"Deployed in high Earth orbit, one such [SDI] station could potentially burn down all the missiles launched from whatever locations by one side during an all-out nuclear war, and then leisurely burn down all enemy bombers for an encore...''
The Citizens Advisory Council on National Space Policy was THE driving force behind the militarization of SPACE and the development of STRATEGIC DEFENSE INITIATIVE. It was spearheaded by Jerry Pournelle - renowned Sci Fi author. I post stuff like this b/c its FASCINATING but...
also to convey what America was like (despite its problems and grave MORAL flaws) before it became a literal CLOWN society.

• • •

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4 May
I used to watch (formerly Top) Sadie sleep sometimes. Not just b/c I'm a PERVERT. I realized she was created by a rigid, CASTE based society. She's a TINY girl w/a 27 inch waist who is also somehow curvy and voluptuous...
Her black hair is always in place, and she always smells good somehow. This isn't just the clouded vision of ''LOVE'' - I'm VERY aware of the fallen nature of the fairer sex. What it IS is that she was basically ''BRED'' over generations to be a COURTESAN.
This is also problematic b/c it means outside the court of a SULTAN, she really can NOT behave herself. There's a lesson here about human TYPES - in your day to day life, you run into WARRIORS, Priests, COURTESANS, and KINGS. As well as PRIMITIVE types cast off by history.
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2 May
Thoughts on WHITE Pride - ''WHITE Pride'' (WHITE identity generally) can mean TWO things:
1) Its SHORTHAND for the discreet social, cultural identity of OLD Stock, Dissenter PROTESTANT Americans of a particular CLASS and heritage. Its a VERY Calvinist/congregational...
confessional FAITH heritage.
2) Its identified STRONGLY w/Ulster Scot ancestry and the Confederacy.
3) It emerged among the YEOMANRY who identified with ''ANGLO-SAXON'' mythologies (in opposition to the purported ''Norman'', ''LATIN'' cultural descent of the British nobility)
4) Its perfectly LEGIT for ''White ethnic'' CATHOLICS to be DOWN for/with WHITE Pride, to identify STRONGLY with ''WHITE'' interests, and to be included in a (POLITICAL) discussion of WHITE America and/or WHITE ''nationalism''.
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1 May
To my HORROR I discovered lately that NU METAL bands like ''LIMP BIZKIT'' and ''COAL CHAMBER'' actually STILL tour and play shit venues, county fairs, etc - and these jagoffs STILL ain't updated their OPTICS. Its overweight, bald, DAD dudes in JORTS w/ball caps...
dropping WACK AF rhymes about ''NOOKIE''. Everytime I think I CAN'T hold America in MORE contempt than I already DO it hits a new LOW. Its like having some junkie friend who you think can't fall any FARTHER then one day you catch him pimping his WIFE for a fix.
ADDENDUM: Again, my relationship to AMERICA is like that of CITY WOLF to his HILLBILLY ass COUSIN:
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1 May
FIRST BLOOD is a unique film - based on the novel by David Morrell, a Canadian author who by way of STRONG literary chops and a peculiar understanding (despite having NEVER been immersed in it) of the Cold War intelligence...
and Special Operations culture managed to produce a handful of really inspired novels that rose above the tawdry ''thriller'' and (by then dying) ''men's adventure'' paperback genre. FIRST BLOOD was the first among those efforts - and the film adaptation is essentially faithful.
'BLOOD is the story of John J. RAMBO - APACHE/German country boy from AZ, whom - owing to his expertise as a tracker and killer instinct - is recruited into the (then rather nascent) Army Special Forces, deploys to Vietnam, is captured in the bush by the NLF and tortured...
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30 Apr
This is OVERSTATED - men are NOT simply nature's ''SECURITY Force'' or any such thing. The GUARDIAN/Killer role is essentially MASCULINE, yes - but men are ESSENTIAL for MANY other reasons, reasons that will NEVER be obsolescent. Men who are at all ''ELITE'' create things -
they CREATED everything you see around you. Men who ain't so ''ELITE'' work their ASS off to demonstrate that they are literally WORTHY of life or at least ''useful''. Men - to be CRASS about it - are basically ALL up on some 50 CENT shit - they're tryna GET RICH OR DIE TRYING...
at ALL TIMES. Shit, men will take ABSURD risks just for the chance to go up in a FINE AF girl (myself included) or just to make a POINT even when there ain't a real SCORE involved. TF is my point? This impulse I am describing is what makes SOCIETY possible -
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30 Apr
So yesterday, I go see my BRO - he's this brilliant kid who was my actual brother's best friend. He works for this high flying law firm. He's an avid CYCLIST - he was in a terrible accident, got hit by a car, was unconscious, almost DIED. He had a BACKPACK with him -
in his pack was his IPAD, his phone, and a $15k engagement RING. Wakes up in the hospital, CHICAGO PD tells him his BACKPACK was STOLEN. Tells him they've NO idea who hit him. Tell him to stop asking them shit, be happy to be alive. My guy gets discharged some weeks later...
discovers 2 things:
1) Some ambulance chaser asked if he needed an attorney - and this bottom feeder atty had NO problem finding out who the DRIVER was who hit him
2) After running the ''find my IPAD'' app, discovers his BACKPACK is in CHICAGO PD Evidence lockup.
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