Politicians are so desperate to stay in office that they would rather have endemic disease periodically racking communities and the businesses that rely on them, rather than make some hard choices like mandatory vaccination
I used to just repeat the tweet, then I discovered I could QT myself and it made everything simpler 😂
I don't think there's any reason to believe the data submitted to FDA would be materially different than what was already submitted for the Emergency Use Authorization

The efficacy of a vaccine doesn't hinge on what class of approval it's given by a government agency
And given the utter f*cking hysteria already surrounding whether private businesses can prohibit the unvaccinated from entering, it's not like we'd ever politically get to a point of mandatory vaccines anyway

We're just gonna have a lot more dead people going forward

The only question is how long it takes politicians to argue more dead is A Good Thing Actually™ because it shores up the social security system and creates jobs in funeral-related industries 🥴

I'd forgotten this one. Also fewer carbon footprints, so good for the environment! 😂😑
Oh man, can you imagine if Swift wrote that these days? He'd be taken seriously
They do new studies with new data, but the end results are almost always the same (because the thing being tested either works or it doesn't, causes side effects or doesn't, etc – so there's no real surprises)

The categorizations are largely just about public perception

A medication that's only got an EUA is seen as still being potentially dangerous, where a fully approved one isn't "because surely the FDA wouldn't approve something dangerous" etc etc

My recollection is that several meds for niche diseases just exist in perpetuity under EUA b/c there simply aren't enough disease sufferers to do randomized trials

The drugs still work, and everyone just moves along

But what's the *substantive* difference between EUA and full approval?
The vaccine uptake % disproves your last sentence. Anti-vaxxism now dominates an entire political party, roughly 40% of adults. If the goal of vaccines is herd immunity, we will quite literally never get there because of that, ever
I did not know this, though I suppose given how old it is that I'm not surprised
I'd put "hope" in quotes, since things like the measles resurgence were the pre-Trump byproduct of Dems' anti-vaxxism and fascination with healing stones and other gibberish 😉

But yeah things aren't going to get better any time soon
Much obliged, did not realize that phrase was an industry term of art

• • •

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4 May

And most national / state / local political party meetings, government sessions, etc etc etc all start with it too
➡️ This is delusional, but that's true of Lin Wood's gibberish most days anyway

➡️ MAGAts will believe every word
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3 May
I hate arm day so much y'all... 🥵
👩🏻: "Don't you want strong muscles?"

👴🏼: "I already have strong muscles."

👩🏻: "Don't you want *stronger* muscles?"

👴🏼: "Not as much as I want fried chicken."

I would take leg day 6x a week over this
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3 May
Every statement in this tweet is false
This is an apt comparison

Even the research shows 10-15% of droplets still get past a cloth mask. But the 85%-90% reduction in transmission does wonders for disease prevention, especially when coupled with distancing
Spreading communicable diseases to own the libs
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3 May
(Sorry for the delete-and-retweet, original only had the story URL when I wanted to QT Will's tweet instead)
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2 May
Apparently it's May? Who knew?

Time to mothball the April AMA thread and start a new one

Ask Me Anything...

I'll start the thread with an answer appended to the April AMA by mistake 😂

To the question of "why was Pitt County judge Jeff Foster the one hearing the Pasquotank County petition to release bodycam footage of Andrew Brown Jr's execution?"
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30 Apr
Overland Park Police were called to check on a suicidal 17-year-old boy, who dispatchers were told "had been cutting himself and was threatening to stab himself"

Cops said "challenge accepted" and blew the kid away

The city paid out $2.3M to the family in a wrongful death suit
I was going to say "this happened 3 years ago so yes we have all the facts," but I noticed it was a new account with 0 followers and 50% of its tweets were whining about how cops are amazing and we're being so mean to them and etc

Some people need a hobby
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