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3 May, 8 tweets, 2 min read
John Romero... Oh no, what happened?
California is currently working on eliminating the whole idea of cash bail but I am honestly not sure how that's going right now. It's been a long road with a lot of back and forth and I think it's now at a state where a lot of cases can't require bail money, but not all?
Like the California Supreme Court ruled that its unconstitutional to require it because most defendants can't afford it, so all you're really doing is punishing people for being poor.
So I think the current state of things is that it's still allowed but the prosecution has to make a case that the defendant is definitely an extreme flight risk.
Anyway the reason this came up, in case anyone is dying to know, is this guy. Officer John J. Romero (right), who has been with the Oakland Police Department since 2008.
I think Google was prioritizing that suggestion over the more well known John Romero because I live near Oakland. So it's a local result.

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4 May
look I'm not saying it's Bad Ideas O'Clock but hey you know that period when Intel was making Pentium II/III CPUs that fit into slots? and how there were adapters to let you fit socket 370 chips into them instead?

Sure is a lot of space on that board.
what if you didn't put a socket 370 chip on there? you have plenty of room for other chips and any interfacing circuitry you need
I wonder how well you could build a "Slotket adapter" that didn't adapt from a socket 370 pentium to a slot 1 pentium, but instead just had a modern ARM chip or two?
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4 May
papers please apparently renders out documents to static images at creation time, which means that no matter how much you hack the text ram, it'll never change.
I got the top citation and then hack the ram to say "Biolated", but only the second citation (gotten later) changed.
it doesn't do that for the Official Bulletin, possibly because it has multiple pages, but unfortunately it turns out it uses a DIFFERENT FONT
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3 May
I think this pentium II really wants to be a mac
I have no idea what's going on with the 3.5" floppy drive there. it's like, they had a place for one, but put it in a 3.5"-to-5.25" adapter instead?
the back. It's ATX, and oh god it's one of those bastards that can slide out the motherboard.
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3 May
I'm personally offended at d*gec*in going up in price from nothing to barely anything.
And you know why?
Because back in like 2014, someone sent me a pile of them because these silly things were being talked about a bunch and then I didn't care about them at all
and every time someone goes d*gec*in is now at 0.25$ I get closer to having to care AND I DON'T WANT TO
especially because I haven't touched them in literally 7 years.
they're in some backup of a backup of a backup on a hard drive in a box hidden in a storage unit behind a sign labeled "beware of tiger"
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3 May
Someone should make an annotated version of Star Wars, where every onscreen character has their name overlaid, and it's clickable so you can go look up their story.
Like, Tenn Graneet is the master chief gunnery officer who was responsible for firing the main laser on the first death star.
He had served in the clone wars, and was injured in his right arm, receiving prosthetic implants that made his arm much stronger.
He had fired the death star laser four times before Alderann, first on a rebel Starship and then three more times on the planet Despayre.
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3 May
There's been a factoid going around recently that Danny Trejo has the most on screen deaths of any actor, which is interesting for two reasons:
1. I don't believe it.
Because there's got to be an actor who has appeared as an extra who has died more often. Think war films, man!
But OK maybe we're implicitly limiting it to named characters.

Still don't believe it.
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