assign THREE people to anyone they thought was a dissident, just to fuck w them.
You think in the modern internet age someone couldn’t cook up a half dozen (or more) bots to tell me what someone in a think tank in DC wants me to believe?

Oh honey. We are in a hall of mirrors.
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1 May
How many times do our “leaders” and their mouthpieces in the media have to lie to you for you to realize they are completely and 100% full of shit?

They go from lying, to saying, “Well, this is why we had to say that” without skipping a beat, and no one seems to care.
“It’s not happening...but this is why it’s a good thing.”

Thats the message 24 hours a day.

And folks lap it up like dogs, just so long that the media tells them they’re allowed to hate someone.
Like seriously—Pfizer says its going to have a pill that treats COVID by the end of the year.

Oh. Really. Fascinating.

So...they couldnt have developed that BEFORE the Vaccine?

Funny how that works.
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30 Apr
The award for most ER trips, goes to the older of my two brothers, who needed stitches four times by kindergarten.

He also broke a leg, then an arm, later the other leg.

My other brother preferred to poison himself. He drank paint. Then later ODed on Flintstones vitamins.
I, however, suffered from the same maladies then as now: ER visits due to overexertion or mistakes made over exerting myself.

Injuries from running, biking, and a whopping case of anemia from too much dieting.

It’s funny how we’re the same people as kids as we are as adults.
Oh yeah, and stitches from putting my hand through a glass table while “playing drums.”

Too much enthusiasm.

But that’s the thing...propensity for this stuff runs in families. Some families are sedate.

We went on Vacation once with the kids of mymom’s2nd husband..
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29 Apr
BTW, two things can be true:

Soros/Davos types can want to unseat American wht Middle Class by lowering their standard of living, outnumbering them with immigration.


Upper class whites can push affirmative action in an effort to stop Asians from outcompeting their kids.
The goals of people at the very top of society—masterminds, central bankers, etc...—can be very different from the goals the merely influential.

Upper Middle Class urbanites like immigration because it means cheap housekeepers (god, I miss that), and good restaurants. ...
Klaus Schwab likes immigration because it drives down wages and keeps democrats in charge.

The president of a University likes immigration because, basically, his job depends on it. his school gets funding by opening new offices and departments that push “diversity.”
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24 Apr
To circle back to American History X, and what a propaganda piece it was... California (even as presented in the movie) had totally screwed over families like Derek Vinyard’s.

Yet, it’s clear that HE is the bad guy.

Not the liberals who allowed crime to run rampant... 1/
His dad is framed as an evil racist, when the guy was murdered doing his job.

His brother is wicked for writing a paper, when he is defending a kid getting beaten up in the bathroom.

The message was: you deserve to be murdered because you had wrong beliefs.

In the film suggests that maybe the state or government should be taking care of its citizens by promoting jobs or controlling immigration or stopping crime.

The message is: “serfs like you will kill each other. Oh well. If you become angry, you’re incredibly wicked.”
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