For all those science-daan shaaheens who are asking people to take v ax in the name of shoince...

In other countries
1. The experimental subject is given money to be part of experiment.
2. There is clear observation and documentation of his condition during and after expt.
3. If there is any adverse event, the person is compensated.

But wanly in India-
1. Govt is paying for unproven v ax.
2. Govt is doing propaganda for the v ax companies saying "v ax is safe".
3. There is no mechanism in place to record adverse events for a mega v ax drive.
4. There is no assurance of any compensation because by definition the v ax drive is "voluntary".

What science is this? Is science done by not taking into account effect of v ax / drugs on population? This is a mega scale fake trial where companies are making money.
A good friend who is a microbiology PhD now in US, whose thesis ws on a v ax ws aghast when I told her the real picture yesterday. She honestly thought ICMR was doing independent verification of v ax company claims. She didn't know this was already banana republic.
The worst of the lot are conniving doctors who are not raising their little finger against this swindle and mass mu® de®.

Bhaaratiiya doctors, it is your responsibility to make yourself heard.

@Shakra_Kulish @RajSharma1857 @TheKindDoc @ragnyabhawani

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1 May
My ancestral house near Tripunithura had a kuLam. It was quite an experience to see it cleaned in the late summer months. It was amazing to see so many animals dependent on such a small water body. One kuLam had enough water to take care of almost all trees around thro the year.
And trees themselves were so bountiful. Eating jaambakka (panneraLe / java apple) directly from a tree is some pleasure close to heaven. Better even after a rain. The ma~njaaDis are now "worthless" but worth our life when we collected them. Walking barefoot on sand - heaven.
Is there anything more enjoyable than placing one's feet in a kuLam in a hot afternoon and feel the nibbling of small fishes? One thinks not. Or may be it is surpassed by a chakka prathaman had on banana leaf. One is confused. Bhagavaan, pl give me back those uncomplicated days.
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30 Apr
Doctors like this, although well intentioned but believe big pharma propaganda are the bane of Indian healthcare.

1. The v axs have been given "emergency approval". I.e. their trials are not complete.
2. Manufacturers reporting severe and serious adverse events.
3. Both the manufacturers who form the bulk of v ax mfg have taken money from those who were responsible for the virus in the first place.
4. G a tes has said elsewhere that v ax business gives him 20:1 profits. And still we have to believe that all this is milk and honey.
5. V axs causing deaths in those it was meant to protect.
6. Dalaal govt doing propaganda that v axs are "safe" when it is simply not established scientifically.
7. Govt not publicising that there is a mechanism to report adverse events and death following v ax.
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7 Feb
Negativity is a result of increasd tamoguṇa. Mny reasons for it and ways to beat it.
1. Food -
If u r eating tāmasika food, you will be negative (śāstra says manas is predominantly anna).
Soln- Eat freshly cooked sāttvika food (grain, lentils and so on) with right amt of ghee.
2. Lack of physical activity-
Even if you are eating right, if you are sedentary, you will develop negativity.
Soln- walk at least 4 KM every day even if you don't do any other physical activity.

3. Bad company -
Neg ppl will make you neg. Avoid them like cancer.
4. Lack of brahmacarya -
Excessive indulgence in kāma leads to negativity. For men, preserving vital fluid is of utmost importance.
Soln- practice brahmacarya as prescribed for diff āśramas. Fr Brahmacārī complt avoidnc, fr Gṛhastha only during Ṛtukāla.
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28 Oct 20
@jsaideepak @ippatel @legalkant @goyalsanjeev @ShreehariK
Pl tell us if any of u cn tk up a case of human rights violation of the innocent bhaktas of Munger. If you are busy, please suggest some other competent lawyer to take up this case.

@Ravilochanan86 @aravindgov
@chitrapadhi forgot to tag you.

Also @hindulegalcell
@LegalKant please see the above tweet. A humble request.
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9 Jul 20
Compilation of instances of misuse of SC ST atrocities act.
Brahmin brother protects his sister, is attacked and injured by SC / ST, and is slapped with an atrocities act case!

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29 May 20
@s_gambhira @saffron_iyer @Tattvavit1 @SanjeevSanskrit @hindujedi @Shawshanko @chitrapadhi @Parashar108 @govindakeshava @HinduTrad @leo_gajendra @Aadii009 @PrachodayatLive So much of confidence, that too in dhaarmika questions is not good. To just summarily dismiss your position, one sentence is sufficient - "The Jagadguru is an authority on matters of dharma. Whatever he says on dharma is the final word."

Everything else will be unncsry discsn.
@s_gambhira @saffron_iyer @Tattvavit1 @SanjeevSanskrit @hindujedi @Shawshanko @chitrapadhi @Parashar108 @govindakeshava @HinduTrad @leo_gajendra @Aadii009 @PrachodayatLive But for people like you, an answer may be attempted. Brahmavidyaa is bhagavadadhiina. Who bhagavaan gives j~naana to is not subject to his / her erudition. It is a matter of how great the bhakti was. In this, the Jagadguru is repeating what is there in shruti. Image
@s_gambhira @saffron_iyer @Tattvavit1 @SanjeevSanskrit @hindujedi @Shawshanko @chitrapadhi @Parashar108 @govindakeshava @HinduTrad @leo_gajendra @Aadii009 @PrachodayatLive If you have alternate understandings of shruti, you can put them forth and get them whetted by a vidvatpariShat.

The shruti itself is saying that j~naana is aatmaa's / bhagavaan's adhiina.
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