Congratulations @PrashantKishor ! You have earned your money and achieved in promoting chaos,anarchy and easy passage for murderers,killers,lynchers & marauders. You have proved that money-means more to you than the Country.
Now you are going ahead to Punjab with your mission to help Khalistanis break India. You will get hundred times the amount from the group from Canada, British Columbia and USA. You will use your private jet and can fly away and settle in Hawaii... perhaps buy an Island there.
What Sarawardhy & Jinnah could not achieve in 1947 .. WB will be packaged and handed over by Mamata now. What an achievement for Drug Mafias and fake-currency dealers along/across Bangladesh .. which Mamata supported before demonetisation.
It is learnt that even non-Bengali Businessman & Traders in Kolkata voted for TMC .. so that they can have a field day carrying on with their illegal business and evading taxation of all types which perhaps wouldn’t have been possible with BJP coming in.
Thank you Bengali Hindus
You brought the 1) Christian Evangelists to power in Andhra Pradesh by bringing in Jagan ( YSR Jagan Reddy’s father was pioneering mass conversion to Christianity in undivided AP ) 2). Gave handle to Islamists and handed over WB to ISI .. 👉..
Next 5 years marauders and killers will be active on Hindus 3) Going to Punjab.. .Bihar 4) Advantaged Corrupt Goondas of Laloo Prasad in Bihar

• • •

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More from @athavale_abhi

3 May
न्यूज चैनल और न्यूज पेपर वालों से दो टूक

धधकती हुई चिताएं, मरीजों से भरे हॉस्पिटल, परेशान परिजन, सजी हुई अर्थी, दर दर भटकते परिजन, भुख से तड़पते राहगीर।

आखिर यह सब दिखाकर क्या जताना चाहते हैं हमारे न्यूज चैनल ।

महामारी है हम सबको पता है।
आउट ऑफ कंट्रोल है यह भी सबको पता है। Image
रिपोर्टिंग करिए
ठीक हुए मरीजों का इंटरव्यू कराइए।

ऑक्सीजन सिलेंडर कहां मिल रहा है यह बताइए।

प्लाज्मा डोनर्स का डेटाबेस बनाए।

किस हॉस्पिटल में बेड खाली है यह बताएं।

एंबुलेंस सर्विस की डिटेल दें।

सेवा करने के लिए प्रेरित कीजिए।

कहां सुविधा उपलब्ध है उसकी जानकारी दीजिए।*
जन प्रतिनिधियों को सामाजिक सेवा के लिये मजबूर कीजिए।
लेकिन नहीं आपको तो सनसनी चाहिए।
घबराहट फैला कर क्या साबित करना चाहते हैं आप ?
इतना डर का माहौल बनाया जा रहा हैकि स्वास्थ व्यक्ति भी बीमार पड़ जा रहा है।
मनोबल ऊंचा कर नहीं सकते तो तोडिऐ मत।
भारत की छवी बिगाड़ने पे क्यो तुले हो
Read 4 tweets
1 May
Words to ponder on, penned by Prof. Dr. Gautam Sen, retired Prof, London School of Economics and Political Science:
Worst journalists in India who defame India in the international arena.…
A professional international campaign has clearly been launched, in the context of the Covid crisis, in the hope of destabilising the Modi government & weakening it fatally. evident immediate goal is to instigate the rejection of the BJP in the forthcoming UP elections in 2022
.. then catalysing its removal altogether nationally in 2024. conspiracy has the enthusiastic support of Indian political parties facing extinction if they’re not returned to power soon whose finances have been haemorrhaging owing to being out of power.…
Read 15 tweets
30 Apr
*Is the second corona wave a planned biological war against India?*
Do you believe that the second wave of epidemic that is currently spreading in India is due to the spread of virus in general?
Until a fortnight ago I used 2 believe that this is the 2nd wave, 👉..
but now a lot of _deep doubts_ has gone home in my mind.
Look at the state of the entire Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan have no second wave in these countries or in any other country in Asia.
Those countries today have similar conditions as they were in India two-and-a-half months ago.
Then how did this bomb explode in India itself?
Are the citizens of all those countries much more disciplined than Indians? Do they wear masks round the clock to avoid epidemics ?
Read 24 tweets
27 Apr
A donkey was tied to a tree. One night a ghost cut the rope and released the donkey free.
The donkey went and destroyed the crops in an adjacent farmer's land. Infuriated, the farmer's wife shot the donkey and killed it.
The donkey's owner was devastated at the loss.
In reply, he shot dead the farmer's wife.
Angered by his wife's death, the farmer took a sickle and killed the donkey's owner.
The wife of the donkey's owner got so angry that she and her sons set the farmer's house on fire.
The farmer, looking at his house turned into ashes, killed the wife & children of the donkey's owner.
Finally, when the farmer was full of regret, he asked the ghost as to why did it kill them all?
Ghost replied, "I killed nobody. I just released a donkey that was tied to a rope.
Read 6 tweets
22 Apr
स्कन्द पुराण में एक अद्भुत श्लोक है।

अश्वत्थमेकम् पिचुमन्दमेकम्
न्यग्रोधमेकम् दश चिञ्चिणीकान् ।
पञ्चाऽऽम्रमुप्त्वा नरकन्न पश्येत्।।
अश्वत्थः = पिपल*
*पिचुमन्दः = नीम*
*न्यग्रोधः = वट वृक्ष*
*चिञ्चिणी = इमली*
*कपित्थः = कविट*
*बिल्वः = बेल*
*आमलकः = आवला*
*आम्रः = आम*
*(उप्ति = पौधा लगाना)*

अर्थात- जो कोई इन वृक्षों के पौधो का रोपण करेगा, उनकी देखभाल करेगा उसे नरक के दर्शन नही करना पड़ेंगे।
इस सीख का अनुसरण न करने के कारण हमें आज इस परिस्थिति के स्वरूप में नरक के दर्शन हो रहे हैं।
अभी भी कुछ बिगड़ा नही है, हम अभी भी अपनी गलती सुधार सकते हैं।

गुलमोहर, निलगिरी, जैसे वृक्ष अपने देश के पर्यावरण के लिए घातक हैं।
Read 13 tweets
6 Apr
Here's the real story of Isro 'spy' case that rocked the nation in 1990s
Rs-50-lakh award 2 former ISRO scientist S. Nambi Narayanan for being “unnecessarily arrested & harassed” by Kerala police will go some distance in providing a closure to the so-called ‘ISRO spy case’.
There will probably never be a real closure – there are too many loose ends to the case that rocked India in the mid-1990s.
It began with the arrest of Maldivian woman, Mariam Rashida, in Oct 1994, on charges of overstaying her visa that led to the surprise arrests of Narayanan,
the director of cryogenic project lab of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), his deputy and several other persons.
The story emerges from the murky confluence of two separate underground streams. The first was Narayanan’s connection to the cryogenic engine project at ISRO.
Read 37 tweets

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