What’s the solution, then? The obviously partisan tactics of social media titans, privately-owned or not, are not only controlling information flow, but they are actively shaping public discourse — something they can do by choosing to promote certain stories, ban others...
...tamp down on responses / corrections, and deny those looking for information access to, for example, DeSantis talking about the science behind Covid restrictions with a panel of medical experts.

More, it can be used to amplify pressure on certain businesses, or by ...
...businesses like Amazon or MLB, eg., to influence the legislation supported by voters and legislatures by threatening states — always those with R Governors — with the loss of hundreds of millions in revenue.

If there’s a better solution, let us know. But doing nothing...
...of import or impact while hiding behind the TruCon canard about the main aggregators and disseminators of info in our country being privately owned and therefore allowed to shape our narratives by putting a huge thumb on the scale of what the public is told (while hiding ..
...factual and corrective rejoinders), makes the operation of a political system predicated on an informed electorate impossible.

16 or so years back a major liberal media figure admitted candidly that the press was good for about 15% added to Dem vote totals. What do you...
...think that percentage is now, as even the pretense of objectivity has been surrendered, and “private” big tech — some of whose execs have now moved into govt in the Biden administration — are effectively an arm of the Dem party?

Private businesses allying w a single...
...political party to drive that party’s agenda — not through lobbying or financial support but rather by directly manipulating information, and having the coordinated power to crush dissent — is fascism. It’s the final stage in Bellamy’s Looking Backward before Marxist paradise.
The thing is, it’s the stage in most authoritarian socialist countries where the dialectic is halted; pols and major multinational corporations control you, control wealth, and solidify one party power.

Bellamy wrote it as a Utopia. The 20th century proved him disastrously...

So again I ask: what is the solution?

Are these monopolies? And if so, how do we go about busting them?

• • •

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12 Apr
A corporate oligarchy is going to financial blackmail states into resisting the overwhelming will of the people to secure election integrity — with voter ID favored at 75% regardless of party in recent polling.

We’ve already seen GA punished. And Noem & Hutchinson cave...

Some “principled” conservatives will continue to argue that corporations, being privately owned, have an absolute right to act as political advocates. But this is now at the collusion stage — w MLB, eg., costing Atlanta businesses over $100 million for the “crime” of...
...being a R run state. This kind of bullying is going to lead to people afraid to vote their conscience for fear of losing their livelihoods at the whim of a woke corporate oligarchy. This is essentially voter intimidation on an unconscionable scale.

What it most certainly...
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14 Mar
If they love a QB, I have no problem w them taking one. But they’ll have to move up most likely for anyone save Mac Jones, & even he may go. I’d like to see them trade back if possible, pick up capital for next draft & some this draft, & target CB Newsome. Use the bonus 2 on...
OT or edge, depending on what happens w Von Miller. I’d use another second on either Molden or a Baron Browning, depending on how free agency goes.

Lock was good down the stretch throwing to a punt returner, a possession receiver, and some rookies. It was our DB injuries...
...that killed us.

I think if Lock really knows the offense this season, he won’t be late with his throws. I also think that if he improves his footwork his accuracy takes a leap. I heard he’d been working with someone on that, but I can’t confirm it.

The path will be...
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21 Feb
So he’s just a paler Eric Holder? Wow, who’d have guessed it?

We really dodged a bullet when Garland was being pushed as a SCOTUS Justice.

He and Roberts together would have turned Court rulings into transcripts from an episode of Dr Phil.

That being said, his new role...
...seems to be aimed at advocating for race-based justice, then squelching dissent by labeling it hate speech and domestic extremism.

We’re at full totalitarianism, people.

It was ALWAYS about language and who lays claim to the ownership of meaning: the individual, or some..
...”interpretive community” who contends that what they hear is dispositive, regardless of any originary intent.

— that is, mob rule — where the mob oftentimes is incentivized or taught to interpret in ways that serve themselves and demonize those who stand against them.

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16 Feb
My entire family had Covid and today we’re out of quarantine. We couldn’t get any doctors locally to prescribe *any* therapeutics — Satch, in fact, went to the hospital and they gave him Tylenol.

As a prophylaxis, I’d been taking Quercetin, elemental zinc (50 mg), vitamin C...
(1000 mg), vitamin D (10,000). This is the regimen I put Satch and my wife on once it was clear we had it. This is the low-risk treatment protocol recommended by Dr Zelenko, among others. Tanner, who is 8, needed nothing but a day or two of rest.

For me, I called Dr Zelenko...
...and we added HCQ (200 mg twice a day for 5 days), Ivermectin (6mg 2x in the same day), and a zpac (4 days). I also take a vitamin K.

Within a day my pulse ox went from 92 to 96; Satch went from 93 to 98.

The key is to get treatment when you begin to feel symptoms, even..
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6 Feb
150 NYT reporters are wrong, for reasons I explained on proteinwisdom.com for 18 years.

In the sidebar, just click on “intentionaliam”.

Here’s the nut: the ONLY thing that makes language language is intent — either the intent to mean, or the intent of the...
...receiver of a text to see the text as a text. If the receiver agrees that what they are engaging is in fact a text, they are acknowledging that it is a product of some agency with intent.

Where the poststructuralists break out the slight of hand — which they use to...
...claim power over a text — is when they privilege their own intentions, and so their own signification of the marks that make up a text, and then attribute their own interpretations to the “meaning” of the author or utterer.

This is a pure power move, and moreover...
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21 Jan
Who the fuck cares? He lowered taxes, brought real wage growth up from the bottom, brokered peace deals, kept us out of hot wars, unmasked the atrocious mainstream press, curbed illegal immigration, returned manufacturing, and -- pre-pandemic -- had the best job numbers...
...for nearly every demographic, ever.

Joe Biden is not fit for the job. He's a puppet. A Potemkin President. He's Obama's secret third term. In two days, he's nullified womanhood, surrendered energy independence, and cost thousands of union jobs while paving the way...
...for an influx of cheap labor, which will only hurt the blue collar working class in a time when we're trying to recover from an economic crisis caused by ill-advised lockdowns.

On top of that, he then wants to raise taxes on 82% of the population -- which doesn't include...
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