Less than friendly reminder that assuming all people who were amab universally have the same power over all people who were afab and that assigning patriarchal power dynamics by that is some terf shit. People are angry because you are being blatantly racist.
Now fuck off and apologize and wallow in ignominy or quit bullshitting everybody and admit you're just angry at being told you're less than perfect and are hiding behind your whiteness.
No, the ND people of colour wanting accountability aren't 'splitting the movement dooming us all' that's you weaponizing your whiteness rather than even *trying* to unlearn the racism we've all been fed from this society.
If you want to stop hurting the movement, stop hurting marginalized people in it, work on your shit, and try to eventually fix the harm you caused.

• • •

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2 May
Is ASAN still a prominent org that has helped further rights for autistic people? Yeah they are and if they want the (needed) community trust to continue they need to immediately address the racism within the org and try to work to make amends and prevent it from coming up again.
It's not on autistic poc to forgive them 'for the community' it's on the community to ask better of those we allow to represent us.
So far I'm not seeing calls to never work with them, but instead for community accountability and the ideal response (except for white supremacists) is that they actively work toward accountability and try to fix this mess.
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2 May
Totally not re-examining what orientation labels I use again because of blatant trans and arophobia from shitty l*sb*ans <3
*love* getting called various transphobic slurs for existing
For anybody wondering why that's censored, it's so the shitty ones won't come at me again because you aren't allowed to complain about your treatment or you get harassed
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2 May
Honestly it was a solid 2/5 but the semi wild drop off in the back was legitimately cool
Also this was like a year before I moved into that shitty laundromat
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1 May
And here we are. This cursed thing is made: Ableism Bingo, I hope you never have to win Image
(Thanks to @ohnokatherine)
Alt text: A five by five bingo grid. The title reads “I swear I’m not Ableist” with the bingo letters spelled out beneath the title. @chaoticgaythey and @TotallyNotTal are credited as creators. The column beneath B has the following squares from top to
bottom: “Awareness” campaigns by ableds; Paternalism; “You’ll grow out of it”; Inflexibility on accommodations; Disabilities as insults. The I column has the following squares from top to bottom: Every school I have ever heard of; “You should just trust the doctor”;
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1 May
Should I make an ableism bingo?
So it's made but I need some help on alt text still
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11 Apr
It's interesting how some people can experience both adhd and autism symptoms without necessarily experiencing enough for a dx of one or both. It's almost like they're essentially two arbitrarily chosen points on a line of neurodivergent experiences
Honestly wish there was a term for it. Maybe something to mean like Neurodivergent: ADHD/Autism Axis, or defining experiences by each symptom if we could move away from using those two specific points
Anyway this seems to point toward autism and adhd being less entirely separate experiences and more that the gap is in dxes rather than what people actually experience
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