Starting my morning with cancer meds, in leg brace, on crutches: you know what? thanks to all of you all and the welfare state for keeping me alive, for keeping me going, for lifting me up.
So, yep.
"We have it in us to be forces for creation, reparation and protection. We can save each other, and be saved by each other."…
Right, so I should add:
1. the cancer is 5 years gone, but the meds are forever. Thanks to the NHS for saving my life!
2. the knee thing is from the bad ski jump that keeps on giving (from last year). I'm fine and recovering and this was hopefully the last surgery.
Hooray for healthcare was my basic point! Don't worry about me, worry about people in India. This link has lots of fundraisers. Solidarity is a good way to start any week.

• • •

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30 Apr
Prof. Steve Chu, Nobel Prize in physics, former US secretary of Energy, is a degrowther! Woot!
"You have to design an economy based on no growth or even shrinking growth," he said, arguing "prosperity" could be maintained even if that approach was adopted.… Image
Fun fact, back when I was a PhD student, I was in the same field as Steve Chu got his Nobel Prize (trapping and cooling atoms), so I knew him VERY peripherally. He was widely known to be super smart, super unassuming, just extremely intelligent and lovely. 😍
HT @anlomedad for finding the video of the actual interview. It turns out the "prosperity" part of the quote relates to population rather than economic growth. Twitter is bad at error correction: not sure if I should delete above, or leave w/ response. 🤦‍♀️
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28 Apr
1. I am a breast cancer survivor, because *every time* I told a GP I felt a lump, they immediately referred me for a mammogram.
2. I am white.

The fact that the previous two sentences are connected should be a matter of horror and shame for everyone, especially doctors.
Btw, the lumps I felt were always nothing, but by shear dumb luck 1 mammogram picked up something super nasty which was on its way to killing me. So here I am, still alive.
Two other facts:
1. My employer gave me all the sick leave I needed, and I was able to just focus on my treatment and getting better, with full economic security.
2. I am white.

Again, the two are connected. I could go on.
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27 Apr
🚨🚨🚨 Climate, environment & BLM protestors are being criminalised by governments all over the world, including the US, UK & India. @berglund_oscar @CharlieJGardner & I are scientists who stand with protestors, so we wrote an open letter which gathered >400 signatures.
Last week, the Guardian published a piece about our letter, which was taken down. MSN in the US reposted the Guardian article - that was also taken down. As authors and signatories, we still don't know why this happened or if/when it will be reversed.
We know it probably had to do with the trial against the #Shell7 , who were acquitted on Friday. Our letter did not mention this case: it mentioned Extinction Rebellion as part of the climate movement. Was this really a sufficient reason to remove it?
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26 Apr
You know that people in the future, if and when they exist, will look back at this century of consumerism as a criminal lunacy, akin to eating your neighbour's children, or your own.
Because that's what it is.
Taking more than you need is taking from others. Always.
And no this is not about personal lifestyles or shaming people for having nice things they love. It's about this mindset of constant more.
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24 Apr
Hi. This is not true. Like seriously enormously not true. It's cute letting a celebrity billionaire be your climate policy figurehead [editor's note: it's really not], but this is straight up shouting predatory delay using the US govt as a megaphone.
I have never heard a SINGLE climate scientist working on mitigation saying we are missing technology, let alone a made up number like 45% of technology. I have heard ALL OF them say we lack the political will to act immediately, which we need to do, with all the tech we have.
So we have a billionaire making one of the central arguments to *not* act on climate immediately, but instead invest in speculative tech. Color me so surprised we wrote a whole damn paper on "discourses of delay" - and @leolinne made Bill's persona.
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23 Apr
I know intentions <<< actions and should aim for earlier than 2050 and so on, but THIS IS STILL HUGE, and climate activists, energy engineers, unions, climate scientists, democratic grassroots: you all made this happen. Give yourselves a round of applause.
There is always more work to be done, fine. There is always more to work towards, clouds in every silver lining. That doesn't mean that we don't get to celebrate shifting the state of the world from time to time. This is one of those times.
Everyone gets to celebrate except William Nordhaus, lol.
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