This is a disgusting form of woke racism. It's tricky to figure out though so let me help you guys see what's going on...
Nikki Haley's first name is Nimrata, her middle name is Nikki.

The woke claim that Nikki Haley is ashamed of her race/heritage/ etc, and say she uses her middle name (which sounds more "American") instead of her first name so that people won't know she's from india...
The insinuation that Nikki was trying to hide her Indian heritage only works if using ones middle name instead of their first name is uncommon. But using ones middle name is so common that even the people attacking Nikki for doing it use *their* middle names.

Besides which...
According to her family she's been going by Nikki since childhood

So the insinuation is false, we've know this for years.

The racism/neo-racism is that the woke assume that any anti-woke person who is not white must be playing a cynical game or have something to hide....
To keep the insinuation going they *obsess* over the fact Nimrata (Nikki's first name) sounds like a Punjabi name and "Nikki" sounds like a white name. Then they *TAUNT* (and it is a taunt) Nikki about her name.

The goal is to make her look like she's hiding her race.
The leaves Nikki having to defend the fact that she uses her middle name, which she's done since High School. Worse yet, the people who are insinuating she's ashamed of her Indian heritage are doing so in the name of diversity.

Let's be clear: this is a type of race baiting.
Making Nikki defend the name she goes by publicly because her legal name is Nimrata (and sounds foreign) while not demanding that guys named "Bill" defend their decision not to go by "William" (because that sounds white) is absolute rubbish.

Call this out where you see it.

• • •

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2 May
This is not true.

What ahppened was Valentina Azarova, a German lawyer who the University of Toronto had considered hiring, said she was offered a job and the offer was rescinded because of her crtiticism of Israel.

The University said they never actually made an offer...
Azarova said a sitting Canadian judge pressured the U of T to withdraw the offer because if her criticism of Israel

As a result, there was an external inquirey to see if what Arazova was saying was true. It was led by former Canadian Supreme Court Judge Thomas Cromwell...
Cromwell gave a detailed response explaining that:

1. There was no formal Job offer
2. There was no good evidence of improper influence
3. There were other significant immigration related obstacles to hiring because Azarova is from Germany

From his report:
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29 Apr
I support freedom of speech 100%. I don't think university/college faculty should have their teaching legislated.

That said, woke k-12 teachers have acted like public school classrooms are their own personal soapbox for teaching wokeness. I support legislation to stop this...
When bills go too far I let people know (the thread linked in this tweet is an example) and legislators need to do a better job of following the first amendment....

With that being said, woke professors and teachers continue to attempt the use public school classrooms as a mechanism for spreading wokeness.

They state explicitly that they are doing this. For years conservstives asked for this to stop and many progressives laughed...
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28 Apr
Nathan, when you asked those philosophers if they still were against gay marriage you were not trying to engage in discourse that was truth-apt, or open to critical engagement. You were trying to take advantage to the current social climate to gin up social heat against them...
The goal of that wasn't "I hope to ask them if they are still against gay marriage so we may have productive discourse." The goal of that was "I'll ask them this question because social media mobs and cancel culture mean that if they affirm their old position they'll get mobbed."
The goal was to burn people on the social consequences of being against gay marriage.

Like a bully on the New York playground asking a kid who just moved from Boston what his favorite team is, knowing full well he's going to give the socially unacceptable answer "red sox."
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26 Apr
The line that "the decision to not be political is itself a political decision" is absurd. All of this:

-silence is complicity
-Silence is violence
-To remain neutral is to side with the oppressor
-refusal to join our side speaks volumes

Are the same manipulative nonsense...
This is the woke trying to manipulate people by deliberatly and inorganically attatching a negative interpretation to any refusal to do what they want.

This is a nonsense tsctic which can be hard to explain, so here is an example....
It's like someone deciding they don't like jeans, and trying to get people to quit wearing jeans by saying "From now on wearing jeans will be interpreted as support for nazism"

That's deliberately attaching an ugly meaning to jeans just because that guy doesn't like jeans...
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26 Apr
This is really the only argument they have. This and pedantic nitpicking.

"Everyone who thinks about CRT differently from us is racist."

That's it.

And they're boring. Half the reason I rarely interact with my critics is because they're so boring...

They're all exact clones of each other. No new ideas. Nothing clever.

It sucks.

They nit-pick the meaning of words and insinuate people are racist, that's it.

It's *SO* boring.

Even more boring than a dry wedding.
More boring then an abstinant valentines day....
More boring than a car ride through nebraska.

More boring than scoreless soccer game.

More boring than watching a clock tick

More boring than your uncles favorite story

More boring than a remake of titanic

More boring than a nickleback cover band

It's just so *BORING*
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23 Apr
Many people responded to this thread by saying "talking about exhaustion is just a common thing."

I know. I've done it myself is discussing political fights. (here are the pics if someone wants to go for a cheap dunk)

That reply misses the point I was making in my thread...
I was discussing a particular claim to being exhausted currently common in a certain class of progressive upper-class professionals and activists. A claim often tied to identity "being black/trans/gay/etc is exhausting"

That's why I included these screenshots in the thread:
I know pandemic fatigue is real, and I know office work can at times be mentally draining.

But performatively saying "I'm so exhausted" isn't those, and it's so common among upperclas progressive millenials that people are beginning to notice, so it's worth understanding...
Read 4 tweets

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