🧵 Progressive means wanting to change society to progress it.

Conservative means wanting to preserve existing good.
That’s all these words really mean, all the added connotations are tribalist propaganda.

We’re all both progressive & conservative depending on the issue.
You don’t have to get tribal because other people do & align entirely with one or the other.

We can also use our 🧠 and decide based on the specific issue.
There’s no logical reason to insist the word progressive means irrational, idealistic, stupid or emotionally unstable.

Equally, no rational reason to assume conservative means racist, lacking in empathy, self serving or out dated.
These stereotypes exist for a reason because people who are neither of these things converge at the fringes.

They are neither progressive or conservative they’re extremists. And often authoritarian.
Progressive & conservatives both serve important social functions.

Progressives help us envision better futures, effect forward thinking change.

Conservatives help us retain order & maintain what we’ve already built.
Without progressive thinking we wouldn’t have had civil rights movements, women’s equality, gay acceptance.

And without conservatives we wouldn’t have the systems that literally hold civilisation up. We wouldn’t have had the container that makes progressivism possible.
It’s not either/or, it’s both/and.

Chaos & order.

Idealism & wisdom.

Emotion & logic.

Progressive & conservative.
It’s also important to understand the woke are neither the left nor are they progressive.

Just like Qanon & white supremacy aren’t the right & aren’t conservative.
We have to learn to stop using these terms as cudgels against each other & instead complement each other’s strengths.

Progressivism & conservatism are both necessary and important.

• • •

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4 May
🧵 Things we should NOT expect from other people:

1/ That someone else will ‘fix’ it for you.

Once we’re adults, no one else is responsible for us. We are responsible for ourselves.
2/ That other people should give you what you want because you want it.

There’s a huge difference between reasonable, respectful expectations and entitlement.
3/ Expecting other people to think like you.

People who are not you will not think & behave as you do. Expecting other human beings to clones of you is unrealistic & unreasonable.
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30 Apr

1/ Every time I post about cancel culture on Instagram, someone asks “what about holding people accountable who spread hate and encourage discrimination & violence?”
2/ I have a few thoughts on this:

1. Do we even have a mutually agreed definition of hate, violence & discrimination?

There are people who think advocating personal responsibility = hate.
Or that words are violence.
Or being blocked on social media is discrimination.
3/ If we don’t have a mutually agreed explicit understanding of what words like hate, violence & discrimination mean, I don’t think it’s possible to have this conversation.
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23 Apr
🧵on validation.

1/ People who only validate, coddle, soothe, and tell you how bad you have it aren’t helping you.
2/ Validation feels great, being told what you want to hear feels great. And there is a place for it.

It’s helpful when it helps us feel less alone & internalise self-compassion or validate *ourselves*.
3/ However treating people like children instead of what they are: adults with agency, is doing them a grave disservice.

It’s socially reinforced disempowerment. And divorces you from your sense of personal power & agency.
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14 Apr
🧵 Cancel culture:

1/ Bullying, gossiping, and smearing people on social media is not ~activism~.

It’s bullying rebranded.
2/ It doesn’t help anyone, it doesn’t create any sort of meaningful change.

It just creates more pain.
3/ It’s mostly disproportionate violence against ordinary people- not the powerful, celebrities or billionaires.

Not that anyone deserves to be harassed.
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31 Mar
It’s projection. What we deny in ourselves we project onto others.

While I think it’s a safe haven for pathological personalities- more than that it’s the darker side of human nature to take pleasure in exerting power & punishment over others.
It’s the adult version of school yard bullies- more pertinent because so many of the woke are dependent/fused personality types- except they’re not children, they’re adults and have the power to do real damage.
When underdeveloped un self-aware people get a hold of some power over people this is what happens.

It’s not sociopathy, it’s something much more predictable and much sadder.
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12 Mar
1/ I think my last tweet is upsetting a lot of people because you aren’t aware of what I’m talking about, and I’d like to explain.

When I say there is no safety for women & girls in India, I literally mean none. Rarely even in our own houses.
2/ I & every girl I know was sexualised before we reached puberty.

It is the norm to have been sexually abused or assaulted.

I experienced this before the age of 10 by the school bus conductor, family friends, teachers, strangers on street.
3/ When you walk down the street every male eye is on you, it’s not ogling, it’s something much worse and much more sinister.

It starts when we are children, and we grow up with the threat of rape, mostly after experiencing some form of sexual violence as children.
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