Children should not be vaccinated for COVID-19. Vaccinating kids is an awful idea that has 0 benefits & plenty of potential risks. Giving no-risk children experimental vaccines is absolute insanity.

Remember: Sweden's schools never closed. Not one child has died w COVID there.
The fact that very few medical doctors will say this is a shameful reflection on our healthcare system. It is so obvious that what's going on is wrong, and yet, they won't stick their necks out on this, just as they said nothing about lockdowns
Kids don't spread COVID. Kids aren't at risk from COVID. Advocates for vaccinating kids are simply more than willing to sacrifice children to protect themselves. It's wrong in every way imaginable. You are robbing them of their sovereignty.
Yup. Follows the pattern. Sacrificing children because people are scared and their leaders are cowards.
"YoURe nOt a DOcTor!"

You don't need to be a doctor to have common sense. Try it sometime. I know it's tough to breathe these days with your triple masks, but when you have a moment of clarity, think it through!

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3 May
The LOLbertarians are at it again.

Please do yourselves a favor and stay in NY and DC and out of our Free State of Florida.
This is a good example of the function of a controlled opposition right. They should agree on 99.99% of the issues that Gov DeSantis stands for, but they try to sabotage him via nitpicking. It's purposeful.
The Libertarian Party, more broadly, has major issues with controlled opposition candidates and state parties. They function, by design, to throw elections to the far-left.
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29 Apr
In September of 2019, Bill Gates spent $55MM on a pre-ipo equity investment into BioNtech, which later partnered with Pfizer to make its mRNA vax.

That Gates investment is now worth over $550 million dollars.

No further questions, plebs!
More info here on the mRNA vaxxes that Gates inc timed perfectly and made a fortune off of:…
In Q4 of 2020 Gates inc. dropped another $85MM into BioNtech stock. That investment is now worth about $200MM.
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29 Apr
Remdesivir, an anti viral medication, was hyped as the greatest COVID treatment to date. Fauci declared it the "standard of care" for COVID-19. Turns out, Remdesivir doesn't work.

Are we willing to have this same conversation about experimental rush job mRNA treatments, or no?
The data on mRNA is vast and very strong? Feel free to send over a list of all of the the previous mRNA vaccines that were deployed before 2020. Oh, right, that number is zero. Nvm!
I can manipulate a statistic to show you that drinking water is 99% effective in curing COVID. Big Pharma press releases and very limited, self-reported, rushed trials are not evidence of a successful product.
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27 Apr
New CDC mask guidelines are a hostage negotiation to demand you get a COVID vax. Ppl who continually abided by these guidelines have surrendered virtually all of their liberties & got nothing in return.

This is why, as a matter of principle, you never negotiate with terrorists.
Seeing lots of projection. You are afraid of COVID. I am not. I never was. You do not need to be afraid just because the TV tells you to be afraid.
The propaganda is working on people like this, who consider "unvaccinated" people to be subhuman and undeserving of their basic liberties. Dangerous fascistic tendencies.
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22 Apr
Masked astronauts who are going to be living together at the space station for 6 months. The times we live in.
Pronouns coming in here to defend masked astronauts 😂
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15 Apr
Prediction: In about 5 years time, we will find out that Moderna is basically Theranos, and everyone will claim it was so obvious.
Read some of these stories from the banned books section. Fascinating stuff.…
MRNA was initially sold to prospective shareholders as a cure for cancer.…
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