How Egypt helped Bharat to recapture back Goa from the Portuguese in 1961 and end the European colonial stronghold in Goa

Dec 1961 : When India blitzed Portuguese-held Goa, both USA & Portugal moved a ceasefire resolution in the United Nations (UN)
The Soviets used the power of VETO against the resolution and Egypt blocked the Portuguese Navy at Suez Canal.


Using the 'Bay of Pigs' incident as a perfect smokescreen, India planned to take back Goa from Portugal.
Portuguese Prime Minister Salazar was furious and he ordered the Portuguese soldiers in Goa to fight to the last man. The Portuguese soldiers started planting mines in Goa.

Salazar then dispatched the Portuguese Navy towards India.

Salazar's plan was simple.
If the Portuguese Navy crossed the Suez canal & engaged in a small skirmish with the Indian Navy, then the NATO forces could be called for help. (Since Portugal was a founding member of NATO)
1) Under the terms of the 1899 Anglo-Portuguese Treaty, Britain was obliged to come to Lisbon’s assistance if any Portuguese colony was attacked.

2) Article 5 of NATO states that an attack on one member of NATO is an attack on all of its members
The plans of Salazar flopped as the Portuguese Navy were stopped at the Suez Canal by Nasser's Egypt. (A Non-Aligned Movement - NAM member)

This unprecedented move by Gamal Abdel Nasser shocked NATO and USA. Why did Nasser help India? The Suez Crisis of 1956.
In 1956, India supported Egypt during the Suez Crisis, when the two former superpowers (Britain and France) tried to regain the Suez Canal and overthrow the Nasser regime.

The crisis arose when Nasser decided to nationalize the Suez Canal, which had been owned by the British.
Controlling Suez Canal = Partially Controlling world trade.

British and French troops invaded Egypt alongwith Israel. Soon the Soviets threatened to get involved on Egypt’s side and American President, Dwight Eisenhower, ordered Britain and France to withdraw immediately.
In the aftermath of the Suez Crisis, Britain and France, two former Superpowers, found their influence as world powers severely weakened as the USA and Soviet Union became the two new Superpowers.

The British were humiliated.
The crisis made Nasser a powerful hero in the Arab World.

The Indian contingent (a first for India to send armed troops for peacekeeping) left for the Suez left on November 15, 1956 and was placed then in the Sinai Peninsula. Indian peacekeepers built a reputation for themselves
On its part, Egypt went out of its way in supporting India's military efforts to liberate Goa, Daman and Diu on 18th December 1961 by blocking Suez Canal in the face of the Portuguese Navy.

These entire episodes made NATO angry.
USA and NATO, then tried everything in the 1960's and 1970's to weaken both Egypt & India.

And the 1956 Suez Crisis was recorded in history as the death knell of the British Empire, and India played a crucial role in it.
SOURCE- The International Status of the Suez Canal
By Joseph Obieta.

Blueprint to Bluewater, the Indian Navy, 1951-65
By Satyindra Singh.
Kindly read @Aabhas24 Sir
Kindly read @Mr_Siddharth ji
Kindly read @ShefVaidya @MNageswarRaoIPS 🙏

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