This was pretty ordinary by me last night - I was properly pissed off and tired and didn't give @greg_jenner's thread a proper response. But I still think it was shit and I think Greg is wrong and here's why. (Thread contains #LineofDutyFinale spoilers obvs.)
I should say first of all that Greg is far from alone in this view, @drphilhammond agrees and many others have offered similar takes.
It's perfectly valid for writers to make points through their work about the real world, of course. In the case of LoD S6E7, the banality of evil, how corruption can be mistaken for/disguised as ineptitude, how real life isn't made of neat endings and a few clear digs at Spaffer.
Fine. My problem is that the LoD universe is emphatically NOT the real world or a depiction of it - LoD is a high-octane, supercharged thrill ride of outright preposterousness, in a real-effect setting. To take a few examples - Dot's escape from the glass box - preposterous.
Roz Huntley managing to hide a rotting, gangrenous arm from her colleagues and husband for months on end - preposterous. Balaclava men - preposterous. Steve, having been shown to be necking powerful analgesics like tic tacs to deal with his agonising back pain, comes off them...
...and is then in a van that gets flipped onto its side, landing him on his back. Not only does he not even wince, he has the composure and bodily control to kill a sniper through a tiny window with a single shot fired from a prone position - preposterous.
Ryan and Kate's disused lorry park standoff - preposterous. Jo's stone cottage and gorgeous girlf happy ending - preposterous. All preposterous and all utterly brilliant entertainment, brilliant TV - among the best ever imo.
But here's my thing - you can't serve up 36 stupendous episodes of brilliant, heart-pumping preposterous, with many long, overlapping story arcs, and then, in ep THIRTY SEVEN say "Don't be daft, that's not how the world works, people are just a bit crap really, duh."
Or rather you can (and they did) but it's cheating and you've broken your contract with the audience, an audience that after 10 years and six series deserved better.

And that is why LoD S6E7 was shit.
P.S. All of the above assumes that last night was the last episode - if there's an S7 I take it all back and acknowledge Jed Mercurio as God Of TV.

• • •

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