Awareness thread for COVID pls RT:
Do not panic if you are tested +ve in RT PCR test for COVID.
Get CBC, CRP, D Dimer and IL6 tests done.
If the values are above the range and if oxygen levels are decreasing below 94- get your HRCT scan done1️⃣
Check fever and oxygen levels every hour
If oxygen levels dips below 92 (still howers around 90):
Keep oxygen cylinder as a back up until u find a hospital (it is just hold you for couple of hrs and unlike, how many think it will not heal your infection)2️⃣@Anurag_greedy
Get yourself admitted in a ward.
If the oxygen levels go below 88, find a reputed hospital or admit in ICU for thorough observation.
While undergoing medication, keep a check on the amount of steroids you have been given. Keep a track of your sugar levels every 3 hrs.3️⃣
Yep, see to it that the docs and nurses are checking your sugar levels even if you are not diabetic. Let docs know about anything unusual or uneasiness. Common side-effects of steroids are weakness , headache, rise in sugar levels& heartbeat - can lead to further complications4️⃣
Other than that, if you feel uneasiness or excessive pain in chest, shortening of breath or excess cough & yet no drop in oxy levels then also go for HRCT scan. Radiations of the CT scan are not good for your body. Therefore, know your body, the symptoms and act accordingly. 5️⃣
Because 60-70% of deaths in Covid are either due to drop in oxygen level (anything below 88 is dangerous, admit the patient asap) or due to failure in tracking the side-effects of steroids that lead to kidney failure, heart stroke, brain stroke etc. Therefore, act accordingly. 6️⃣
Coming to the diet, give patients protein rich diet (preferably veg), avoid citrus fruits, juices and tomato soup if the patient has cough and lung infection. make sure you do not give the patient anything cold or sweet (due to heavy intake of steroids).7️⃣
To end it, make the patient happy.. keep them motivated and let them smile. Positive energy help lungs to open up. It will reduce pressure on the heart. Make sure that they dont feel lonely even in isolation. Be there for the one you love. He will go nowhere.8️⃣
Last thing, dont discharge just after getting the patients oxy level back to normal. Make sure docs decrease the medicine every 2 days. Get the crp, ile, d dimer levels back to normal and then take the patient home. Even then, treat him like a patient for next 14 days.9️⃣
You may wonder, what if the chest is normal with no uneasiness or cough or breathing difficulties then consult with the doc but make sure you have your crp, d dimer, il6 reports handy with you. If all the things are normal and if you have just fever and running noes 1️⃣0️⃣
..then treat it like a viral. Isolate and be positive. Keep a track of your oxygen even in these situations. Also, if your lungs have infection (mild) in the 1st 7 days then make sure you search a hospital before it reaches the 10th bcz from 10-13 day things do become worse 1️⃣1️⃣
I hope the thread helps. These are basic things i did for my mom, dad and bro. Had a family doc who knew the every hour detail of all the 3 patients through me. We didn't panic but weren't complacent either and god helped us. And If you are treating someone at home.. 1️⃣2️⃣
Make sure you use gloves and masks. Keep a sanitizer bottle with you to sanitize anything and everything they touch or when u touch anything they use. Soak the kitchen utensils patients use in hot water and then wash them like you do. Just take guide from your doc and.. 1️⃣3️⃣
.... read negative news less to stay strong. Small things but will help you fight better. I thought of documenting this for all of you. Pls take care. Stay safe.1️⃣4️⃣
Beware of all the false info. Dont just trust this thread blindly as well, this is what I have learnt in the last 1 month. The agenda for the thread was to help you take drop in oxy levels seriously, to guide you on the tests. Keep consulting docs. stay safe.
Some key pointers:
1) wait for 3 days before you get your tests done. On 4th day get crp, il6, d dimer, Covid test done if symptoms dont reside
2) once you get covid report (most probably 5th day), get ur HRCT scan done on 6th day if you have cough, shortening of breath..1️⃣6️⃣
..decrease in oxy levels, severe fatigue or chest pain.
3) once u get the reports and doses of medicines start.. check crp, d dimer, il6 on 9th day
4) if values increase further, admit and get ct test done by the hosp
5) keep the patient under observation from 10-13th day 1️⃣7️⃣
14th day onwards he will be fit to join you soon. 1️⃣8️⃣
Common queries I have encountered in last 4 days:
1) Bro, i have chest pain after eating. Kinda scared. Got myself tested, waiting for reports:
A) If its a virus inside your body then do you think it will be ok to give you pain just after you eat? And then go to sleep?1️⃣9️⃣
If you do end up getting exposed to 2nd variant of COVID, you will still have tightness in chest, severe pain, difficulty in breathing, loss of breath or drop in oxy levels. Pain in chest after eating can also be due to gas. So pls track accordingly.2️⃣0️⃣
Its been 17 days since I have been tested positive, my indicators are still high. Do I still have COVID?
A) No. Even if u test positive, the impact of virus is close to negligible. It wont spread or infect you further. Lungs take time to heal and that is why..2️⃣1️⃣
..indicators can take time to come down. You can, however, get infected with other dieseases easily so make sure you be in bed rest for next 14 days (15-28 days after the onset) 2️⃣2️⃣
When to get admitted immediately:
1) When oxygen levels go below 92
2) Infection in lungs are above 35%
3) CRP, IL6 and D dimer are increasing alarmingly (esp if you are diabetic)

• • •

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