ooohhh I was talking to a friend and I was wondering why I stopped having a crush on Daniel Day Lewis and she reminded me that he was horrible to all his girlfriends and young feminist me said "fuck that noise"
@MaieAiyed we have to call off the renaissance, just remembered he's horrible and literally met and married his current wife without telling his live-in girlfriend
well there's a reason we don't hold on to nostalgia. hope they're teaching them better in ireland these days.
only slightly related, remember to keep friends who have known you long enough to keep receipts on your high school crushes

• • •

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More from @moorehn

3 May
If I could only tell you the incredible peace I've experienced by removing all the journalism from my twitter bio
I have not had one (1) single issue of harassment, abuse or unhinged tweet since I changed my Twitter bio to something bland. When it had my titles and publications, I was constantly fielding people who thought replying to a Fancy Media Person was Their Big Break on Twitter
No one is flipping out at any basic opinions, no one is falsely twisting or attributing all my views to my work, no one is tagging publications I worked for 12 years ago, I am totally under the radar and it is wonderful
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2 May
I'm a Jane Austen fan and I would want to know everything about this. Anyone who doesn't is telling on themselves about what they (incorrectly) see in her work: An idealized white society.
As a fan of hers I often have trouble seeing the POV of fans who see Austen as a charming romance novelist. She was as keen-eyed and cutting a social observer as ever existed, especially in that time. She was frank about sordid events and never would have run from the truth.
I mean, God, Wickham is a seductive narcissist who blackmails rich families for their daughters' virginity. Come on, people!
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1 May
I didn't know this (of course) but it seemed clear to me, just from being a reporter, that a lot of the punditocracy's views about vaccines were formed because their sources work for the companies making the vaccines.
Dunno, when I see journalists out there speeding with no brakes on "but let these companies make their profits, and forget whoever gets hurt!" my journalistic BS meter goes off. Companies should be held accountable. NEVER support a company's initiatives without reporting.
IMO political pundits and reporters are very naive about the aggression of big corps who want to protect their profits. Never use your name to carry water for AstraZeneca or J&J or Pfizer or whatever. And be wary of sources who throw themselves in front of corporate criticism.
Read 9 tweets
1 May
just saw a leftist publication, with a rich owner, known for underpaying its writers, sharing May Day content so...okay.
May Day starts at home, fyi.
"May Day for thee but not for me," what a Take, comrade
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1 May
I swear to God, every single thing Bill Maher says sounds like the self-impressed bore at every liberal Upper West Side dinner party who is cheating on his wife and eyeing all the assistants.
His particular brand of awfulness is just so SPECIFIC, that overpraised older man whose observations are so shallow and banal, and who is always waiting for applause.
It has honestly gotten to the point that if anyone praises Bill Maher or his equally banal female counterpart, Caitlin Flanagan, I just lose all respect for them on the spot. Any further inquiry only makes it more depressing.
Read 4 tweets
1 May
I was going to leave the house but then Netflix recommended a romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston (golden era) so I had to see how it goes
There's a very ableist scene where she pretends to be deaf to avoid his attention and he finds out and reads her for filth, as the phrase goes
Then she returns the favor. The rare heroine who not only gives as good as she gets, but actually escalates.
Read 7 tweets

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