Waiting in the car while Cookie is in triage at the vet emergency hospital. She went from losing her balance this afternoon to not being able to control her head or even stand up an hour ago. This is nerve-wracking.
Update, she is stable. However, they also don't see any of the symptoms I described, which is just infuriating. So more waiting.
I had to go to a different hospital. The hospital I was at said they wouldn't begin to treat her for about 6 hours because they were full, and that I had to sit in the parking lot and couldn't go home the entire time. So I'm now somewhere else where they're looking at her ...
as we speak. And extra good news, I just found out that Kate had a video of the symptom that I was able to send them, so that's great.
Side note, I understand if you have to prioritize your patients if you're overwhelmed with critical care, but it's absolutely insane to make the owners wait in the car for the next 6 hours because you do so.
Talked to the doctor, they're going to do some blood work on her, sounds like she might just have an inner ear thing. Headed home to wait on the results.
In the meantime, I just went to check on her insurance policy. Her policy renews in 2 weeks. Meaning all the expenses I'm about to pay will count towards the deductible that resets in 2 weeks. Because of course it does.
I'm going to pick her up and bring her home. Qualified yay.
Happy to be home! Image
First pills given. Boy I didn't miss this.
OK I waited a while to write this because it had so many big emotions, but I need to talk about what Saoirse did this morning.

For some context, we use the cat carrier as part of a barricade to keep Felton from getting out of the playroom upstairs so she can't get to the stairs.
Saoirse woke up this morning, walked out into the playroom, and immediately asked, "Mommy, where's the cat box? Felton could get out and hurt herself." Felton was of course still asleep, but Saoirse's first concern was for her sister's safety.

Kate responds, "Daddy had to ...
use it to take Cookie to the doctor last night because she's not feeling well."

Saoirse then goes off to do SOMETHING while we're all getting everybody ready to go to daycare. Then she comes back out and says, "Where's Cookie?" She's holding a folded up piece of paper.
I show her where Cookie is resting and she goes over to her. She opens the paper so Cookie can see the picture she drew for her, then pretends to sprinkle something on Cookie. She then says "I made you some medicine so you'll feel better."

This is my wonderful little girl.

• • •

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4 May
I'll just add here, allegations much weaker than this often torpedo lower-level cleared personnel. There's definitely a double standard in play that has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with clout.

Does that mean he should lose his clearance? No. I'm against ...
arbitrary decisionmaking about clearances regardless of who you are. But as long as unsupported allegations are enough to cost my clients their clearances, I agree it should definitely be investigated.

That being said, you know what Kerry would no doubt appreciate right ...
about now? A fair & thorough appeals process. Something that would assuage any of his concerns that he might lose his clearance over unsubstantiated allegations. Funny story, someone (with my input) already wrote one. scribd.com/document/40189…
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Watching @lizhempowicz be all smart and stuff. Apparently she's some kind of expert.
Oh god Heritage Foundation is weighing in on Executive authority. And the first paragraph is quoting Scalia.
Here we go. First argument: IGs have to be removable whenever the President damn well feels like it.
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Remember the Rocky Marciano barber shop scene from Coming to America? Specifically, the first line: "Every time I start talking 'bout boxing, a white man got to pull Rocky Marciano out their ass." I think about that line a lot. Not in any boxing-related contexts, either.
Instead, I think about how what I'll call the "Reverse Rocky Marciano" move plays out in politics. Where the person being referenced is on the opposite side from the person doing the referencing, to say "but look at what he did" as the most simplistic form of whataboutism.
Let's swap some words out. "Every time I start talking about [sexual misconduct], a [Republican] got to pull [Al Franken] out their ass."

The interesting thing is, there are two really telling things about this technique. First, it's almost uniquely a Republican move.
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This just in: OLC gonna OLC no matter who's in charge. thehill.com/homenews/admin…
Pretty sure I said this before. washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/0…
What irritates me is that this opinion was written the DAY I submitted my testimony to @AppropsDems about OLC & damn if it wouldn't've made an amazing example. To think, 2 OLC opinions in as many years saying "well actually IGs aren't really all that." It's a bit on the nose.
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28 Apr
Have I mentioned how fun it is to watch opposing counsel carefully laying a clever trap because you know it's going to be completely useless?

Exhibit A (rendered generic for convenience):

OC: When did you start representing these clients in [Country X]?
Lawyer Witness: 2010.
OC: And when did you graduate law school?
LW: 2011.
OC: Were you affiliated with a law school program in 2010 that allowed you to represent clients?
LW: No.
OC: Were you admitted to any bar in 2010?
LW: No.
OC: Were you authorized by any state to represent clients in 2010?
LW: No.
OC: <preparing the A Ha! finger> So how were you representing clients in 2010?
LW: <nonplussed> I was licensed to practice law in [Country X].
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Let's get started with the AMA! Follow along with this thread (tweets by @bstautberg) and tweet questions with that hashtag while Kel answers Qs on Reddit. This will be a summary of the Q&A; for the full text hop on Reddit.
@bstautberg Tweet questions with #AskNatlSecCnslrsAnything. I'll be summarizing everything here for the Twitter audience. Reddit link: reddit.com/r/IAmA/comment…
@bstautberg 1st Q: Did you say the same thing (that the president should make it a priority to reduce harmful secrecy in the federal gov't) when Trump was president? A: Yes, and I hope all the questions are this easy!
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