thinking about his highness king iwaizumi and his insufferable and lethal knight sir oikawa
thinking about oikawa brushing a stray leaf gently out of iwaizumi's hair under the guise of, "you must always keep up your appearances, highness"

thinking about iwaizumi gulping his feelings down and instead smirking, "you would know, wouldn't you?"
oikawa: [looking iwaizumi up and down first thing in the morning]

iwa: enough ogling. my attire does not breach safety protocols

oikawa, rolling his eyes: i can’t help but check?
iwaizumi, coming up behind oikawa quietly: behind you!

oikawa: [whirls, comes face-to-face with a grinning prince] this won't do when you're crowned king

iwa, brightly: i'm not king yet
thinking of oikawa opening the door to his chambers only to see the king standing there in his nightwear all drowsy. thinking of him panicking and pulling iwaizumi into the room because "what are you doing awake?!"
thinking of the tension between the two of them because oikawa doesn't wanna cross a line but iwaizumi desperately wishes he would so he doesn't have to. thinking of oikawa always putting a certain distance and iwaizumi dying to close it
iwa, in a moment of weakness: i want you to hold me like you mean it

oikawa, with his perpetual strong façade: someone like me isn't meant to hold you
thinking of oikawa who's looked up to iwa since childhood, and wondered at one point whether he was fit to protect him anyway.

thinking of the day the young prince teased him, saying "you can do better," and how he's done better all his life thereafter.
thinking about how iwa'd been in love with oikawa since he was scrawnier and worse at hand-to-hand combat, and how he found out when he pummeled oikawa to the ground and saw how beautiful he looked scowling up at him. at the time, he thought he was just happy with winning.
thinking of oikawa hurriedly putting a shirt on when iwaizumi walks in on him on the empty training grounds past dark, because they both needed to blow off steam. thinking about how they iust stand there, oikawa looking away and willing himself not to disrespect his king again
iwa: spar with me

oikawa: [nods]

also oikawa: [doesn't put in the effort to defend himself and gets a cut on his jaw for it]

iwa: you're hurt—

oikawa:—by your hand. it's fine
oikawa, leaning in with his head down: if you believe this hurts me, you've no idea what it's like to be your guard

iwa: w—

oikawa: another round. and then i'll bring you to your chambers


iwa: down there, what did you mean?

oikawa: that i will endure anything for you
iwa internal monologue: you [tooru] have never been so close i could breathe you in, but i wish i could. i wish you were my air

iwa internal monologue 2: why won't you blow this way? why are you so careful around me?
oikawa, walking away from iwaizumi after an argument: this is so weird

oikawa: [turns back around]
oikawa, meeting iwaizumi's gaze sternly after they had a misunderstanding: you have to tell me what you feel.

iwa, softly: i can't
oikawa: i know you're king. i've told you you have to be strong and you are, but around me—

iwa, sighing: it's not about that, oikawa

oikawa: what is it then?

iwa: there are things i can't rely on you for

oikawa: test me.

iwa, sadly: one day. i'm not prepared for you to fail
thinking about iwaizumi who wonders why oikawa couldn't meet his gaze for a week, and when he confronts him, all oikawa can offer is, "i feel like i've not been enough for you. i'll do better so you can rely on me"—and it pains him because what he wants oikawa to guard the most his heart
thinking about oikawa climbing out his window because there was a figure in the hedge maze, and he lets the moon guide him to what he discovers is iwaizumi, who is crying.

thinking about iwaizumi who cries harder when oikawa holds him, because he's dreamed of that for so long.
oikawa, quietly: what has you like this?

iwa, shuddering: must i tell you?

oikawa: no. not if you don't wish it

iwa: i can't tell you

oikawa: that's alright. be still. i've got you

iwa, whispering: you do
thinking about oikawa, age 17, kneeling at iwaizumi's bedside because he's sick.

thinking about iwaizumi, age 18, pacing oikawa's room because he caught his cold looking after him.
iwa: you're awake

iwa: you should have stayed away from me. look at you now

oikawa, smiling weakly: what else could i have done? you think i'd let you be without me like that? and don't scold me. i just woke up and i'm sick

iwa: then go back to sleep

oikawa: maybe i will
thinking about iwaizumi sending everyone out because 'they might catch the fever' and sitting by oikawa as he sleeps; gently wiping sweat off of his forehead and his upper lip.

thinking about how he's woken by oikawa at some point and told to rest in his own room.
oikawa: that back of yours will carry the kingdom one day. it can't start hurting so early in your years

iwa: let me in [the bed], then

oikawa, groaning: if that's what my king wants

iwa: i told you, stop calling me that

oikawa: why not?—not too close. the fever

iwa: ah
iwa: [lights up at a good suggestion by his council]

oikawa: [takes a deep breath]

oikawa, internally: fuck
[at a royal ball]

iwa: dance with me, oikawa

oikawa: i'm not supposed to—

iwa: —oppose me. yes. now take my arm

oikawa: unbelievable
thinking about the single time oikawa let himself slip, tucking a flower in iwaizumi's ear in a moment of extreme weakness. he'd given himself one too, even though he hated it, "so we match!"
thinking about how oikawa damn well looks like a royal himself, but anyone would know the king by how oikawa looked at him.
thinking about how the only part of iwaizumi oikawa's kissed was his hand, and it was a brush gentle lips and the hushed, pained reminder that he'll be there when iwaizumi needs him. it was after an assassination attempt when they were 19

• • •

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