you have about 18 more hours to get a submission into @o11ycon! we're interested in hearing about your #observability journey, whether you're a Honeycomb customer or not!
@o11ycon Have a few minutes to share a topic you'd like to hear more about or have an anecdote about your #observability journey you'd like to share? Our Call for Presentations for @o11ycon is open until tonight!

Don't dawdle, put something in before signing off!
Hi US East Coast, it's about to be 7pm, remember, we're not extending this deadline any further. Even if it's just some partial thoughts, put in for @o11ycon the topic of your talk and a few points you might want to cover! #OpenTelemetry #Observability
Last call, deadline is midnight Pacific!

• • •

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More from @lizthegrey

4 May
how to fail at even pretending to be anti-racist:

thank and coddle a senior white supremacist employee who claims the idea of white supremacy is "racist against white people", claim that it has to be like the Holocaust to be racist, then refuse to denounce white supremacy.
also, like, that is the kind of viewpoint that's being coddled as "we have to avoid making these people feel uncomfortable" -- it's not about what the marginal tax rate should be, they're literally treating overt white supremacist language as a form of difference you celebrate
and that's what's trendy among the exec set: saying "everyone has to be welcome no matter how they're different, especially my white supremacist friend" at the expense of the Black, brown, minority gender, and queer folks at their companies that they're driving out.
Read 4 tweets
18 Dec 20
That was a giant freaking scare. A loose USB port connection on my #honeycomb_lx2k carrier board took it out of commission half of today.

Given I was already down one machine, this wasn't looking promising for stream tonight; but I'm burning it in with a temporary fix in place.
sometimes the answer to "why is my system unstable" is actually "because the USB ports are bad".
the burn-in is looking good so far, so we're on for the stream tonight!

Meanwhile, in other computer troubles, ASRock thinks the 5600X is a dud and that the B550M motherboard is fine, so on to asking AMD to RMA a grey market scalped (but authentic/sealed) processor...
Read 5 tweets
17 Dec 20
It's on! #AdventOfCode from my #Honeycomb_LX2K ARM64 machine starting in 5 min! obs running showing a wayland desktop
Screensharing glitched first 5 min then was rock stable 60 FPS! #AdventOfCode

My application of De Morgan's Laws wasn't rock stable. I wasted 30 minutes on !(a || b) that should have been !a && !b instead of !a || !b

Timestamps say I was stuck for 35 minutes on that two character mistake. and reviewing it, I see _exactly_ what happened. It wasn't just !(a || b) expansion, I was simultaneously refactoring !(f(x) == 2 || f(x) == 3) to only eval f(x) once, so I forgot the intention #AdventOfCode
Read 4 tweets
16 Dec 20
You know who else was taken aside before becoming a manager and told that she couldn't be as vocal? This trans woman of color.

"Why do you have ‘concerns’ about me being a manager? The conversation was “She seems to be unhappy, so let’s not make her a manager.” " --@timnitGebru
I was told that part of the bargain of becoming a manager was being invited to sit at the decision-making table, but in exchange to commit and disagree on any decisions made there.

But I wasn't ever invited to the decision-making table about the ethical issues that mattered.
I was invited to participate in decisions about technical work of my team. And in performance evaluation for my team. And sure, I disagreed and committed on those things.

But to muzzle someone from criticizing any area of Google once they become a manager is a terrible bargain.
Read 8 tweets
16 Dec 20
In 2.5 hours: #AdventOfCode live with me in #GoLang.

Just 10 more puzzles left!
Starting in on #AdventOfCode now!

Honestly hoping for a quick one as I have some job stuff to clean up after, having done errands/paperwork earlier in day, but we'll see what @ericwastl has in store for us!
Oof. Got tripped up on parsing and then nested data structure mangling. But we got there with the help of the #AdventOfCode community!

Video: (processing may take a while, it's almost an hour...)
Read 4 tweets
16 Dec 20
Bought a 5600X from one of the more legit scalpers in .ca (AeroMalls, has a Newegg storefront, lists 20% above Canadian MSRP but not 50% or 100%+ above).

As the goblins say, "time is money, friend!" Swapping it in will wait for weekend, don't want to risk AoC stream or work day. Ryzen 5 5600X processor new...
Sequence of operations: unplug both AMD64 machines, leaving the ARM64 workstation and the Chromebook as backup.

Swap B550 mobo into the larger case and the X470 mobo into the smaller case. Remove 3400G from X470, insert 4750G from B550. Plug 5600X into B550. Move RAM/GFX. Pray.
I wish I'd put the 4750G in the X470 to begin with (since both are PCIE 3.0 only), but they only recently released BIOS updates enabling 5000 and 4000 series on the X470 so that wasn't possible in September :/
Read 9 tweets

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