There are scores of commentators who’ve made the trip from “contrarian conservative” to “fascism and/or white nationalism are cool actually.”
Michelle Malkin. Ann Coulter. John Derbyshire. Peter Brimelow. Tucker C. Jimmy concepts here. Lou Dobbs.
I can’t think of a single liberal who has made the trip to full communism. And yet the only “slippery slope” story the mainstream media seems to give any credence to is the BS Hayek meme about the road to leftist serfdom we immediately commit to once “the free market” is violated
A longer meditation on the messed up, asymmetrical rhetoric about slippery slopes in American political discourse.
This is what “based” means to Jimmy’s audience and he knows it.…

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4 May
Case study in FB radicalization. This was just posted on FB by someone I graduated from HS with. They were always a self-described "conservative Republican," but not particularly political until 2016 when Trump fired them up. Now this is what they're sharing.
Five days ago that person wrote a long piece about how Obama started all of this dividing along lines of race in America and that they're sick of it because "THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE. If you choose to divide by color you must take a hard look into your own form of “racism”.
This is not someone who is a secret white nationalist meme warrior. They are a white person who genuinely claims to believe racism is terrible, and so in order to combat their definition of racism they are recirculating memes produced by white nationalists they found on FB.
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4 May
It was terrible Pete. My neighbor walked upstairs and caught her son wearing a Lebron James jersey and listening to Macklemore. What could I do? I had to shut it all down before we entered the death spiral into full communism.
Baker City's population is <10,000, about 0.25% of the state's total population. It's also a 5 hour drive from Portland, and went 75/25 for Trump in 2020.
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3 May
We need many more stories like this...
So we can possibly avoid this frustratingly likely future.
When a person who’s medically able to get the vaccine refuses to, they are making a choice for all of us. An unrepresentative minority of Americans seem disposed to choose a future in which the coronavirus is always with us. It’s enraging.
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3 May
The super “woke” corporation, Coke, ran this ad 50 years ago.
Ted Cruz was BORN in December 1970. Image
When this “woke” ad was made in the early 50s, Ted Cruz’s parents were barely born yet.
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2 May
One year ago today, this car came to the Oregon State Capitol to protest on behalf of the coronavirus.

Let me try to parse the message: “I'm a rebel, I don't obey the government, and if you do you're a slave, because slavery is bad, but the confederacy was good...” 1/
“...because I'm a patriot, even tho the confederacy tried to destroy the union, which was cool because 2nd Amendment, but also America love it or leave it, but I'm stockpiling guns because I hate the government so much I might have to shoot a member of the National Guard...” 2/
“...but the Democrats hate America and just get black people to vote for them by giving them welfare, and also slavery was bad because the Democrats did it which shows that THEY are the real racists like Candace Owens says, and she’s black so I can’t possibly be a racist.” 3/
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2 May
Not quite. As I understand it the MAGA logic is that CRT is part of a broader "globalist" & "cultural Marxist" conspiracy thru which a rich, culturally-foreign elite (who hate capitalism?) gin up racial grievances to justify expanding state power in ways that harm white people.
Put more simply. CRT is a structural analysis of power. MAGA's criticism of American institutions is just an old fashioned conspiracy theory....and one that's, at root, just a slightly watered down variant of a very old anti-semitic grievance story.
Remember that much of the US right in the 1960s assumed that the Civil Rights Movement was a communist plot, aided and abetted by "elites in Hollywood, the academy, and the media," to overthrow the glorious US Constitution and its "tradition" of local control.
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