Part II of the betrayal by PM I K Gujral (IKG). #Thread

IKG served as a PM between April 1997 to March 1998.

And R&AW suffered massively. As usual, IKG wanted peace with Pak. What did peace mean for IKG?

Peace meant closure of the two secret operations by the covert groups of R&AW as a goodwill gesture to Pak:

Counterintelligence- X (CIT-X) for Pak & Counterintelligence- J (CIT-J) for Khalistan (funded by ISI to separate Punjab from India).

A low-grade but steady campaign of bombings in major Pak cities, Kar@ch! and L@hore were carried out.

This forced the head of the ISI to meet his counterpart in RAW and agree on the rules of engagement as far as Punjab was concerned.

The negotiation was brokered by then-Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan Talal, whose wife, Sarvath, was of Pak origin.

It was agreed that Pak would not carry out activities in the Punjab as long as RAW refrained from creating mayhem and violence inside Pak.

Rabinder Singh, the RAW double agent who defected to the US in 2004, helped run CIT-J in its early years.

Both these covert groups used the services of cross-border traffickers to ferry weapons & funds across the border, much as their ISI counterparts were doing.

The primary aim of these covert groups were to put an end to the ISI’s interference in Punjab and was responsible for ending the Khalistani insurgency.

This is how IKG boosted Pak and its efforts of Khalistan.

Due to this abrupt closure, hundreds of agents and their identities were compromised and destroyed

Many RAW assets in Pak were killed - a setback from which RAW could never recover.

And Bharat still suffers from the terror of Khalistanis.

Thanks to IKG!

• • •

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2 May

Morarji Desai(MD) #Thread

Our late Prime Minister Morarji Desai blew India’s most critical covert operation, fully compromised our secret services, & helped Pak make the “Islamic bomb”.

MD a staunch follower of Gandhian philosophies, was a morally corrupt man.

India’s Pokhran test in 1974 triggered the arms race between India & Pak. Being very wary of India’s fledging nuclear capabilities, Pak sought any help needed to build nuclear weapons for itself.

Operation Kahuta, one of the deadliest missions of RAW was launched in 1974 with the motive to locate and confirm the existence of the Pak’s secret weapons program.

It took around a decade for RAW to build a network within Pak under the leadership of RN Kao.
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30 Apr

I wish to narrate a real life incident of my friend.

My friend's father (let's call him X), a 75 year old man with diabetes and high BP tested positive earlier this month.

We wondered which hospital to admit him - municipal or private.

The decision was taken out of our hands, when we realised that municipal hospitals had no free beds. Similar was the case with the private hospital nearby.

After inquiring with several hospitals on phone, we got one 5 kms away from the house. We felt relieved.

By evening 8 pm, he was admitted in the private hospital. Next morning around 9 am, his oxygen levels started dropping. The doctor gave us the prescription of Remdesivir injection.

The pharmacy attack to the hospital didn't have it.
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30 Apr
1/2 Please go through both the videos.

An explanation of the nexus operating at Delhi hospitals.

Covid is just an excuse, hospital beds are empty for biggies. Just watch.
2/2 No media will speak about this.

If you wish to raise your voice, please watch it and RT it to the max that it reaches all LeLis and Delhites.

.@Siya_100720 @SriramKannan77 @Aamani_03 @Tushar_KN @Rajat_Hind @AadhySanatani @IndicKartavya @BhaktiSaamrajya
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29 Apr
Kashi Vishwanath Temple history

In 1194, more than 1000 temples were demolished by Qutub-Al-Din-Aybak. These sites remained untouched for the next 50 years till Razia Sultan constructed a mosque on the forsaken place of the Vishwanath temple.
Vishwanath temple was reconstructed in the area of Avimukteshwara, which again faced partial destruction by Mahmud Sharqi.

In 1494, Sikandar Lodi demolished several temples including the Vishwanath temple.

In 1585, a scholar Narayan Bhatt rebuilt the temple.
Mahmud Ghazini and Shah Jahan (1627-1658) demolished all reconstructed temples.

It was Aurangzeb in 1669, who ordered the demolition of Vishwanath temple and built a Gyan Vapi mosque.

Aurangzeb destroyed several temples but also wanted to change the name of Varanasi.
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29 Apr
Authors of this article are: By Vikas Pandey & Shadab Nazmi

BBC selects five different states to check the spread of the virus.

1. Kota
2. Allahabad (they still have problems with Prayagraj, it seems)
3. Kabirdham, Chattisgarh
4. Bhagalpur and Aurangabad in Bihar
5. Nainital, Uttarakhand
My observations:

1. Why were the two worst affected states not included?

2. Was it because they were non-BJP?

3. Why most BJP states were included? (Four out of six)

Please think on this and think how much one should trust BBC.
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26 Apr
Ashta Siddhi

Ashta Siddhi is mentioned in Patanjali Yog sutra and can be obtained by very few through countless years of practice and devotion to all eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.

Siddhi can loosely be translated as accomplishment or a special power or unusual skill.
The eight Siddhis are:

1. Anima: Reducing one’s physical self to the size of an atom.

2. Mahima: Expanding one’s physical self to infinite level

3. Garima: Making one’s physical self so heavy as immovable by others

4. Laghima: Becoming almost weightless
5. Prapti: Being able travel anywhere in the Universe

6. Prakamya: Can know & understand what is going on in one’s mind. Can understand other person’s min.

7. Ishitva: Possessing title of Bhagwan

8. Vashitva: A seeker can subdue any person/thing

(Hanuman Jayanti is coming)
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