Rant alert!
Is it just me?
I’m not blind or deaf.
I’m not a fool.
I’m not a collaborator.
I’m not an enabler of far-right regimes.
I’m not a Brexit fan & refuse to accept it as an untouchable holy grail which entitles the idiots who did to destroy the rest of us.
I refuse to be gaslighted by THIS damnable govt without speaking up.
So let me be clear.
Everyone, @JamesCleverly, the entire cabinet, all of parliament, the press, the BBC & we, the poor bloody plebs, or those who have their eyes open, knows
that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is no joke.
He’s an inveterate, lazy, scheming, lying shyster, up to his absurdly contrived haystack hair in corruption & scandal.
The focus now of the Tory party machine & press, with the exception of the equally morally
bankrupt snakes plotting furiously to become PM themselves, is to muddy the waters & seek to convince us that the truth is not the truth & even if, by some strange chance, it does prove to be the truth, it just doesn’t matter.
“It’s not as simple as that.” they tell us.
Character doesn’t matter, they say. A man who has since childhood considered the leadership of a great a nation his right, his fiefdom, not to be earned, but bestowed upon him by a grateful nation, must not be held accountable under any circumstances.
He is excused because, we are reminded daily, he alone is responsible for the vaccine roll out.
Well, excuse my French, but fuck that!
I for one, do not have amnesia.
Boris Johnson is a fraud. He has acted late at every turn since early 2020, when the UK faced
a lethal pandemic, obviously, glaringly on course to hit us hard after it had mercilessly ravaged Italy.
Boris Johnson, instead of working to protect us, took time off to sort out his calamitously labyrinthine love life, finish his latest boring book & canoodle with
his young girlfriend (who is herself being hilariously reinvented & rebranded as a political genius in her own right) in his luxurious country home, presumably choosing exorbitantly costly soft furnishings for his London flat, courtesy of the tax payer & donors seeking
generous future payback.
Boris Johnson ducked 5 COBRA meetings, locked down late, failed dismally to protect our old folks who died in their thousands, failed to provide adequate PPE to the real heroes of the hour, the NHS staff, & unleashed massive corruption,
to the tune of billions, to carefully chosen recipients.
You know what?
I don’t CARE if he had Covid or nearly died himself. He boasted of shaking hands with others who had it, & dismissed its deadliness & he paid the price.
I don’t CARE if he can’t struggle by on his
generous salary.
I don’t CARE if it’s tough at the top.
I don’t CARE if he is laugh, or a great bloke, ever so cuddly & lovable & bit of a giggle down the pub.
I DO care about honesty & character & truth & integrity in a Prime Minister.
Boris Johnson can’t even be bothered
to hide that he has none of these qualities.
I care so much that it hurts & I can’t bear that this awful, awful man & his gang of thieves are now the face of this once respected country.
That’s all folks!
Forgive the rant!

• • •

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9 Jan
On this whole “free speech” bullshit about fascists, madmen/women, crooks, quacks, fakes, liars & plain old misfits being banned from social media platforms.
I, for one, am sick to the back teeth of hearing how these poor little defenseless violets are being discriminated
THEY are, they shriek, outraged because they can’t organise a perfectly reasonable attempted coup, by storming the elected seat of power in a “democratic” country.
THEY must be allowed to deny that a lethal global pandemic exists, but is actually a huge worldwide
deception. They casually ignore the inexplicable deaths of so many as flu or “normal for the time of year”.
THEY have every right, they scream, to spread their conspiracy theories, no matter how wild or unfounded & use every whacky bit of fake science & medicine to uphold
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8 Dec 20
I wish, with all my heart, that I did not feel so fucking angry!
I never used to swear, believe it or not.
It took me years to use some of the expletives my beloved husband regularly employs. But now?
Not so much.
How do I express my horror at the betrayal of the
decent country we were, that we witness every single day? The trashing of the everyday values that we complacently took for granted as the good heart of this country, not so long ago?
How do I fight back against a government peopled by those for whom I have the utmost
How do I prevent these same people from destroying everything I hold dear, my childrens’ futires, everything I thought was important, that singled us out from countries who embraced the fascism & hate that this small group of islands once stood so trenchantly
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2 Dec 20
I’ve been disgusted by @BorisJohnson so many times before & since he became PM, & even more so lately as the unbridled cronyism & corruption he has presided over has been laid bare.
However, today, he reached a new low, even for him, when answering @Ianblackford_MP’s
(That was 1/)🙄
impassioned plea at #PMQs on behalf of the 3m #ExcludedUK #ForgottenLtd who have received NO help whatsoever since March.
Told that 8 desperate ppl have been driven to take their own lives in the last 14 days alone, & these are just the latest, owing
to this targeted exclusion, he just waffles & repeated the same tired old mantra of how many billions have been spent helping every one else to defend the inexcusable trashing of peoples’ businesses, incomes & lives.
To airily tell the excluded that many millions of others
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23 Nov 20
I don’t,know about anyone else, but I am so sick of all the Christmas nonsense.
All these shoddy Tory MPs, Brextremists, covid-deniers & wild conspiracy-peddlers just love to wave the flag, invoking the wars, British pluck & stoic fortitude in the face of
terrible adversity. Yet the poor little souls are not capable of getting thro one Xmas without bleating about
their “freedoms”.
They don’t have to do so in the cold, muddy trenches of war in a foreign field, or miles from home in a POW camp, or as an evacuated child
separated from its parents, or in an air raid shelter under threat of enemy bombs as they eke out their meagre food rations, not just for one Xmas, but several.
They equate the thought of one or two days of being in their own comfortable homes, with food to eat & a warm
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13 Nov 20
Well, I am delighted this evil misfit is going at last - far away, I hope, but this happy news in no way assuages the anger & grief I feel.
As we celebrate, we must not forget for one minute that No10 is still crawling with the Weird One’s far-right
appointees, busily carrying out their destructive agenda against western democracy itself.
#JohnsonHasFailedBritain & will continue fo do so until they are ALL removed.
Boris Johnson deserves no plaudits. He i s not a naughty boy who was encouraged to go scrumping by a
bigger even naughtier boy. He is not a child who must be indulged!
He is an inveterate conniving liar, an unprincipled charlatan, a practised deceiver with no character or morals - a #ShapeShiftingCreep, no less.
HE lead the obnoxious Leave campaign
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20 Oct 20
Forgive my anguish...
I can’t find the words to describe my sadness, anger, grief and pain as I reflect upon what our country now stands for in the world.
It hurts.
It bloody well hurts my heart as I struggle to come to terms with what we actually ARE now
- how others now perceive us in this world.
We are, unbelievably, one of those countries we once looked down upon so loftily not so long ago. Those instantly recognizable, laughably contemptible “third world”, “Ruritanian” ex-colonial regimes,
ruled by tinpot despots & their self-important, elaborately uniformed, clownish apparatchik underlings.
Our truly awful govt fits the stereotype perfectly, sans the gaudy uniforms.
This is the UK, now.
Forget the by no means perfect, but gentle, quietly decent, common sense
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