"Power" doesn't co-opt the language of the left, it incubates it at institutions it owns, like Harvard, Oxford, & ngo sector, which is why you're desperately trying, & failing to to create a distinction between your woketard politics and those of the CIA.
And the vanguard leftoid move is to then insist on the primacy of "class" but then totally bastardise and mystify it by combining back again with identity crap. Oh no it's Marxist feminism, totally different to the CIA feminism bla bla. Lol sorry teen vogue already on the case.
The academic leftoids like this one above, and the bourgeois writers like Jeet, implicitly if not explicitly, recognise that pushing onto next marketing campaign is their job even as old one is just becoming visible to the masses. They must disavow the Frankenstein they created.
This is why elite liberal journals and Ivy League institutions exist. It's also why nothing that comes out of them is any use to working class people, These people are not your friends, you do not share class interests with them, even if they talk about working class "revolution"
They're using that vernacular because it's useful to left wing of capital to have footsoldiers pay lip service to class politics in this moment. "Power" can engage in a game of valor arbitrage by appropriating class struggle as meme, it makes their marketing even more "authentic"
"That's not real feminism"
Same old denial of bourgeois interests served by identitarian ideologies. As if there were some other feminism somewhere that wasn't as blatantly bourgeois & repulsive. There isn't. All feminism is ruling class bullshit. Just like intersectionality. Image
The role of the left is to be ahead of the cringe, now they'll cook up a fresh batch of mystified meme ideology so that by the time hostility to intersectionality has suffused entire left/liberal mainstream (years away imo) a new bourgeois doctrine will be ripe for "co-optation".
"Cooptation" is welcomed by those with tenure & bombastically denounced by those still climbing the greasy pole. The dynamism is generational, not class conflict yet Ivy League Prof's delude selves into beleiving their grad students are the proletariat, and so do the students. 😂
Professors love so called cooptation because it makes their stupid meme ideology a hot commodity in bourgeois circles which means they start getting paid as consultants by politicians, cited more and more, become a "public intellectual", making the rounds on TV etc etc etc
Grad students then get to bitch and moan about how they Do The Work of their famous profs, or they simply learn from & circumnavigate their work for rest of their career, extend upon the bullshit "themes" of their famous mentor, become "authority" in that intellectual realm etc
And it's all junk, the older ones become irrelevant when their meme ideology becomes outmoded, and they get TERFed out accordingly (see rafical feminists for perfect example 😂😂😂). This cycle continues in perpetuity & exists only to prop up the ruling class not to challenge it.

• • •

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4 May
Briahna you went on tv & concern trolled Bernie about race as his Black press secretary, during campaign. It wasn't only reason he lost, but you & 2020 "do both" campaign staff helped dramatically reduce his 2016 appeal as reflected in results. This is all just party discipline.
Party discipline takes place discursively via the media and has done for the better part of a century, but it's gone nuts in past decade. I'm not saying Briahna is a secret agent. But she doesn't need to be. This is how Party lines are enforced. Good cop Brie and bad cop Akela.
This article negates this entire stupid fake debate. Briahna is a Democratic Party campaign staffer. Why would you take a Democratic consultant seriously re these things? Their job is to push a party line. That's what Brie does. That's her role. nytimes.com/interactive/20…
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4 May
He's just been saying straight forwardlly social democrat stuff for years now. It's not a trick. I don't think it can achieve much, but the notion that he's cynically just trying to trigger the libs is projection. The libs & the left are obsessional hysterics re Tucker.
He's not a victim and I don't give a shit whether you like his show. I don't always watch it and i can't stand some of his guests especially. But like stop projecting your lib shit onto other people as if they craft their politics in reaction to liberals. It's moral narcissism.
Lots of people just have shit they say & think because that's what they say & think & makes sense for their audience & their life & their context or whatever the fuck. Liberals aren't the centre of everyone else's politics. David Brock footsoldiers created wingnat Tucker in 2017.
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4 May
Sorry but it's pretty obvious that the nice German professor lady is playing Amber this cycle. I'm not playing that game. I'm not going to pretend it's inadvert. She's being given opportunities to "critique" the left from within the left, because Burgis is too shit at the task.
And because there's nobody within the us left who can critique it without losing their job, or their friends. Because the left is that sociopathic.

And because I won't play ball.

Don't be a fucking mark. You're being played.
Again, she's probably a nice person bla bla I don't know her. No opinion. Don't care. But that's what's happening. The fact that the stipulated critique boy (Burgis) was too shitty at it, hasn't read or understood Marx, is a huge opportunity for her to use as market leverage.
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2 May
When a US development economist is shit talking USA on international stage, it's indicative of the wokening. Sachs sounding "sympathetic" & self-flagellating is part of wokeness as a state ideology. He still works at Columbia, he's on TV repping US bourgeoisie and it's interests!
increasingly the entire US bourgeoisie, including its organs of state and their functionaries, are coming to sound like woketard sophomores at oberlin. This further mystifies their class interests. Hating on US of yesterday is a ruse by which it's reps of today gain more power.
And the bourgeois left is so dumb they lap it up (it works for them anyway) and the bourgeois right freaks out thinking the signifier is the signified. Oh no we're going soft, going to hell in a hand basket wahhhh. No your military is unparalleled you psychos. This is marketing.
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2 May
Jacobin & NYT helped peddle bullshit during the 2019 Bolivian coup, because that's their role as voices of imperialism. What most people ignore is that they're STILL voices of US imperialism when they effusively praise Luis Arce (elected 12 months later). Wake up sheeple! ImageImage
Capitalist class can make use of any faction of the bourgeoisie as the face of its interests. For many years Evo, as an indigenous man, helped put a Native Bolivian face on an exploitative extractivist economy, helping further integrate that economy into world markets.
The coup and subsequent violence in 2019/20 was repulsive. But the right wing brutality —> manufactured real consent for an extension of the regime evo started, even without him as charismatic leader. This was a win for US state dept, multinationals & Bolivian bourgeoisie.
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2 May
if you don't simp for establishment leftist party these sickos all smear you. It's that simple. I don't support interventionism of any kind. But I also don't support left wing of capital in Bolivia or anywhere else. Take your shifting goalposts and stick where sun don't shine. 😘 ImageImage
"Desperate to break the strike, the Morales government launched a barrage of repressive measures, arresting 400 unionists...decreeing house arrest against leaders of the Oruro regional labor federation and mobilizing a media campaign to smear unionists as tools of the right." ImageImage
Evo Morales legalised child labor, implemented environmental policies identical to Bolsonaro, regularly used state power to break strikes, betray the workers who elected him, smeared internal grass roots/labor dissenters as puppets & was repeatedly praised by IMF and World Bank. ImageImageImageImage
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