And really, not just conservatives. Take it from me, very few normie liberal families know what CRT actually entails. RWers who follow me--here are a couple of tips from an anti-woke centrist. 1/
2/ Your opponents aren't the normie liberals & progressives. They're the provincial activists (many of whom have shitty MEds) pushing this curriculum. Most people don't realize this theory was never meant to be taught in K-12. So here's what you do.
3/ You fight discreetly. You're unfailingly, almost maddeningly courteous. You're reasonable when presenting your case. You're calm, you cite your sources. You are not yelling or going off the wall, because 1. that will discredit you in the eyes of normies and
4/ 2. your batshit insane opponents are already doing that. You need to be genteel, and reassuring (at least on the surface) because the other side is going nuclear. Just look at Loudoun County! If you're a normal parent, who are you going to side with?
5/ The disciplined conservative or these unhinged crazies yelling about white supremacy culture?
6/ At the end of the day everyone-- conservatives, liberals, progressives-- just wants the best for their kids. Understand that as you go forward.
Addendum: 1/ The "anti-racist" curriculum that's making its way through public schools is a sort of truncated, bastardized version of CRT. It's an incoherent mishmash of activists' worst ideas. If you're wondering where the idea of "white supremacy culture" comes from...
2/ listen to this podcast. Tema Okun, the originator of this concept, breaks down the oh-so-scientific method she used to develop this framework.…
Not only is CRT racist, it's also unacademic! Here's a template that sums up most of the "white supremacy" PowerPoint presentations. Most of them are based on The Emperor Has No Clothes, Tema Okun's evidence-free magnum opus:…
Oh, one last tip: try not to anti-intellectualize it. Don't misuse the term "cancel culture." Don't pull a Josh Hawley. Because this isn't cancel culture! This is something else. This is a bunch of status-seeking, somewhat well-intentioned midwits being led astray by activists.

• • •

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10 Mar
One thing people on this site *keep missing* is that prep school doesn't make one of that world. Look at Meghan Markle, for crying out loud. What it can do, however, is reinforce things that only seem to be minute class differences. 1/
2/ Paul Fussell wrote extensively about this, and his writing holds up, even 40 years later. Numerous others have as well. There's a reason Tucker Carlson is still Tucker Carlson, even without the bow tie and with his new right-wing populist views.
3/ There's a reason why Prince Harry is still Prince Harry, even though he's wearing different sorts of suits while talking about "colonial undertones" and "doing the work." Because it isn't just your school. It has to do with upbringing, values, habitus.
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One side effect of what @jessesingal is talking about on his feed right now is serious journalists being forced to take unserious jobs or publish unserious takes. I'll unpack this further, but for now, I'll start by shouting out some people doing great work at Not Great pubs.
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