White supremacy is THE terrorism threat in the US. Trying to pretend that we have a general problem with some kind of vague ✌️political extremism✌️is just a false pretense used to justify the continued surveillance of leftists & Black activists.
MLK led a movement that was strictly nonviolent & he was still surveilled, harassed & assassinated. Why? B/c he promoted terrorism? No. B/c he spoke against the terrorism of the US govt. By contrast, violent white supremacists are moving freely within policing agencies & gov’t.
“right-wing extremists have killed 329 victims in the last 25 years, while antifa members haven't killed any”

From 2018

“Right-wing extremism in the United States appears to be growing. The number of terrorist attacks by far-right perpetrators rose over the past decade, more than quadrupling between 2016 and 2017”

From 2017. And by the way, there are states now trying to legalize this form of terrorism which got Neo-Nazi James Fields sentenced to life in prison

Reminder that the Feds long refused to acknowledge white supremacists as an ideological movement whose acts of violence matched the govt’s own definition of domestic terrorism...

...But they were quick to create a terrorism designation called “Black Identity Extremists” to target Black activism even tho there was no evidence of a threat


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3 May
Race does not exist independently of racism. That is its whole function as a social construct. “Is America racist?” is not an opinion. People think racism = hate. Racism is much broader than that. Racism describes the organization of the modern society itself.
People think the question of American racism is whether or not people hate/love each other, have friends of different races, have Black ppl in white spaces, etc. The fact that the society is organized according to race is the result of racism & race-based discrimination.
I don’t think many people grasp the scope of white supremacy b/c it’s so ubiquitous. It’s the dominant religion & ideology of the society. Ppl not only believe in the existence of a white race, they believe it is inherently superior, as evidenced by white domination.
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30 Apr
History is not an opinion. We can have opinions about history, but history is a collection of facts. How those facts are remembered or deliberately misremembered, buried or constantly highlighted is entirely political & a constant struggle between the oppressor & the oppressed.
If you have to constantly fight to bury history, that says a lot. I have no need or desire to bury history. White supremacists are the ones who don’t want the whole truth told b/c it makes the status quo untenable.
European colonizers came to this land, committed genocide against the Indigenous populations & kidnapped & held Africans & their descendants in bondage for generations. Thru violence, they sought to strip them of their history, language & culture & replace it w/ white supremacy.
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30 Apr
“Vote for me because I know what it’s like to come from a place where people say you don’t belong & the odds are stacked against you. Now stfu & stop whining you coloreds & poors!”
This messaging is for white ppl. The thrust is that “I [insert marginalized identity] overcame so clearly structural discrimination is not a problem in America. I got here because I am exceptional. And anyone can succeed in America if they’re exceptional.”
And this is the problem with the entire exceptionalist framework, why it’s dangerous and shouldn’t be left unchallenged. Not only does it falsely imply that “all it takes is hard work”, it also pretends that the positioning of one individual negates the positioning of a majority
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30 Apr
Not trying to “dunk” on anyone. I’m saying this is ridiculous how these politicians give their stories of being the children of immigrants or sharecroppers, how they had to overcome discrimination & various odds... only to turn around & say no one else is dealing with it now???
LOL at folks in the replies to this pretending to have no awareness of power dynamics around anglicized names, be it Obama going by Barack instead of Barry or Ted Cruz instead of Rafael, Bobby Jindal instead of Piyush or all the European immigrants who changed their names...
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30 Apr
America is a white settler colonial state. Racism is inherent in its organization. It’s wild how people don’t recognize this is an active colonial state that is the product of an ongoing genocide against the Indigenous population. White settlers are a distinct, privileged class.
America is not a naturally “white” country. It’s not a European nation. It’s a colonized state like any other colonized state that ever existed in Africa or Asia except that white settlers managed to create a majority population here & displace the Indigenous population.
So when ppl say “America isn’t racist”, that’s not an opinion or expression of how someone feels. That is a wildly ahistorical statement that ignores both how the nation came into existence and how current government policy is designed to maintain a majority white settler class.
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28 Apr
Do we really need more investigations & probes to show us policing is racist? It’s beyond time to get off this hamster wheel & start shifting resources from policing to other methods of public safety. Most things police respond to could be handled other ways, w/o armed posses.
Haven’t seen anyone explain why we can’t shrink police forces right away, beginning by purging cops w/ lengthy misconduct records. Then shift resources to create new public service jobs for addressing drug addiction, houselessness, domestic violence, mental crisis, traffic, etc.
This isn’t complicated. And it just looks more absurd with each passing day & each new incident of police murdering someone, then responding in riot gear when people protest— all while the international community looks on & rightly calls it a violation of human rights.
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