We learned this weekend that my daughter's historically women's college is mandating vaccination to return in the fall.

I shot off this letter to her to the Dean and College President today. (My girl sent her own.)

Resisting is the most effective tool at our disposal...

Admittedly, this was not my most eloquent exposition but I hope it's the start of a conversation that will ultimately expose the illegitimacy of their position.

Or many conversations.

Anyone who doesn't want this to be the status quo needs to do the same...
"But why not just have her get the shot and then she can go?"

Until when?

If we allow institutions to subvert medical consent w/ such flimsy justification by redefining statistically negligible risk as an "emergency", what can they *not* do?

And for what benefit?..
I've never in my life questioned the value of institutional higher ed until the past year...I scoffed at the idea of "indoctrination".

I idealistically believed in the enduring principles of critical inquiry, open debate, & progress

I was pitifully naive...
In reality, academia has become a regressive, circle jerk, weaponizing credentialism to compel political alignment.

And being repositories of the students 'trained' by that system, the professions they are outfitting are no better...
If her institution is unwilling to stand up against the pressure to include young people in the vaccination charade, it has nothing to offer her.

She'll pick herself up, dust herself off & find new people to learn from. She can continue to read, write, grow & do w/o college...
She can make her own way in the world so she doesn't spend a lifetime beholden to a system willing to crush her if she steps out of line.

So I intend to tweet their response and future correspondence with her school.

Feel free to use the letter as a template, if it's helpful...
People need to start pushing back.

If we're not willing to shine a light on this insanity, there will be nothing left but darkness.
FYI - List of schools requiring vaxx


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28 Apr
The sheer desperation in these coercive vaccination policies and marketing pushes should make any rational person wonder why the powers-that-be want this so bad.

The harder they push, the more holdouts will resist.

Trust has been decimated...and legitimately so.
Who benefits from vaccinating kids?

Not the kids.

Anything being characterized as “benefits” are just freedoms that were stolen and are being ransomed back.
Who benefits from vaccine passports?

Not the public.

Requiring non-consensual medical procedures as a precursor to participation in civil society is a slippery slope toward technocratic authoritarianism...
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26 Apr
Imagine a summer camp where your kiddo can't get a hug from a friend or a counselor - & are corrected & rejected if they ask.

A camp where, if they feel unwell, they are sent to a dedicated isolation room.

Where kids get in trouble for coming w/i 6 feet of other kids...

A camp with no sharing. No field trips. Socially distanced sports & meals. Faces covered at all times, inside and out.

This is what the CDC recommends for our kids this year.

Over the weekend, the CDC released 14 pages of guidance for Summer Camps...

Guidelines for Day Camps:

* masks at all times - even outdoors & in cohorts - except when eating, drinking, swimming, & sleeping
* 3ft distance between cohort members
* 6ft distance during meals
* 6ft distance all other campers
* 6ft distance between all campers & staff...
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22 Apr
This is a really wild--and accurate--video about Social Conformity and how it happens.

There's a little more to it, though, and this is how I explained it to my kids when we watched this several years ago...
It's easy to say, "I would never do that! Those people are dumb!"

But when you're in that kind of situation, you evaluate differently than an unvested onlooker.

There are all kinds of calcs happening your brain, weighing real-time costs & benefits

& ppl comply for a reason:
Social Conformity has utility.

For one, sometimes other ppl know things you do not-- esp if you are in unfamiliar surroundings

You can follow a crowd to find the end of a line or an obscured entrance. Sometimes following makes sense

Peer approval is another benefit

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20 Apr
Instead of mask mandates, why don’t they just make people wear a J or an S for “Jerks” & “Saints”.

It would have equal protective effect (i.e. none) sans physical harms & would be a helluva lot more honest.

Sound dumb? Any flaw in this plan applies to mask mandates, too... 🧵
“Wearing an S doesn’t keep me safe!”

Nor does a mask
“But the CDC didn’t tell me to do that!”

But you probably would if they did.
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19 Apr
There's a pattern here:

Initial CFR & IFR: Overstated
who.int/bulletin/onlin… Image
Risk of myocardial damage in athletes: Overstated

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