You might've seen a good deal of outraged right-wing bloviating about "critical race theory" lately. So what *is* critical race theory, actually?

Here's a very brief breakdown of how to understand "CRT," what it is, and why it actually makes a ton of sense. #ncpol
This is taken from @Transliberalism's excellent breakdown, which you can read in full below.

"Critical race theory has no canonical definition. However, most critical race theorists share a few themes in common..."… #ncpol
"(1) A viewpoint that racism is not an aberration, but is the typical way society works; the view that white people as a class benefit from racism, and so there is a major force disincentivizing them, the dominant racial class, from ending institutional racism." #ncpol
"(2) the view that race is a socially constructed series of relations, not a natural biological fact; (3) focus on differential racialization, how races are differentiated from each other and from themselves over time; (4) interest in anti-essentialism & intersectionality" #ncpol
"(5) the belief that, in general, racial minorities are more competent to speak about racism than white people, again in general."

That's pretty much it. Race is a social construct and systemic racism exists. CRT is about dealing with those obvious, basic facts of life. #ncpol
Right-wingers make up a lot of nonsense about CRT not only because they don't understand it (and don't bother to try), but also because their latent racial resentment make them defensive about the entire enterprise of grappling with racism itself. #ncpol
The problem with a lot of critical race theory discussion is that it's extremely academic and theoretical. When talking about it with normal people, don't make them read a PhD thesis. Meet them where they are. It's just about understanding and dismantling racism. #ncpol

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2 May
More progressive activists owe it to their principles to be a little more pragmatic in how they approach winning governing power. /1 #ncpol
North Carolina is pretty much a 50/50 state, but between its two parties, one is highly organized and professionalized while the other is held together with duct tape, gum and free Zoom calls. /2 #ncpol
That, and one party's entrenched power, has implications for what kind of candidates and campaigns each party gets to run (and which ones are more likely to win); and also, the degrees of latitude each gets to stake out on issues. #ncpol
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1 May
Here's how this works.

When the NCGOP wants to get a story into the media, they tap the @CarolinaJournal, which acts as their in-house media organ. (It's owned/financed by the Art Pope John Locke Fdn.) The CJ is effectively just a long-form GOP press release outlet. #ncpol
When @DallasWoodhouse, "reporter" 🙄 and publicly disgraced ex-ED of the NCGOP, writes a story like that, it ain't a slip or mistake. It's a trial balloon.

They know what they can get away with and are going to maximize it. #ncpol
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2 Feb
This is a good article, but doesn't do a good job of fairly describing the partisan news landscape in NC. That ecosystem has one 800-lb gorilla: @JohnLockeNC/ @CarolinaJournal. JLF spends upwards of $1M/year just on Carolina Journal, a highly partisan media organ. #ncpol
Beyond Carolina Journal, of course, you have JLF itself and its content reach, plus @NCCivitas and associated bodies. They're all funded primarily by Art Pope - whose name, incredibly, never makes it into that @newsobserver piece.

That is honestly an enormous omission. #ncpol
NC’s partisan news ecosystem is not remotely "both sides." On one side, you have a billionaire-funded propaganda system tightly coordinated with the @NCGOP. And on the other, you've got a couple of indie activists on a shoestring budget and w/o party support. #ncpol
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1 Feb
A remarkable political shift of the last 20 years is how the GOP pivoted from the "party of ideas" into the "party of No."

GOP leaders just don't talk about doing anything positive anymore. It's all just cutting taxes, getting rid of stuff, and culture warring. #ncpol
In case this honest observation is mistaken for trolling, what would be the countercase? What do GOP leaders *want* in 2021?

Besides cutting taxes (mostly for the rich), what would you say? They haven't offered anything. #ncpol
Republicans held majorities in the US House/Senate and the Presidency from 2017-2019, and they... passed a big, regressive tax cut. Pretty much all they were able to agree on. (Despite a solid decade of railing against the ACA and swearing they had a better plan!) #ncpol
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30 Jan
If slashing teacher pay, dismantling benefits, divesting from schools and forcing educators to teach in-person in the midst of a raging pandemic sounds like a strategy tailored to make NCian teachers quit, then congrats - you've stumbled on the @NCGOP's real goal here. #ncpol
The real goal for NC Repubs is to systematically dismantle much of NC's public education system.

Why? Several reasons.

(1) Privatization. The @NCGOP wants to slough off education on to charter schools, which are both less competent and unaccountable. #ncpol
(2) Spite. Folks like @SenatorBerger have had a long-running, and incredibly petty, feud with @ncae, the professional organization (not union!) of NC teachers.

NCAE leans Democratic, and the @NCGOP makes them out to be a boogeyman. It's an absurd farce. #ncpol
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9 Dec 20
One dynamic you're going to see among North Carolina Democrats jostling for high-profile races over the next 10 years is big frontrunners and lots of marginal candidates. This is because a decade of gerrymandering has withered our bench and candidate pipeline. #ncpol
In the 2010s, if you were an ambitious 20/30/40-something in most parts of the state, there was just no state lege office to run for. All the seats are drawn to be non-competitive for incumbents and single-party safe (mostly for Rs). So why waste your time? #ncpol
Part of what makes gerrymandering so alluring to the party in power is not just entrenching power, but kneecapping the opposition's talent pipeline.

Sadly, we're going to see a lot of luminary Dem talents just decide #ncpol isn't worth the sacrifices. We're seeing that now.
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