all the “woke” language being coopted is language that was created by Black people and originated in Black thought. So yes it is still emancipatory and no we will not get new language as if that new language wouldn’t immediately be coopted. Come on now. Stop it.
White people have turned woke into a racial slur. And we have the dirtbag left to thank for that since deploying that term derisively started with the white Twitter left.

• • •

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More from @AngryBlackLady

30 Apr
i have a lot of complaints about voice mail systems. Just play some friggin hold music. Don't keep popping back on to read the same litany of shit that I heard at the beginning of the call.

It's so annoying.
i would prefer silence to the incessant yapping. shut up!
i'm going to jump off a bridge
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19 Apr
i have such contempt for these journalists cum commentary writers who have taken to substack to air their purportedly heterodox viewpoints when those viewpoints are so mainstream, anti-Black, anti-trans etc. SO FUCKING BORING. And yet they insist they're being original.

i can't.
For a while I thought liberal racism was at a plateau. it was there but measurable, understandable and unfashionable.

But now these writers are chasing more newsletter subscriptions and leaving whatever values they claimed to have once had at the door...
Substack has become a breeding ground for the most insidious illiberal racist bullshit and it is being couched as heterodoxy.

It's just the same old racist shit. It's fucking boring. It's homodoxy. If that's not a word, it is now.

I cannot stress enough how boring it is.
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19 Apr
here's my fundamental problem with bari weiss as someone who is Black and Jewish:

how the hell can you be insistent that anti-semitism exists and is bad (which it does and is) and refuse to believe that anti-Blackness exists and is bad (which it does as and is).
How can you insist that non-Jewish people may not understand that anti-semitism is a driving force in American society but then ignore Black people when we say anti-Blackness is a driving force in American society.

It's intellectually incongruous and it pisses me off.
Bari Weiss would be understandably irate if people got on Twitter every fucking day and complained about how Jews are too woke and exhausting and that really it's bigotry perpetrated by Jews against non-Jews that is tearing us apart and no one is brave enough to say it.
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18 Apr
Look what I just made. Thai basil with chicken, red chilis, and green beans. 🙌🏾
that was delicious. Here’s the recipe. I don’t like eggplant so I used green beans!
velvet the chicken, my children. Sprinkle 3/4 tsp baking soda per 8 oz of chicken breast. Rub it in. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse it off in cold water. Pat it dry. Rejoice for you now have tender chicken instead of white cardboard
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18 Apr
Look at this egg head. 😂😂

He really thinks he’s a pioneer spouting racist trash that literally every other rich ding dong white person spews. So bold. So brave.
‘Someone had to’
This guy definitely thinks the Black custodial worker at his i-bank is his friend.
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17 Apr
Dude will you shut up. Lol. Go have a cocktail and stop being a jackass
I swear to god these people are such buffoons lol
The thing that is always so fascinating is that they all sound the same. They all say the same things. They all get in their feelings. They all pretend that they are oppressed. If you describe them as white they think it’s racist. It’s just so predictable and uninteresting.
Read 4 tweets

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