In 2018, a Nigerian man witnessed a boat capsizing. He swam in and out of the river to rescue 13 passengers.He died of exhaustion in the end.

If no one made you feel proud as a man for the heroics of Joseph Blankson, no one should make you feel guilty for the crime of other men.
Btw, no one died in the accident because of Joseph Blankson. He heroism saved the life of EVERYONE in that boat. He gave his life for them.

He has a Wikipedia page to his name, a foundation was opened to honour his memory. All recognition/respect went to him ALONE.
And his story isn't peculiar. The world we live in runs on the blood and sweat of men since time immemorial. Yet no one honours MEN as a gender for these heroism.

We single out these wonderful men, sing their praise, honour them, build monuments to their name. I respect that too
So I don't understand why there is this consistent, never-ending campaign to get ALL MEN to feel guilty for the crimes of other men.

And men who openly reject being lumped together with idiots committing crimes for selfish reasons get tagged problematic, misogynists and whatnot
Kudos to Joseph Blankson and any other man putting their life on the line for others.They deserve the glory alone.They've earned it.

And cursed be all the psychopathic criminals assaulting women (and men too) around the world.I won't share in the guilt of your crimes for one bit
Btw, if I come across a man about to be stoned for a crime he committed, I will be the first to throw a stone. If it ever happens that I am guilty of such crime (God forbid sha, I know myself), please don't hesitate to hurl your stone at me. Say no to crime. And No to group guilt

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3 May
Any man who wants to share in the guilt of crimes committed by other men us free to do so please. Apologize all you want, feel guilty how you want. But leave the rest of us who refuse to share in collective guilt alone. It is not compulsory to feel the same way you feel.
I don't know how many times we need to run around this circle. If you see people saying "all men" and you empathize with them based on make guilt,that's good for you.

But why do you have an issue with other men refusing to fall under the "all men" campaign? Why does it bother u?
If another man commits a crime and you feel the need to apologize for his crime because of the flaws in "how men were raised", please go ahead and do just that.

And while you do that, allow other men to react to it differently if they don't want to share in the same guilt as you
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1 May
Profiling is not ideal but it is necessary and part of our everyday life and interactions. Everybody profiles based morality, social status, profession etc.

Back to that restaurant debate from few months past.If you run a restaurant,profiling is part of the duty of your security
It is not everyone that shows up to your restaurant that your security grants entrance,especially if your restaurant caters for a particular class of people.

If shoe cobbler turns up in front of your restaurant with their tools and tattered clothes,you'd ask them questions first
Some restaurants have had an experience with people who use aren't exactly their clients but use their establishment as a platform to gain access to "clients", and become nuisances in that process. They dress and act in a certain way that fits a "profile" that is unwanted.
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1 May
If you go through the history of how Jesus went from being depicted (by artists) as a short-haired, beardless man to a flowing, long-haired man with full beards, you'd know the entirety of Christianity is just as syncretic as other major religions, including Islam.
Religions and their Gods, a creation of man's ingenuity and imaginations, drew inspirations from the predominant cultures, myths and trends in its birthplace.

For Christianity, this goes from the creation story, the idea of trinity, heaven and hell, baptism etc
Pick out a major world religion, trace its place of birth and study the civilisations dominant during the time of that religion's conception.

Study the ancient religions from that period, their myths,their legends etc. Some of those ancient religions are still in existence today
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20 Apr
After ruling Chad for 31 years, Idris Derby will be succeeded by his son General Mahamat Kaka as acting President.

The US and its allies will be okay with the arrangement just like they were okay with Derby's 31 years Dictatorship. Strategic interest >>> Democracy.
This is just to reiterate the fact that the US position on global issues is a matter of Politics (strategic interest) and not a matter of morality or democracy or any of those values.

The US continues to dine and wine with the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, a murderer/butcher.
If the US calls someone a dictator and seeks to carry out regime change, it is not because they care about the people of that country or protection of democracy.

It is purely Politics: US foreign interest in the guise of morality/democracy or whatever faux value being peddled.
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12 Apr
There are SOME positives from the Buhari's govt that I acknowledge and applaud.I am not one of those who believe Buhari has done NOTHING right.

A day will come when I might defend SOME of those policies.I have been paid in advance in case you want to accuse me of being paid then
Anyone who knows me will agree that I don't believe in absolutes. Even the worst of us have something positive about us. And the best of us have something negative about us. That is what makes us human. And that is how the real world works, void of absolutes.
This is in reference to my argument against that story about Pantami. I disagree with so much on Pantami. His religious views, some of his policies and utterances as a public servant. So much actually.

But that doesn't mean I will defend what I strongly felt was false allegation
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12 Apr
Way back in 2005/2006 before anyone outside the core North knew of Boko Haram, Pantami was already debating and preaching against them. In 2020, BH put out another assassination order on the man. But in 2021, he magically started having ties with BH. People are so stupid
And the most stupid part of this debate is the YouTube video link being shared by proponents of this story.

Do you realize that video is from 2006 (I think) where Pantami was actually debating against BH ideology, calling out their unIslamiv views, labelling them ignorant?
You can label some of Pantami's views about non-Muslims and women are extremist (I'd agree with you on that), but this story of a tie with BH is bollocks.

You can agree with it because it fits your bias and that's okay. But there is little to no truth to the story IMO
Read 4 tweets

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