Spare 2 mins :- A thread 👇

People who think #BJP lost it badly & trolling, let me tell you. In all 4 states & #Puducherry, BJP only gained vote share, seats & victory as well. On a personal front, I am happy with the performance, but what makes me sad is only for #Bengal (1/8)
Not coz we lost it, but for the khela that's started & will happen in next 5 yrs. The life of karyakartas & #Hindus is at huge risk & will be lost, which already begun. Shudder to think what they are going through. All this in Hindustan. Hindus now forced to leave #Bengal (2/8)
Almost all #TMC guys celebrating the win, live in other states for their livelihood. Imagine what the goons would do across country where #BJP is not in power. Hindus will never unite. It will be foolish to think & speak on their unity. #Congress & others just want BJP not to win
For that they are ready to forego fighting Elections. They are at 0, but their solace is in #BJP's loss. The #Congress reminds me of an incident during my childhood. My friend used to give away the chocolate to a total stranger saying, neither I'll eat, nor I'll let you eat (4/8)
They did it in #Delhi, learnt from #Bihar's loss & repeated in #Bengal. Mission UP next. Now this will be the strategy of #Congress & every oppn. They will back out & let only one party fight against #BJP & polarize the votebank. We laugh at Pappu but think their gameplan (5/8)
2022 will be about SP goons. They are no less than #TMC goons. So we need a strategy to save #UttarPradesh going the #Bengal way. Complacency will lead to downfall. Be on your toes & bust their propaganda. They have already started the #Covid blame game on #Yogi & #Modi (6/8)
We have only 1 hope - #Modi. I trust him 💯 & we know that it's him who they are against. Sworn enemies before 2014 have united to dethrone him. Don't lose hope is the moral of the story. Entire oppn & int'l #toolkit is to create another Trump story, but, Modi is'nt Trump (7/8)
If you feel it makes sense then please RT & amplify.

Also an appeal. Last 24 hours, I have lost my reach of most 100 followers (mostly accts suspended). Would be grateful for your kind follow, if possible, to help increase my reach & amplify my content. Jai Shri Ram 🛕🙏

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हनुमान चालीसा 🙏

जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुन सागर।
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19 Mar
A simple thread. Please spare 2 minutes👇

History is forgotten, as always, needs to be reminded, time & again!

A brilliant lie is spread that the #Congress creates Government banks and the #Modi Government sells them...

Let's go back in history! (1/8)
Today, the 3 largest banks in the private sector, ie ICICI, HDFC & Axis Bank, all 3 used to be government owned but Manmohan Singh, who was the Finance Minister in PV Narasimha Rao government, sold them.(these have eaten away into the business of Govt banks over the decades (2/8)
#ICICIBank 's full name was Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India .. It was a Government of India organization that used to give loans to big industries but in one stroke Finance Minister Manmohan Singh disinvested it and made it private. (3/8)
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13 Mar
NaMo vs RaGa - Chrmistry - Interestingly funny??

“What metal is NaMo made of”?

A question raised by a senior military officer about Prime Minister #Modi.

"The chemist in me tried to decipher. The answer is NaMo is made of sodium (Na) and molybdenum (Mo). (1/8)
Sodium is part of ‘common’ salt and our biological system including the heart works thanks to sodium. Sodium metal is soft, lustrous, shining but don’t mess with it. It is highly reactive. If you want to see the violent reaction try to put some sodium on water. (2/8)
The second metal in NaMo is molybdenum. Unlike sodium, molybdenum is very very hard and melts at very high temperature. It is extra tough and is used to make steel and super alloys. Mo is part of some important enzymes in human body. You can't exist without it. (3/8)
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5 Mar
A shoe manufacturing company based in Jaipur makes shoes for Indian Army. But instead of selling it directly it used to export it to Israel. From where Indian Army purchase at about 10 times higher cost... This practice was going on for decades. (1/5)
When the then Def Minister Manohar Parrikar got to know of this he immediately called the CEO of that company, who revealed that earlier he used to sell it directly to Army (2/5)
but hefty "Cut" was demanded at each stage from tendering, approving samples, placing order, quality check, payment process and final payment... Which would take several months besides huge corruption money. So he started exporting it to an Israeli company. (3/5)
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