I should have gone out for my mandatory long, dutiful and self oppressing walk before it started absolutely shitting down as it is now forecast to for the next 4 hours.
Trouble is I'm tired from walking from 7pm to 10pm yesterday on account of how it took me until 7pm to shake off the effects of going out from 6pm until 9.30pm the previous day. The main effect being it has started to take all day to bully myself into going for another long walk.
It might help if it wasn't 7 degrees outside and that the two nicest days of the year were the 30th and 31st of March, or as I like to think of them absolutely fucking eons ago.
There have been nice days of course. And when it was dry it was good to take my feet off the pavement and along the footpaths. But its crapping down now and its not a nice day. Its one of those days we seem to have at least 5 of every week, temperature wise. And its wet.
I will go out. I always do. At least since Feb 14th. And every other day this year except January 3rd, 13th, 16th, 21st, 30th & February 2nd & 6th, when the weather was more wintry than it is today but had an excuse because it was actually winter, rather than "an English Spring"
Walked 5 miles in the pouring rain out of sheer bloodymindedness and anger. Now it's stopped raining and I am dawdling along like someone with 2 broken legs. But it's really one broken spirit. What's the fucking point of this? What's the fucking point of anything.
Home. 9 and a half stinking, lousy bastard miles. What shall I do with the rest of my evening? Nothing. Obviously.
8.95 mile walk in non stop pissing, occasionally torrential, rain.

0.09 mile walk in "Fuck me, it's actually stopped but it's cold enough to be October" weather

21 days until "you reached* your goal for 100 consecutive days"

* considerably exceeded

21. More. Fucking. Days.

• • •

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4 May
Re: the generation long decline of Labour, post 2001*
a) how close to being 'on the frontlines' are the majority of Labour MPs, especially those who spent 2015-2019 publicly fighting their own party?
b) how 'on the frontlines' were the likes of Mandelson?

* or even post 1997
This is the hollow ring of the "people who neeeeed a Labour government" and "on the doorstep/frontline" crowd. The party *they* represent began in the late 80s and began to die in 2001. A party of middle managers, politics as PR and public choice theory. Narrow, hollow, aloof.
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4 May
This is fine for the Today demographic, for people who actually believe it was the worst result since 1935 and that the 29% in 2010 and the 30% and permanent loss of Scottish seats in 2015 can be explained away by changing the subject or repeating the lies that come so easily
It's interesting how they don't even bother throwing in 1983 any more. It's also interesting, though completely unsurprising that the claims about "turning the Labour Party round" are never interrogated by referring to the massive loss of votes over the period 2001 to 2015.
Turnout at the 1997 GE in Hartlepool was 65.6%.
In the 2001 GE it was 55.8%.
In 2005 it was 51.5%

Labour's total vote in the seat was above 24,000 from 1974 until 2001 when it fell to 22,000. in 2005 it fell to 18,000. The only time it has been above 20,000 since then was 2017
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4 May
I'm far from convinced by a phone poll of 301 people using landlines only. But I am amused by it. So there's that.
Then again I'm far from convinced by the discourse of asking people every few days "if there was a General Election this week who would you vote for" and then extrapolating recent trends in that remorseless grind to a set of elections where turnout in some places won't hit 30%.
Opinion polling is a blight and has been for 50 years. The distorting effects of constantly doing it and making it a proxy for real dialogue has accelerated massively in the social media era. It's done *to* people, imposed on us to extract only what they think we need to think.
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3 May
You are a floating turd in the sewer of Neoliberal subjectivity.

It's the fucking party of *LABOUR*
It's not a company. It doesn't have a CEO doing 'branding' and 'marketing. That's not why the party exists. I absolutely fucking despise people like you. You're a fucking Tory. Image
This is Blair's legacy. People with "Centre Left" in their bio but their only way of relating to the Labour Party is that it's like a business, no it *is* a business and needs a CEO to do corporate management according business school textbooks. They're all fucking Thatcherites
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3 May
I see we're going back to the popular early 2000s story of English provincial politics as characterised by "apathy" and "they're all the same". Now that "Brussels" has been expunged and "the hard/loony/metropolitan left" put back in its cage.
"I took the train up to Slagthorpe and most people I talked to were despondent and apathetic."

"There used to be all good jobs round here but nobody gives us owt no more" said Tina (37). Except when we have t'annual There is No Alternative Festival. Its a decent piss up, that."
"I asked Jordan (33) if he'd be voting". "I might and I might not" he said, with an air of despondency. "They say they'll do summat, but they don't do nowt. Except for themselves. Not that there's owt you could do that would turn this place into owt, cos its allus been nowt"
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2 May
"high cost" subjects. A consultation on the price of things but not the value of things, by the ideological fundamentalists who brought you graduate recruitment to the de-regulated, system crashing financial services sector and insolvent privatised public service contractors.
Government has determined its strategic priorities for education funding, so that there are resources available to "invest" other billions into the pockets of cronies and donors, without oversight, for delivering neither products nor services, for no return or social use.
"the Office for Students" should be outlawed under trades description. At least Funding Councils were labelled as arid, technocratic bursars. "The government has determined its strategic priorities are philistinism and social engineering. But, hey, we're doing it for the kids"
Read 5 tweets

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