The problem is, this language long ago was divested of any critique of material appropriation and became all about individualist recognition only. It's co-option isn't new.

This is why we need to speak the language of class oppression, not identity.
To be clear, when I say 'class oppression,' I mean the three axes of material appropriation, i.e. socio-economic class, sex, and race.

This is what intersectionality was supposed to capture, before it was folded into an individualist, identitarian, anti-materialist system of
purely representational politics. Before we decided that 'normativity' was a much greater evil than 'exploitation' or 'domination.' Before we decided structural oppression could be individualised as 'privilege,' and that instead of challenging systems of material domination, we
could change the world through self-flagellating confessions, hunting down the sinful, and making them perform rituals of atonement to cleanse their souls.

Of course corporate and financialised and military power will co-opt representational politics that actually makes no
demands for fundamental structural transformation.

The last time actual corporate power was directly challenged, in the Occupy movements and the anti-austerity protests, the state came down on it hard. By a couple of years later, all that energy of dissatisfaction, stemming in
part from the outrage of the financial crisis and the passing of debt and poverty onto the most vulnerable, while the elites ran off with all the cash they had stolen from the future, all that energy was distorted and twisted into the individualist, representational,
witch-hunting politics of 'wokeism.' The corporate EDI industry flourished. Political activism became about trying to get corporate and government power to punish people for wrongthink. Big business covered itself in rainbows and sparkles.
And the absolute, implacable exploitation of the earth, of the resources of less powerful nations, and of the bodies and labour of the working classes, the racialised, and women, continues apace, undisturbed....
This is also what is fundamentally at stake re: the replacement of sex-based exploitation with the purely representation system of gender severed from its role in fostering material exploitation.…
Last night I could hardly sleep because of how angry this pernicious bullshit makes me.

People coming along, all dressed up in the language of 'intersectionality' and representational justice, completely destroying the analysis of material exploitation, and being richly rewarded
for their trouble, by institutional and corporate power, while they all slap themselves on the back for being so fucking progressive and good and caring.

It makes me want to fucking scream.
And the other thing that makes me want to scream, Robin frickin Dembroff, endlessly opining on the harm gender policing does to men, while they are implicated in a political movement that has subjected non-compliant women to the most egregious, violent, sexualised intimidation
in order to try and make them fulfil their patriarchally ordained role as a service class that abnegates themselves and their own needs and interests for the benefit of the more important people.

'Suffragettes' lol. Seriously, fuck right off.

• • •

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4 May
This is where this leads.

The utterly narcissistic drive to get right inside other people's consciousness and control their perceptions. B/c you want them to perceive what you want to be true, not what is actually there.

You people are the quintessence of fascism.
You could accept reality, and that people are being polite to you, and be okay with that.

But no, everything, from our words, to our social organisation, to our laws, to our very perceptions of basic constituent elements of the world has to be rearranged because YOU WANT.
And that is why you are so fucking dangerous. Because you go on and on and on about your authenticity, and your truth, and your journey, and you have not one single sliver of respect for the humanity of anyone else.

We're all just flat fucking mirrors there to reflect YOU.
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2 May
'We came along with our boundless narcissism, demanded that you erase all the words that refer to your bodies and your existence as a sex class, called everyone who agreed an evil terf bigot, made all the good handmaidens tie themselves in knots to avoid saying anything
'problematic,' took over all major feminist institutions, silenced any feminist academic who didn't repeat gender-wang bollocks, SUCKED UP EVERY LAST DROP OF AIR IN THE ROOM, and now we want to know why you aren't doing good flourishing feministing.'
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21 Apr
7 June 1958 - 21 April 2016

I want to say something about why this little purple guy means so much to me.

It's the gender non-conformity and the beauty and the being cool af yes. But much more that that is the staggering, endless, orgasmic wave of music that just flowed out of him. The way he would throw
his head back on stage, like this, and just let it *come* through him, like he was channeling the motherlode.

The summer after he died, I'd found all the bootlegs, the probably hundreds and thousands of hours of this man playing and playing and playing...concerts, rehearsals,
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19 Apr
Dear defensive feeling Americans, I really like cornbread, if that helps ;)
Also, that green bean thing you make for Thanksgiving is the shit.
So also, just for the record, my experiences of America.

Aged 19, bought a white stationwagon in San Francisco, drove to NYC, via (probably not in precise order) Death Valley, LA, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, (gets a bit blurry in the flat places)
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18 Apr
We've reached a thousand pounds, and have a lawyer to speak to tomorrow! Thank you thank you.

While we're here I just want to tell a little story about Blob, and how she has been essential to helping me survive lockdown.

About this time last year, I hadn't seen or touched
another human being for about 6 weeks (I locked down at the beginning of March, when the number started to uptick)... over a few days I started to feel really weird, and then one morning I woke up and my whole body was shaking and I was hyperventilating.

Something in my
subconscious said 'touch deprivation,' and I waited until it was a civilised time in the morning, and called Blob, and blubbed down the phone, and asked her if she would come and give me a hug.

She turned up at the door still in her night/house robes about 15 minutes later, and
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18 Apr
Okay America, we need to have a word.

To all my dear American followers who I love, most of whom understand what I am about to say, let me just say #NotAllAmericans.

1. You are one nation, with a specific history and culture. It may come as some surprise to you that other
nations have other histories and cultures, and that when you interpret people from other cultures through the lens of your own history, you make serious analytic mistakes.

2. You are an empire. The last 70 years of world history has been dominated by your actions, and by the
export of your culture and values. This has included using your economic and military power to extract resources from the rest of the world. It also includes a ton of cultural imperialism. That pisses a lot of people off.

3. The cultural/political phenomenon called 'wokeism'
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