I didn't have queer elders growing up, especially not ones who looked like me.

My only first hand exposure to anything lgbtq was having two white lesbians as stepmoms (one of which is now v uncomfy with my being openly and loudly Black).
So one of my life's goals is to be the queer elder I never had.

Which is precisely why I do not and will never take shit from anyone telling me anything about my identities or trying to force me into boxes for their own consumption and comfort.
Queerness is liberating for this exact reason and whatever labels I use are only here to serve me and me alone.

How they serve me is my business.

• • •

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3 May
My dad keeps telling me to grow my hair out and I keep telling him "no I like it short" even though I am growing it out bc I don't like being told what to do and I also don't care how anyone else feels about my hair.
Except for kids. I grow my hair out so I can entertain babies with my afro.
I met a baby who was absolutely ecstatic at the way my hair moved and kept signing "more, more" to get me to do it again and since I used to stim with my hair, I sat there for ten minutes shaking my hair just to make the baby laugh
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3 May
This is sending me Two panels from the Scene from Sailor Moon where Chibi-Usa j
Literally me in any game ever

Also me shocked when my character dies Woman looking down, frozen in shock and embarrassment
"what do you mean jumping off this mountain hurt my character?"
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3 May
In some of my disability groups I've seen people getting angry at EDS patients for calling it rare and stuff so here's a friendly reminder that most of us were fed the same bullshit and even now the EDS society is still pushing it heavily.
For a great amount of us, they were likely one of the biggest initial resources and when all the information you'd received is telling you that this disease is super rare, it's not wild that there's people who still think so, esp if they don't know many people who have it.
So like maybe extend a little grace. Navigating any of this is not easy nor is it always digestible.
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2 May
I don't understand why, when someone in this admin tweets empty tweets about the way things SHOULD be and people naturally respond with "okay do it then" y'all get mad and tell them how it's impossible.

If so, what's the point in tweeting about it? Where does that get us?
Because either way the words are empty, no?

If it's impossible, I don't care to see tweets about the way things SHOULD be if you apparently can't change that.

If it is possible, I still don't care to see your tweets about it, do it.
I don't care how long it takes, what the checks and balances are or what the avenues you have to go through to work towards making it happen are.

I simply do not care to see you tweet obvious shit as if it's groundbreaking and new.
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2 May
I just find it funny how y'all like to say and do mean shit to people and the second it gets called out, suddenly it's the person sending their followers after you.

Keep the same energy that prompted you to be out here constantly saying gross shit about them.
You obviously weren't worried about how many followers he had when you haven't shut up about them coming out in 12 hours.
Also imagine typing out "tenderqueers" unironically
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2 May
Everything h u r t s
My body felt this one immediately after getting the shot. I was just extra fatigued and then it was over. Hours go by and I'm starting to get tired and slightly achey.

Now there's a ringing pain on all my joints, my hands hurt really bad, I'm extra scent sensitive
I keep tossing and turning to get comfy but my skin doesn't like all the movement so I'm just rocking and hoping to fall back asleep
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