πŸ”ž Lesbian chengxian πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ”₯

It's long after midnight, both girls are drunk, just returned home from a Friday's party. Wei Ying chuckles, hugging Jiang Cheng from the back, her soft lips brushing against the other girl's nape.

"Stop that...haha...it tickles," Jiang Cheng Image
laughs and squirms but her voice turns into sweet moans and pants when Wei Ying pushes her hand under her friend's mini skirt. "D-don't touch there...nhh..."

"A-Cheng, I now you love it when I tease your pussy..." Wei Ying purrs, pushing the girl's panties to the side, her
long, slender fingers grazing over Jiang Cheng's heated sex. "You're so warm...so soft..."

"Anh...jiejie..." Jiang Cheng moans, her head resting on Wei Ying's shoulders, legs weak and shaky. It doesn't take long when she's all wet and drippy, her pussy slicking over
her best friend's fingers.

"Good girl," she nips at Jiang Cheng's ear, sliding her fingers inside and out her slick cunt, her thumb circling around Jiang Cheng's clit, she can almost feel it throbbing against her touch.

"Nn...jiejie...more–," she pleads and Wei Ying
throws her on the bed for that, pulling her purple panties down, pushing her face between Jiang Cheng's creamy thighs. She plunges her tongue in, tasting the girl's slick.

Jiang Cheng cried, her fingers entangled in Wei Ying's long hair, hips rocking fast. She plays with her
small breasts, pinching and pulling on her swollen nipples. "Jiejie–jiejie...!" it doesn't take long to her to cum with a long, mellow cry, her body twitching in ovetsensitivity.

Wei Ying licks her lips, coy smile dancing on her lips, "I'm so wet from eating you out..."
She rolls her skirt up, not even wearing the panties in the first place. Wei Ying presses her hot pussy against her friend's grinding them eagerly together. "Fuck–, A-Cheng... I can feel you throbbing against me–ahh...!" Clit pressed against clit, they rut together, with Wei Ying
playing with their breasts until both girls climax hard, kissing on the bed sloppily. It's just sweet lips and tongues, more laughter and innocent touches here and there.

They are drunk and high on pleasure, but it's just girl things... Girl things after midnight. 🀫🌜

β€’ β€’ β€’

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3 May
Married housewife Jiang Cheng cheating on her boring husband with the hot daddy from the next door.
"But I have a husband..." She murmurs, panties drenched from how desperate she is for her hot neighbour Wen Ruohan.

"You say that but, oh darling, your sloppy cunt is throbbing against me so much," he purrs into her ear, pushing her over the kitchen counter, his big dick
forced inside the woman's wet hole. She's so tight and slick, spasming around Wen Ruohan's hot shaft.

"Nhh...you're so big–," she moans, pretending to resist but she secretly wants it, her husband is so useless that she has to masturbuate every day...

Wen Ruohan fucks her
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πŸ”žSongxuexiao dorm AU continuation where XY roommates forces him to wear an apron.

XY is so embarrassed and shy, his little cock peeking through the apron, nipples visible as well as its too loose around his chest.

"The brat is cute." SL huffs a laughter, his eyes dark and –
– dangerous. He eyes XY like a predator.
XXC smiles, he finds XY very cute as well. "A-Yang, indeed, is pretty. What do you think?" He asks. "Turn around, show me the other present too."

XY tenses, he doesn't want to, but still does as asked, turning around.
His plumpy ass –
– is exposed, prettily decorated eith a fox's tail. It's a but plug XXC had gifted to the boy.

SL grins. He's so hard. He wants to rail the brat.

"Gege...what do you think?" XY asks, his ass tightening around the plug as he feels both men gazing at him.

"It's pretty. –
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πŸ”ž Jiang Cheng receives his first gift from daddy. It's a beautiful white leather collar.
From now on he doesn't have to feel lonely when there is no Lan Qiren's hand around his throat.

"Do you like it, baby?" Lan Qiren asks softly.

Jiang Cheng nods. He's sitting naked in –
– front of the mirror in their bedroom, wearing nothing but the white collar.

He feels connected with daddy.

"Yes, daddy. But...can you adjust it for me...just a little bit tighter...? I want to properly feel you..."

Jiang Cheng wants that collar to bruise his skin just like –
– like Lan Qiren's grip would do it.

Leaving beautiful red marks on his pale skin.

The older man approaches him, watching Jiang Cheng's face expression in the mirror as he adjusts and tightens the collar, fastening it around his neck.

"Nh–." Jiang Cheng moans. Tighter. –
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What if hyper sexual teenage Xue Yang who can't stop jerking off to porn.
He shares a dorm room with two guys from third year while he's still a freshman. They know, but they try to ignore it, OK the brat is horny. Whatever. But at some point it gets annoying when XY jerks –
– off trice a day. They just want to study and have peace instead of hearing some kid moaning in the bathroom!

XXC tries to stay calm, tries to calm down SL who is this 🀏 close to lose his shit and just DO something about it.
"He is young. Leave him be." XXC says calmly, closing his book.

SL clicks his tongue. "It's 6pm! And it's the third time already! Is he doing this on purpose?"

XXC sighs. "He is...very enthusiastic about it."

"Maybe if we embarrass him, he would finally stop." –
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2 Mar
πŸ”ž YaoYu

"Yao gege...why are you ignoring me all the time? Are you tired of XuanYu...?" Mo XuanYu sobbed, he felt pathetic and abandoned because his brother hadn't touched him in a while and was obviously avoiding him. "Is it because XuanYu is disgusting...?" He asked, –
– choking back small cries.

Jin GuangYao sighed. His mood was bad enough already, now he had to deal with this...
"Stop crying." He ordered, his voice slightly cold and dark.

Mo XuanYu flinched. Yao gege was angry...
"Nhh... I'm sorry..."

The older man closed his eyes, –
– breathing in sharply. "I said, stop crying."

"G-gege..." Mo XuanYu lowered his head. Yao gege must really hate him now.

Jin GuangYao sighed again. Disappointed. He ran his hand through his brother's hair, grabbing a fistful of it. "Kneel." His voice was absolute, there was –
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πŸ”ž RuoShan

Cunt. That bastard just called him a cunt...? Jin Guangshan frowned, yet for some reason the word "cunt" kept on echoing through his mind, sending hot sensations right into his "cunt". He couid swear, if he was a woman, his pussy would leak so hard.

Wen Ruohan –
– laughed darkly. "What? Being called a cunt turns you on? You're getting tighter around me."

The other man turned his head to a side, blushing slightly, fuck, yes, he liked that, even if he didn't want to admit it.

Wen Ruohan chuckled again, his thrusts getting slower yet –
– slightly rougher. He kept Jin Guangshan's legs vulgarly spread, fucking himself into the man's belly.

That cock bulge looked rather cute.


"...mnh...! Stop...! Calling me like that...!" Jin Guangshan tensed, those degrading words turned him on so much he –
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