Nicola Sturgeon strikes a familiar note here: women's rights and trans rights "do not need to be seen as in conflict with each other."
Take, for example: “Your (and many others') concerns stem from not accepting the premise that trans women are women. That's the long and short of it. Trans rights activism is, in large part, an effort to increase the number of people who accept that premise.”
Or "Your problem is created by your own beliefs. As long as you think that trans women are males, you will be stressed about them invading your spaces. So just reorient your thinking.If trans women are already women,then there is no more a problem of males invading those spaces."
This is a clever twist to Stonewall's pledge that they "do not & will not acknowledge a conflict between trans rights & ‘sex based women’s rights’.” OK, so some people do see such a conflict—but only because they see wrongly. If only they could be made to see rightly!
It's curious wording. Imagine applying it to climate change, say: Limitless fossil fuel consumption and a livable planet do not need to be seen as in conflict with each other.

Not that how you see it changes what is there to be seen: the world will still burn up.
If trans activists got their way and everyone saw rightly, would the conflict simply melt away? Or would only our ability to name and understand it fade?
It reminds me of nothing so much as Milosz on Stalinism: "Whoever sees reality otherwise than as the proletariat sees it falsely; in other words, his picture of reality is deformed by the pressure of the interests of classes that are backward and so destined to disappear..."
"Whoever sees the world falsely necessarily acts badly; whoever acts badly is a bad man; therefore the reactionary is a bad man, and one should not feel sorry for him."

• • •

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30 Apr
Posted without comment:

"If they define themselves as women, no uterus-carrier (here's a new name idea for the group you can form) will convince me otherwise."
It's funny because he won't define what he means by woman but his answer is clear: A woman is whatever a man says a woman is.

Men like Michael get to hand out the promotions ("trans women are women") and demotions ("uterus carriers").
If women submitted to this uterus-carrier nonsense Michael so modestly proposes, would we then be free to organize in our own interests, advocate for our own rights, and exclude males in settings where sex matters? Somehow I doubt it.

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29 Apr
Drastically abridged travel journal: Istanbul edition, late April into May 2019.

Flying into Istanbul, I see Asia for the first time across the Black Sea. The new airport is immense; you feel as though nothing exists outside of its high white walls.
Sultanahmet is a zoo: too much traffic driving too aggressively on too-narrow, pitted streets. You can't hear yourself think and every step threatens to twist an ankle. Most of the tourists seem to be from the Gulf States, men in cargo shorts, women ghost-like in black niqabs.
I go first to see the Blue Mosque (1616), commissioned by Sultan Ahmed I to stand across from the Hagia Sophia. I make it in before afternoon prayers. Only one of five domes is visible (?/20,000 handpainted Iznik tiles), but it's spellbinding. What it’s not is particularly blue.
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29 Apr
"You can recognize this rhetoric by its strange focus on 'damage' transition can do to specific body parts, such as breasts, uteri, & ovaries."

Mx Potato Head mindset on display. Removing organs hurts the whole person, in ways we don't fully understand.…
Yes, many of us are troubled by what is, in effect, a eugenics campaign being carried out on young women, including many lesbian and autistic. That concern doesn't have anything to do with "the proper role of women" as birthers. That's your language, not ours.
For all the talk about autonomy and consent, both principles are violated by the blind affirmation genderists push for, even as they admit kids don't & can't grasp lifelong effects of interventions they've been told will keep them from killing themselves.…
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26 Apr
Before my childhood best friend transitioned, they talked about the guilt they felt at “leaving women behind.” I didn’t see my friend leaving anything behind (when did my friend stop being a woman?), only seeking to live & be seen in a different way. But my friend meant it.
What do you do with that sense of guilt that's also a reminder of what you're trying to escape or deny?

You can expiate it by erasing the very language that would express what’s being renounced. You can pretend that there was nothing you left.
That any kind of person can get pregnant or ‘bleed,’ and that nothing binds these individuals across time and place.

In other words: You never were part of that, whatever it was, if there was ever anything to it at all.
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25 Apr
Surreal that there's a totally different article in here (w/ all the same quotes/facts) that's less about "finding freedom" & connecting w/ your "true self" & more about sowing bodily dissociation & grooming kids into becoming lifelong medical patients...…
“Online, you can get rid of all the baggage of real life."

"Homophobic comments made by her secondary school friends deterred her from broaching the topic."

Ripley and Hannah "have observed that the current cohort of people questioning their gender online are younger."
"Hannah has taken on a mentoring role in her Discord groups, describing herself as a “mother” to her community. “So many of them struggle coming out, and I know what that’s like – how it feels to be scared,” she says. She advises them to explore their options early..."
Read 4 tweets
21 Apr
Trans activists love to talk about being on the "right side of history." But the mentality is something else—not the sense of being on the right side of history but the confidence of being on the *winning* side.
When you believe you're on the right side of history, you should act like it: take the high road, practice grace. Among trans activists, that self-belief doesn't translate into a principled approach but contempt.
Trans activists have the assurance not of a just cause but of coming out on top—no matter what you do or say to get there. Being on the winning side of history means anything goes: violent threats, bald-faced lies, emotional manipulation, language that obscures.
Read 12 tweets

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