Am I the only one noticing ALL articles covering the actual state of Covid in America have disappeared? They’ve been replaced by countless articles ONLY covering vaccination in a post-Covid society. Meanwhile, 2020’s hotspots are hotspots again, & Covid is infecting our kids.
Back in 2020, I could Google “Covid US,” & find pages of articles covering the deadly pandemic tearing through our communities. Now I get nothing but vaccine articles. My NY county of 700k reported over 600 new pediatric infections in the last 7 days, & schools never close.
Oh, we did get one “warning” article a month ago. No action was taken, and we are still allowing kids to get infected.…
While I understand we need to incentivize vaccination, I don’t understand why we can’t also acknowledge reality. When I see hundreds of unvaccinated kids & young people testing positive, but few older people, I interpret that to mean VACCINES WORK. We need to protect our kids.

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2 May
A YouTube piano instructor played a portion of Moonlight Sonata, only to be hit with a copyright claim. The portion of Moonlight Sonata she played is now called “Wicca Moonlight,” & it is allegedly owned by a corporation. This is a disturbing new trend. 🧵
YouTube recently introduced “Checks,” a system that automatically scans user content for copyright violations/Content ID claims before it is posted.…
Song acquisition investment companies are a thing. What could possibly go wrong?“Hipgnosis is, at its core, a test to see if songs can function as investments, similar to the way oil, gold, and publicly traded companies do.”…
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30 Apr
Everyone is looking at India, but the entire Indian subcontinent is drowning in disease. Americans don’t believe this could happen here, but this virus does not respect borders. B1617 is even showing up in ZeroCovid countries. We are a GLOBAL community.…
England is still in lockdown and taking strict precautions. 50% of the country is vaccinated. B1617 became the second most dominant strain in a matter of weeks.
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30 Apr
There comes a time in every girl or woman’s life, when we discover the men we hold in high esteem are actually predators. It’s a shocking disappointment, a rite of passage almost. Mine first came in high school, when the doctor who delivered me drunkenly pawed & kissed me.
Next came the 27-year old one-hit-wonder band member who picked up 15-year old me at a Deftones concert. He made me his girlfriend for 2 years. He flew to see me in hotels without my parents knowing. When I was caught, I was sent to an abusive evangelical boarding school.
Then came the Southern Baptist minister who could not stop showing me his penis. Then came the cop. Men my grandfather’s age. It never ended. By this time, I had reached adulthood and I was self-destructing.
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29 Apr
I am in the middle of another periodic LongCovid “relapse” (Can I call it that? Reoccurrence?) which usually starts with lots of inappropriate sleeping and feeling like hammered shit. I slept for 18 hours, missed my ZeroCovid meeting, & now I’m supposed to do school for 3 kids.
When your small child looks at you sadly and says “Mommy, why are you sleeping all day? Stop sleeping!” but you can’t, even though you want nothing more—& you should be fully rested but you still feel like you’re underwater at the bottom of a well. Everything is slow & miserable.
The moral of the story is: The pandemic is still ongoing. Many Americans are finding themselves chronically ill & there are no answers. Many Americans won’t be “returning to normal,” & their bodies are betraying them. Please continue to offer grace & understanding.
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21 Apr
Obtaining accurate public health information is going to become increasingly challenging. Media is deliberately memory-holing Covid. Articles about Covid in the US are few & far between. The remaining articles focus solely on number of vaccines distributed. Manufactured reality.
Meanwhile NY is reporting significantly more cases & hospitalizations than Ontario, which is now in lockdown, but we simply don’t hear about it because it doesn’t fit the Mission Accomplished narrative.
This article, which is cited in a ton of mainstream media articles, also asserts reaching herd immunity is “probably impossible.” I wonder if Twitter will attempt to label it “misleading?”…
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12 Apr
Since 2020, my kids’ schools have known we are focused on survival. I told my kids to try their best, but if they fall behind it’s not the end of the world. When schools & teachers freaked out because my kids were behind, I stood my ground & shut down the blame & shame game. 1/
Our district is a top-rated district in NY state. 90% of district families joined private schools & have attended in-person/hybrid since Sept. of last year, even though our City schools were fully remote until 2mo ago. The district has now created a massive achievement gap. 2/
I told the counselor it’s not my kids’ fault my eldest son & I have LongCovid, are struggling with our health, & I can’t keep up with 3 kids’ remote learning. She stopped me & said “DO NOT own that. The school created this, you did not. Educating your kids is their job.” 3/
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