Since Marvel stuff is trending, did I ever tell anyone about the time I dreamt that I was watching the new Spiderman 3. The plot was....something. (this was maybe back in jan/feb)

If anyone is interested, I may find what I wrote and tweet about it on my lunch break.
Ok, since more Marvel stuff is trending (Venom apparently), here goes this weird dream I had back in Feb/Mar about sitting in a theater, watching the upcoming Spiderman movie:
It began with a title card: Peter Parker is on the run. The world believes the multiverse is real.
There might have been some action scenes of him fighting crimes, but instead getting chased by police, I don't really remember
He eventually goes into hiding and chooses the one place in New York he can run to: that one building Dr. Strange lives in.
He's there messing with things, leaving webbing everywhere, tangentially learning about magic. Just generally pissing off Strange.
Some things happen, and eventually Peter gets roped into some search for a magical mcguffin and is teamed up with...
This version of Mysterio is an actual magic user who was looking across the multiverse for tools & artifacts to help him rebuild his planet after the avengers failed to stop Thanos a second time.
One of the artifacts was a ring that did....something? I don't quite recall
At some point they track this thing down and Mysterio's true nature is revealed, because the character has to have a twist I guess?
Turns out Mysterio is actually an AU villain who mixes magic & illusions to do crimes. He evaded Spidey & the rest of his universe's avengers by escaping into the prime MCU after killing his universe's strange (something about fighting magic w a surprise gun).
So yeah, AU Mysterio apparently Indiana Jones'd the AU Dr Strange.
So now Spiderman and Strange are racing to get the ring before Mysterio can, and along the way Mysterio's plan is revealed: He is gathering magical artifacts and villains from around the multiverse in order to defeat his universe's avengers.
They get to the place where the ring is at the same time. It's on display at a knock-off Ripley's Believe it Or Not style 'weird museum' as part of some costume in their wax museum.
A fight breaks out between the three, with strange & Mysterio hopping in-and-out of portals while Spidey recovers the ring as the place is being demolished. Mysterio, seizing the opportunity, sucker punches strange, knocking him out.
He throws Strange into a portal and joins Spiderman in trying to save people & magically rebuild the building, totally capitalizing the fact that some people still think Mysterio is a hero. He even builds a fake display for the ring to highlight that it's missing.
The owners are confused & amazed at this dome-headed stranger who reversed the damage to their museum. Mysterio tells them Spiderman is stealing the ring, pointing out the display.
Even though they were warming up to Spiderman, they immediately revert back to hatred under the belief they witnessed Spidey committing petty theft.
Mysterio & Spiderman fight. During which the ring is activated (?) and multiple portals explode into existence. MCU Strange appears out of one of them.
Strange laughs and explains how a magical hobbyist like Mysterio should have at least known that dimensional travel was a skill that could be learned. This provokes Mysterio and the two again fight in-and-out of portals as Spiderman watches.
Spiderman escapes the museum as portals start explosively collapsing, appearing to claim the lives of both Mysterio and Strange.
Alone & on the run again, Peter attempts to contact Nick Fury with hilariously futile results.
He then bumps into old man Steve Rogers, not realizing who he is. But Steve remembers.
Steve gives him a dumb, inspirational speech. So inspired by whatever the hell that was, Parker goes back to fighting crime.
At this point Parker is hiding out at his friend's house, and watching as J Jonah Jameson goes from conspiracy-theorist podcaster to the top host on a major 24-hour network news channel.
This revived JJJ talks about fringe news and offers contrarian viewpoints on superheroes (he is the one who broke the news story about Mysterio's apparent return in New Jersey). But he always returns to his bread & butter. What made him a star: dunking on Spiderman
As Parker goes about his routine, tries homeschooling, moves back in with Aunt May...he realizes something isn't right...
One day he is watching The Daily Bugle on fox (Aunt May is like, "Why do you even watch that crap?") he notices Jameson is reporting on 'Spiderman Criminal Activity' that never happened. Lots of Spiderman sightings that never happened and activity he wasn't a part of.
So he goes about setting a few traps for the fake Spiderman...and ends up catching two people. The two previous movie Spidermen!
After the shock wears off ("Is this gonna be like that old movie Timecop?"), he has them over for dinner to figure out what is going on. There's a funny bit where Aunt May tries calling for Peter and they all answer or are all trying to help. It was pretty bad.
THEN Dr Strange shows up, having lost Mysterio and assuming he's dead. He uses magic to determine if they are real, then warns of the fallout that might happen if they don't get back to their respective universes.
What ensues is Mysterio arriving back in prime MCU New York, having stolen the ring and gathered a supervillain team capable of taking on Spiderman!

The three heroes rise to the occasion to take out this sinister team of multidimensional villains:
Doc Ock, Spiderman 2
Electro, Amazing Spiderman 2
Venom, from Venom (tricked into believing that Spiderman is a villain)
three other villains I can't remember, I think one might have been a comic-accurate Rhino.
They work together to defeat these baddies while strange fights Mysterio (once again).
During this fight, it's revealed that Mysterio met and trained with another sorcerer supreme during his travels (now revealed to be across both space AND time). When he came back to prime earth, He told this individual about their unrealized destiny, one that Strange stole...
It's then that Mordo reveals himself, disguised as Mysterio while the real Mysterio was pretending to be a mirror duplicate. Strange fights them both.
As they fight, Venom realizes they are been duped into fighting a good guy. It and Eddie start talking. When Rami Spidey hears the name Eddie, he realizes how to defeat the monster and goes about creating a harmful sound.
Eddie sees this and tells Venom they need to show them that they're switching sides. "What if I eat the horn guy?" Venom ponders but Eddie has a different plan. So the pair switch and Eddie puts himself in danger so one of the Spidermen will save him.
Serendipitously, the Rami Spidey saves him and he is able to explain. This Spidey doesn't believe him, but still gives them a chance to prove it.
Eddie changes back into venom, who then successfully defeats Rhino and eats them, gving Rami Spidey a thumbs up.
Rami Spiderman gives us a classic Tobey Maguire awkward expression and shrugs.

Venom turns to fight another villain, their white veins morph to form a spider symbol on their chest.

and that's about where I woke up...sorry.
It's a wild, terrible ride, but that's a Marvel movie I watched in a dream I guess.

• • •

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