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3 May, 32 tweets, 5 min read
1. Your society is being brainwashed by a hostile ruling class with an abstract religious belief in "human equality"

We've all been fed this shit

"We are all created equal"
"Race is only skin color"
"We all bleed red"
"There is only once race the human race"

2. We've been fed this shit since childhood in schools and in TV and even politicians keep talking about "equality"

This "equality" propaganda is not only false, it is deliberately hostile and it is the foundation of the entire psychological attack on your civilization
3. There is no such thing as "human equality" and our ruling class knows it and yet they insist on having us believe it to the point where they aggressively censor any talk about racial differences

Why are they so obsessed with insisting that we believe in equality?
4. For starters because equality propaganda is destructive and weakens nations who buy it

But most importantly because our ruling elites are rootless globalist outsiders who do not belong to any of our nations and they do not want us discriminating between insiders and outsiders
5. They have systematically used the mass media to mindfuck us with equality propaganda 24/7 for so long now that it has effectively formed a religious belief structure which supersedes Christianity or whatever belief system Western societies used to operate on
6. The foundation of this belief system is the irrational belief in "human equality"

That is, the belief that all humans are from birth essentially the same in nature

That any differences between groups are just superficial details like skin color or food preferences
7. This belief is not only false, it is extremely dangerous

Because it lowers our guard and leaves us open to invasion

If we are all the same why not import all of Africa and Mexico right? It's only skin color guys
8. Imagine a tribe in nature that suddenly started believing that "all humans are equal" and that there is no fundamental difference between themselves and the members of neighboring tribes

That tribe would soon get invaded, its women fucked, and its land and resources taken
9. Yes that is exactly what is happening to your nation/civilization/race right now

And it is deliberate and by design

You are being conquered and destroyed not with weapons but with hostile propaganda
10. This propaganda is based on the irrational and socially mandated (ie religious) belief in "human equality"

If you look at the brainwash you can recognize a certain structure or mechanism to it. Once you notice it you see it everywhere and I will try to explain it here
11. The people brainwashed with this belief in "human equality" encounter some inconsistencies when they look at reality

For starters, they notice that different groups/nations/races are clearly not "equal"

Some groups clearly do better than others
12. How do they explain this?

They explain this using a concept they refer to as "oppression"

If one group has less things than others then it's because that group has been forced into its situation (oppressed) by another group

It's the only explanation
13. The alternative explanation is that different groups have different potentials (that is, that humans are not all equal) and this goes against the most fundamental holy belief in current Western societies
14. So here's the first thing to notice and point out about the brainwash that your society is running on:

Equality = good and the natural state of things
Inequality = evil and created by oppression

Oppression is the force that creates inequality
15. If all humans are equal by nature then all humans should achieve equally

If they don't, it's because certain groups oppress other groups (it's the only explanation!)


Equality = justice = good
Inequality = injustice = evil = created by oppression
16. These people even have different terms to refer to the different kinds of oppression with which they explain the differences they observe between different groups in real life

For example:

Racism = creates racial inequality
Sexism = creates sex inequality

And so on
17. These people always explain inequality as created by oppression


Because the alternative explanation is that people are naturally unequal and such an explanation is not allowed to even be considered
18. This brainwash is dangerous because it immediately places certain groups in a position of "oppressor" simply for performing better than other groups

Why do Europeans build nicer societies than Africans?

The only explanation is oppression

Therefore Europeans are evil
19. According to this brainwash, if some group has nice things that another group doesn't it's because they oppressed that other group

In other words they have undeserved things that should logically belong to the other group if it weren't for all this evil oppression
20. These people have a term for this concept that you're familiar with

They call it "privilege"

The concept of "privilege" is fundamentally tied to the concept of "oppression" which is in turn fundamentally tied to the concept of "equality"
21. Why are White people born into nicer societies?

Because they have privilege

Why do they have privilege?

Because they oppress

White privilege is the result of White oppression
22. You hear these terms like equality oppression and privilege all the time in TV and social media and yet few people understand how they are related and that they are part of a brainwash scheme

Even less people understand the purpose of this brainwash or where it comes from
23. Ok here's another key thing to point out about the brainwash

Discrimination = oppression

Discriminate used to simply mean "to differentiate" which was not necessarily a bad thing

You discriminate when you pick what you eat, who you marry, who you let into your country etc
24. Of course, in the religion of human equality, to differentiate humans is to commit sin

To differentiate humans is seen as a way of creating inequality (because we must all be treated equally)


Discrimination = oppression = creates inequality
25. Ok so, so far we have:

Equality = natural state of humans = justice
Inequality = injustice = created by oppression
To discriminate = to oppress
To belong to an oppressor group = to have privilege
26. These people make such an effort to adjust reality to their brainwash that they come up with complex theories

For example how do they explain that every single African society or even neighborhood throughout history everywhere has always been absolute shit?
27. Well, the simple explanation (that races are different) is not allowed, so it must be some kind of permanent omnipresent force of oppression which is everywhere always

They refer to this as "systemic oppression" (you've probably heard this one too)
28. Systemic oppression basically means a force of oppression that is everywhere even if you don't see it

Some African tribe in some jungle that's never been discovered even? Yes they suffer from systemic environmental oppression caused by the White man
29. It basically means "the explanation for X instance of inequality is oppression which is there even if you don't see it"

Reminder that "racism" is simply the term used to refer to the type of oppression which creates racial inequality
30. Oh black teenagers are doing poorly in math in every single school throughout the country? The explanation is "systemic racism"

There simply can't be another explanation
31. If you suggest the obvious explanation, that is, that blacks are simply different, you are a "racist" (a non believer in racial equality and a sinner) and you will be burned at the stake
32. Ok so that's a simple overview of the basic structure behind the socially-mandated brainwash (aka "religion") that your society is currently operating on

It gets more interesting however I'll expand in another thread

• • •

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2 May
1. Equality is a force of inversion of natural hierarchies

This is why equality propaganda is so destructive
2. Why does equality invert natural hierarchies?

Because in order to achieve "equality" you must bring down the superior and elevate the inferior
3. In other words you must punish the superior for being superior and reward the inferior for being inferior

Exactly the opposite of how nature and evolution works

A society that pursues unnatural "equality" will self destroy itself
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2 May
The point of having borders is to secure living space (territory) for your nation (your genes) to exist and reproduce and survive

If you're already allowing your nation to get genetically diluted and destroyed inside your borders then what the fuck do the borders matter
Again, the conservative believes the things he fights for (guns, free speech, borders, muh constitution) are the end rather than just a means to protect what actually matters, which he is in turn completely disregarding
Imagine having a bottle of milk, allowing someone to dump a turd inside the bottle of milk, then complaining that the bottle has a crack and that its contents might spill if we don't do something

That's a conservative complaining about borders while his people get mongrelized
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27 Mar
1. This lady (and everyone else) is wrong

Discrimination against whites is not racism

Otherwise, the System which is explicitly "anti-racist" would not be discriminating against whites systematically like we are observing
2. The problem comes from the fact that this lady (and everyone else) has been fooled into thinking that racism means "discrimination based on race"

To liberals, leftists and The System the word and concept "racism" has very different meaning
3. I'm going to try to keep it short

Liberals/Leftists are essentially a human equality cult. They worship equality and they fight against inequality.

They are only against an act of discrimination when said act of discrimination creates or increases inequality
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13 Mar
You're not getting what "racism" truly means

"Racism" is only when brown people are discriminated against

When White people are discriminated against they call it "anti-racism"

If you think discrimination against Whites is "racism" you've been played
To leftists, the word "racism" only applies when the racial discrimination is against browns

White people cannot be the victims of "racism" as per their brainwash/ideology/religion

AAMOF, discrimination against White people is precisely how they believe "racism" is defeated
This is key to understanding the though process behind leftist/liberal behavior

If you still believe "racism" means "racial discrimination no matter which race" then you do not understand the basic mechanism behind leftist/liberal brainwash
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11 Mar
*s love democracy because it's a great way to leave a society effectively without any real leadership

If everybody's equally in charge then nobody is really in charge
And if nobody is really in charge then the *s are actually in charge because they are free to do whatever the fuck they want

Which is exactly what you are witnessing right now
Imagine you walked into a company and asked "who runs this company?" and the employees responded "we all do! we all get an equal vote whether accountant or cleaning personnel"

You would think "wow this company is shit nobody is in charge here how do they even function"
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23 Feb
Equality brainwash inverts social rules of discrimination

If your society used to discriminate against outsiders and in favor of insiders then in the name of "achieving equality" it must now do the opposite

An alien observing from space would think your society has gone crazy
When leftists (equality retards) talk about "not discriminating" they actually refer to no longer discriminating the way your society *used to* discriminate and instead discriminating inversely going forward
The problem with their entire reasoning is that they have been tricked into believing that "human equality" is a thing that must be achieved (or that it's thing at all that has ever existed or can ever exist)
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