I think its worth expanding on what I meant about this, given everything that's been going on in my orbit.
We all know the world tends towards disorder and collapse. Relationships fray, buildings crumble, people get sick. Nothing is permanent. We have a responsibility by dint of being alive to counteract that.
A well lived life is purposeful, constructive, and active. You must be doing things that keep this thing going and make it less miserable for your fellow humans. You need to climb mountains, tell stories, sing songs and LIVE.
What does it mean to become a servant of death? It means that the spirit of the all devouring razor of time becomes your spirit--that the pull of the grave and the final annihilation becomes your pull.
The moment of death is immanent and omnipresent and echoes through time in all directions. At times, sadly, we get a brief sense of its power and totality. Usually we work through it, God knows how.
But, after an encounter with the echoes of death, you may find yourself totally polluted by it. And you start losing the impetus to build, and live, and create, and enhance the joy of life.
Polluted, you start living in fear, avoiding situations and people, abandoning hope. And when you begin acting this way, you spread the corruption to people and situations you encounter.
If this gets bad enough, you will become a servant of the razor, spreading a corrosive, anti-human, anti-life energy to others that is contagious.
Whole societies have been taken up by this. Imagine how many nations have decided that its appropriate to solve problems with mass death.
So when I write all these low engagement tweets about COVID, what I am really grappling with is how to stop what is clearly a contagion of this energy.
Everything about the covid response has spread this energy and turned all of society into a sick ward. It has muted and shamed and dispelled the vital energies that build and sustain life.
You cannot live this way. If it's happened to you at any level, turn back now. This is the most serious advice I could give and I give it from a place of experience.
Live without the fear of death, or death will become your master.

• • •

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2 May
This is an interesting paper that supports my thinking on the issues. I am not a subject matter expert in immunology so the following is speculative.
There are three mechanisms I suspect are causing bad reactions and blood disorders in shot recipients. 1)immune reaction to vehicle 2)direct s protein damage 3)Autoimmune reactions
By immune reaction to vehicle, I mean any reaction to the contents or components of the shots. For P and M, this means the LNP formulation or the mRNA itself. For J and A, this means the adenovirus.
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1 May
If you had covid already there is no medical reason to get the shot. It literally makes no sense at all. You don't need to bow to social pressure on this.
I just read a tweet about a woman who was hospitalized with covid saying she ways going to take the shot.
Last night I was on reddit and read posts from people who got the J&J saying they were going to go back and also get Pfizer.
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1 May
Experienced peak Brooklyn last night. Hectored constantly about masks while seated at an outdoor table in 50 degree gale winds by a reedy young man in a transgender flag mask. Literal signs saying "No racism!" posted every five feet.
Simple rule: if you stand away from the table and make me put my mask on before you give me my drink I am never visiting your bullshit business again.
Met up with acquaintances at another bar, also sitting outside in the freezing wind. Told by a 35 year old man that he "wasn't comfortable going inside bars". We immediately went home.
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14 Apr
Hey, 100 followers. Doubt this will go anywhere, but 1 like = 1 piece of serious life advice from someone who's seen a lot of shit out there.
From me: to online young men, cultivate at least one traditionally masculine hobby. To all, engage in at least one physically dangerous hobby as well.
Take responsibility for the world. Solve the problems, even minute ones, that are put in front of you without complaining.
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14 Apr
Some stories I've heard recently: A young mother has been avoiding her own mother, who is suffering from cancer because of COVID. The older woman was recently diagnosed with a brain metastasis and will die.
Foreign coworkers haven't visited their families abroad in almost a year. The opportunity has opened, if you can lie or cook up an excuse, but they prefer to mock those who have done so and blame them for the current status of the virus in their country.
Life in hyper-blue areas is frightening and disorienting. People ignore basic and obvious truths but trust absolutely everything that media and government say. Many have received vaccinations, and yet the drug has done nothing for them. The fear has not lessened, but grown.
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13 Apr
There's a good case to be made to restrict Janssen to the elderly, maybe. But that would require a change in the Vax4All messaging, and so probably a bunch of healthy young people will die to satisfy the Theory that public health and apparently most of twitter worships.
This would have never happened with a non political trials process.
The trials process wouldn't have happened this way if it weren't for lockdowns.
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