They might be your mother sister daughter tomorrow...

See how TMC Muslim Goons are treating BJP Women Workers in Nandigram, #WestBengal

Are you prepared to save your family?

He may be your brother/ friend / yourself.

Join any of these GROUND TEAMS NOW to protect Self, Family & Community.

@VHPDigital @vhsindia @BajrangdalOrg @RSSorg @HinduEcosystem_ @noconversion @agniveer @NarsinghVani @AchAnkurArya @HYVNational
If you don't want to join groups as mentioned in below tweet n want to wait for police to come and save your family from mob of 200-300 with swords, sure, you can do that too...


#BengalBurning #BengalNeedsRecounting #tmcgoons #HinduLivesMatter #WestBengalViolence
⚠️ : Graphic Image, faint hearted kindly ignore.

It might b ur Mother Daughter Sister.

@BJP4India Hindu Worker Gangraped in #WestBengalViolence by #tmcgoons

It'll continue...Y? Bec they r confident that #Hindus won't Retaliate.

Hindus will Tweet, complain to Govt that's it.
Continuing Thread on #WestBengalViolence

#Hindus r being threterned, attacked, raped, around 500 have left #WestBengal to escape persecution.

Muslim leader had announced creating 4 Pakistans ...

#DirectActionDay started.

And the World doesn't know.

Dear #Hindus FIGHT BACK.






#BengalBurning #Bengalisburning #WestBengalViolence #HindusUnderAttack #DirectActionDay
Around 500 Hindu Karyakartas crossed over to Assam for protection from persecution in #BengalViolence

If they had known #Shastra #Shaastra & lived in joint Family/ tight knit community, do you think any1 would have DARED to even think of attacking the Hindus?

1 Lakh Bengalis displaced from #WestBengalViolence

He is alone, facing problems.

Wouldn't have happened if one belongs to a group, any group.

Join any of these @VHPDigital @BajrangdalOrg @vhsindia @agniveer @AchAnkurArya @HinduEcosystem_

Help Others, Help Yourselves.

Dear World,

Why are you silent about this...?

1 Lakh Displaced, Gangraped, attacked, properties destroyed.

U were silent during #KashmiriHindus Genocide.

Do speak up #HinduLivesMatter

#बंगाल_हिंसा #DirectActionDay
Thread : #बंगाल_हिंसा

Your Family is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. U should b prepared 4 rough times, b in group, b ready to fight back with kitchen items🍴

Can't protect family : No Marriage.

Can't protect sister : No Rakhi.

Even street dogs protect their family & their groups 🤬

• • •

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Once a man's car was having flat tyre...he waited for hours to see if any1 will help him. Even though there were 100s of people on the road busy with their lives, no one took notice. Few who did see, saw a man standing by his car with flat tire doing nothing.
The man kept cursing how roads are bad, how govt is unhelpful, how people are so selfish, how it's his bad luck etc etc.

When he realized no help will arrive, he decided to try changing the tyre...

2 guys on bike saw him, stopped n asked if he needed help. Yes he said.
Tyre was changed. They were in a hurry, he thanked them, they left.

Bless them, he thought.

Tried starting the car, it wouldn't start, oh o, now what...may be it needed a push.

'Well, people wont help, I need to so something myself' he thought.

He went behind n tried to push.
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Everything has a scientific reason. Image
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🔸️Many chronic diseases have been associated with free radical damage, including cancer, arteriosclerosis, heart diseases and accelerated aging Image
🔸️Banana leaves are packed with plant-based compounds called polyphenols (found in Green Tea), especially EGCG.

🔸️Polyphenols are natural antioxidants that battle free radicals and prevent diseases.

🔸️EGCG protects our cells from oxidative damage from free radicals.
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#CowHugging #CowCuddling #CowTherapy

Cow seems to be the World's New Wellness Trend.

However, for us Bharatiya Sanatana Dharma Vedic Civilization Descendents, it's as old as our Existence.

Yes, they understand our feelings & reciprocate. Image
Cows Body temperature is slightly higher than ours and their heart beat is hugging them feels Relaxing.

Helps in relaxation, healing, awareness Mindfulness, build assertiveness, help with overcoming fear and build confidence.
Cow cuddling is believed to promote positivity and reduce stress by boosting oxytocin in humans, the hormone released in social bonding. Image
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sādhūnāṃ darśanaṃ puṇyaṃ sparśanaṃ pāpanāśanam ।
saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ koṭitīrthaṃ vandanaṃ mokṣadāyakam ॥

Hateful person Poured kerosene n burnt a Pujari.

How will u feel if all the Media & Global SM influencers spread how "Upper Caste Brahmins" are being Lynched, burnt alive by "Lower Caste Dalits"?


Y Does HATE in ur mind make U forget Humanity to torture n kill Innocents?



% of Brahmins is very Low.




@PMOIndia @HMOIndia
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